Shelter in Place- But- THIS Place?! "Village of the Damned"- Tonight!

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First- let me say that I hope you are all okay, and doing whatever you can to stay safe and be well. There has been confusion about what this week’s movie is- the reason being, for the safety of our crew and co-workers, our company has halted show production temporarily. Although we do shoot ahead of time, the post production of putting the show elements and movie together gets done closer to the air date- which is why “Curse of Frankenstein” has been delayed. Don’t worry- it will be on at a later date! So, tonight, MeTV presents an encore of a  fright feature that takes us on a trip to a small English town that experiences a strange and frightening phenomenon ( somewhat different from what we are experiencing now)- followed by even more astonishing developments- in a film that has many unsettling moments, thanks to a group of children with shocking mental powers who turn a quiet bucolic little burg into the “Village of the Damned”!

On a normal-seeming day, everyone within the city limits of Midwich suddenly falls unconscious- as does anyone who tries to enter the village. The military moves in, but is unable to escape the weird situation, with even a soldier in gas mask and containment suit falling into this odd sleep as he crosses the line. In about four hours- everyone awakens- with no apparent effects.

That changes within a mere two months- when all the women of child-bearing age in the village discover that- they are pregnant! This leads to suspicions and accusations among the townsfolk – until the strange nature of the pregnancies is discovered- with accelerated development of the fetuses, and all the women giving birth on the same day! The children born have an odd similarity, including white-blond hair and “unusual eyes”.

The children grow and develop at an amazing rate- and are revealed to have some kind of psychic bond- and almost a “hive” mentality. They tend to travel in a group- and seem very cold and frightening to everyone, even their parents. They begin to show signs of having mind control with the ability to make people do things against their will.

Professor Gordon Zellaby, whose wife Anthea was among the women who had one of these children, tries to find answers to this mystery- and is informed by British Intelligence that the same phenomenon has occurred in other nations around the world. Just in Midwich alone, there have been unexplained deaths- and the villagers are starting to think the strange children are responsible. Zellaby endeavors to become a teacher to the children (including his own son David) and possibly learn more about them- as there are more deaths- and anyone who crosses the offspring becomes an endangered species!

This 1960 movie, based on John Wyndham’s novel “The Midwich Cuckoos”, is truly frightening- and was so successful, it spawned a sequel. One of the most unnerving effects is the children’s eyes turning white when they use their mental powers. We’ll explain how that was done, as well as introducing you to the cast, which includes Barbara Shelly and George Sanders. We also have a song, and an interview with one of the men who put Svengoolie in the Dick Tracy comic strip- artist Joe Staton! We are hoping that Kerwyn will be able to appear with some helpful information regarding the current health crisis ( mseriously!)

“Village of the Damned” will be on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time- for information on where and when it airs where you are, please check your local listings ,or at . Fans continue to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie - so, feel free to join in. Chicago area viewers can get a second look at the Hammer classic “Horror of Dracula”- back at the usual timeslot of  11 am on the U.

You can still vote in the Rondo awards for about 48 hours- vote for your favorites at - the deadline is midnight Sunday night! I’ve been told after our mention of it on the show last week- the response was so great it crashed the site!

You can also visit our store for some Sven merchandise to brighten your life or someone else’s.

We’re working to try to keep you entertained - and we will endeavor to have shows for you every week during these unusual times. Join us on MeTV tonight- and remember we can all get through this together ( yes ,even by staying apart for now!)

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MichaelVFontaine 1 month ago
O boy! I look forward to this time every week! When beaches reopen here in FL I’ll be back in time to join in the fun! Than X! Sven G.
deadringer42 1 month ago
Less than 20 minutes to new blog. Watching Perry Mason to kill time.
MADave deadringer42 1 month ago
Same here good luck
MADave 1 month ago
20 more minutes until new blog get ready!
StephanieStepStone 1 month ago
- Steph :-)
MADave 1 month ago
Looks like we’re the only ones posting everyone else must be sleeping or just waiting until the new blog?
MadameYes MADave 1 month ago
Nope, still here! 🙋‍♀️
StephanieStepStone 1 month ago
Insomnia makes you snore? thought Carol
MADave 1 month ago
Carol’s dress borrowed by rainbow brite
Wouldn't Citronella Perfume smell a little like lemongrass, tho?
- Steph :-)
StephanieStepStone 1 month ago
14 more comments to 2500! I've got to eat, but I'll be back!
- Steph :-)
Enjoy your meal
Thanks, Lasagna tv dinner
- Steph :-)
StephanieStepStone 1 month ago
Yes, my musical "You've Got Mail!"
Wilde YouTube
8 months ago
Also known as "Acappella" in LG KP500.

Hi, Steph...that's cool!
MADave 1 month ago
Out of all the Germans on Hogan’s Heroes I think John Banner was the heaviest
Yeah, heaviest both physically, and emotionally.
- Steph :-)
StephanieStepStone 1 month ago
23 or 24 more comments, and we'll be an even 2500 total.
- Steph :-)
Klaatu 1 month ago
Is it Saturday yet🥴?
3 more hours where I am, sorry.
Islander 1 month ago
Dale , you got mail.
AOL Dial Up Internet Connection Sound + You've Got Mail (America Online) 90's
Wow! Back then, THAT was the sound of technical progress.
Klaatu Klaatu 1 month ago
Oh, and the sound of a 9600K modem.
I've got a voicemail on my old LG that SINGS "You've Got Mail."
Wonder if I can find it on line.
- Steph :-)
Thanks for the addition!
daDoctah Klaatu 1 month ago
I never had a 9600 baud modem. I went from 300 to 2400 (skipping 1200) and then straight to 19.2k.
Islander 1 month ago
Ok , more important than the first blogger trophy, tonight's first blogger on the new movie thread will get a free roll of 4ply tp. Actually, I'll double that offer to two rolls. Just pay additional shipping and handling.
My Medicaid Assistant found me a 9-pack of Big Roll for only 5 bucks at Walgreens.
- Steph :-)
Yes stores here are starting to sporadically get paper products in.
MADave Islander 1 month ago
I’ve got plenty of tp thanks, how about something Svenworthy?
Hey, I can give you a cup of Bleach and a half-ounce of hand sanitizer! With my old blue jeans to make a face mask or two!
- Steph :-)
Haha nah I’ll settle with the trophy if I’m first again
MadameYes Islander 1 month ago
Great Scott, that is a Charmin' offer! Bless your lil' ole heart!
Islander, HA!
it took me an hour to figure your parody!
- Steph :-)
LarryTheTrainGuy 1 month ago
We all need a little HOPE right now so here is my favorite hope song
Really nice, thanks!
- Steph :-)
Thanks, Larry--much appreciated!
StephanieStepStone 1 month ago
Bill Withers - Lean On Me
The best songs to play on piano. His rhythm made my fingers turn into "Rubber Soul."
Really special, playing this song on my college dorm piano with a whole bunch of kids- Black, white, international, male, female- shouted out the lyrics.
"Lovely Day" is also Bill Withers.
- Steph :-)
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Sad news in the music world:. the great Bill Withers passed away on March 30. Among his hits were"Ain't No Sunshine," "He Ain't Heavy," and "Lean on Me." He was once married to actress Denise Nichols, who was In ROOM 222 and IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, which is on Me TV. RIP, Mr. Withers.
Thanks for info
- Steph :-)
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Some tana tea, anybody?
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DrClayton daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Picky-picky, but shouldn't it be "Tanna," since "Tana" would be Tāna, as in Dana Andrews? (Although I see the "tana" usage online...)
daleuhlmann Jack 1 month ago
Probably so, Jack.
daleuhlmann DrClayton 1 month ago
Actually, I've seen it spelled both ways.
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Some more coronavirus masks we can all wear in public!
Jack daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Twisty's mask doesn't do much for covering the nose.
TheKodakKid Jack 1 month ago
Jack, yes, but would probably help with the social distancing thing.
daleuhlmann Jack 1 month ago
Very observant, Jack!
PatS TheKodakKid 1 month ago
You betcha. Yikes!
MadameYes 1 month ago
Good Friday evening, all! I'm catching up on the blog. Happy anniversary, Rich/Sven! Thanks for being such a bright spot in our lives, especially right now. 😊
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