Stand By for Cowboys and Corpuscles- with "Billy the Kid VS Dracula"- Tonight!

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Hooray for the dread, fright and- Boo! Tonight on MeTV, we celebrate the 4th by observing in the sky- not fireworks- but a sinister bat-that transforms into a familiar vampire count- portrayed again by John Carradine! This time, however, he is not in the old country, nor in the Louisiana bayous- he is roaming the range in the old west! He wants to stake ( oops- wrong word to use ) His claim on a family ranch- as well as its pretty young owner- but to do so, he’ll have to face a notorious gunslinger- it’s the showdown of “Billy the Kid VS Dracula”!

This unusual 1966 cowboy chiller opens on what was a peaceful night, with a caravan of immigrants sleeping out on the prairie- only to have their slumber disrupted by- a vampire!? The coincidental appearance of a cross luckily turns him away from a young daughter- but for how long?

We then meet another group of travelers in a stagecoach- one of which, a tall, thin, well-dressed fellow, was suspiciously picked up in the middle of nowhere! His fellow travelers include a liquor salesman ( who’s enjoying his own samples a wee bit too much) and two elderly folks- a woman who owns the Double Bar-B Ranch, and her brother, whom she is bringing in to help manage the place, along with herself and her beautiful daughter Betsy. The mysterious stranger, through the first of many devious acts, brings about an attack on the stage- which conveniently enables him to assume the identity of the brother- and thus take control of the ranch!

Meanwhile, young Betsy is awaiting the return of her mom and uncle to the ranch- with her fiancé, the ranch foreman, Billy Bonney. That name may sound familiar- because he was indeed known as gunslinger Billy the Kid- but, he’s now a reformed man. That doesn’t mean much to Dan Thorpe, the man he replaced as both foreman of the ranch–and in Betsy’s heart ! He’s looking for any excuse to get back at the ex-gunslinger, and  return to both former statuses.

News breaks of the stagecoach massacre- with Betsy’s mom among the casualties- but somehow, Betsy’s “uncle” was NOT there, claiming he rode ahead of the stage, and took a room at the town’s saloon/inn. Also making their way to the saloon is the immigrant family we saw at the start of the movie- and they-especially the mother- have no doubt that the stagecoach attack was the work of the vampire they narrowly escaped. That very individual approaches them in the saloon, but uses his hypnotic power to keep the daughter from revealing who he is! He still has designs on the immigrant lass- and after taking care of this unfinished business, moves on to the ranch, where he proclaims himself guardian of the lovely Betsy -as well as new owner of the ranch. Billy, who was warned by the immigrant mother( yes, she’s Virginia Christine- best known as “Mrs. Olsen” from the “Folgers” commercials) about who dear Uncle might actually be, interrupts a one-on-one meeting between Betsy and the “uncle”- and triggers ( a gunfighter allusion!) the vampire’s scheme to eliminate Billy from the picture and take control of the ranch and his “niece”- with  intentions very unbecoming an uncle! Billy’s rival Thorpe becomes an ally to the mysterious uncle, and does all he can to help- while Billy must battle against the supernatural menace, joined by the immigrant mom and a friendly female doctor, who both know the truth about the man taking over the ranch. Also playing into the scenario is the family’s old mine…which proves handy to the vampire uncle!

 John Carradine wasn’t very fond of this film, which has some less-than-special effects we’ll point out to you- and we’ll go over the cast and the movie’s director’s reputation, while also providing the usual fun from the Svengoolie comedy corral!

“Billy the Kid VS Dracula" shows up on MeTV , not at high noon, but tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central – if unsure of time and channel, check local listings or at . Lots of Sven fans are live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter- you can join them, using the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago area viewers get an encore of the Ray Harryhausen classic “Seventh Voyage of Sinbad”” at 11 am on the U .

The “Svengoolie At Home” box is selling briskly- as well as the Sven Studio Set- so, if you’re interested, visit our store here on our site or the store at

Tune in tonight to MeTV for six-guns and stakes!

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1MikeM 24 days ago
...and dat was Billy the Kid vs. Godzilla...and dat's da name of dat tune.
1MikeM 1MikeM 24 days ago
(just kidding!) Dracula.
PatS 1MikeM 24 days ago
Maybe Sven can get that next time!
The1Butler 24 days ago
5 mins not sure if I can make it . Sleepy
StephanieStepStone 24 days ago
I'm worn out, must eat a midnight snack and get to bed. Was hoping to get some rice cooked, but my brain just flattened out for the day.
I switched here from trying to look up Judge candidates. This blog is so much more fun and edifying.
Tell Dave Hi if anyone is still reading this!
See you Saurday! Can't spell, can't even txt my sister back, need rest!
- Steph :-)
Rest up Steph, see ya tomorrow
StephanieStepStone 24 days ago
Hi, what a crazy week, including the usual Benadryl keeping me in bed. Must go vote and go shopping tomorrow, but should be able to watch Sven and be on the Blog. If I can goose my caregiver/transport into getting here before 5 pm.
- Steph :-)
President Primary, several Judgeships, and the Electoral College people, plus several Democratic committee people.
Was put off from April, thinking Corona would be gone by now.
- Steph :-)
Ok thks, do your part !
abc123 24 days ago
good luck to all posters racing to be first to the new blog. I will post after i get off work.
Matt 24 days ago
Happy Happy Sci-Fi Friday everyone !!!
MADave Matt 24 days ago
Evening Matt
StephanieStepStone Matt 24 days ago
Hi, Matt
- Steph :-)
Lucyc 24 days ago
Hello, gang. Hope everyone is having a good Svengoolie Eve.

According to things I've read, this Hammer outing is considered one of it's better vampire films, and I have to admit that it is one of my faves. I posted recently that it was at least one of the first movies I saw when I started watching Svengoolie around five or six years ago-amazing as that seems to me when I stop and think about it. Yes, the movie has it's shortcomings, which we will discuss during the broadcast tomorrow, I am sure.
Check y'all later.
gabste Lucyc 24 days ago
Hello Lucy ! I've been watching Sven for years 😎
Lucyc gabste 24 days ago
Hey Gabste,
Well, I'm not sure how long MEtv had been broadcast in our area before we "cut the cord" and went back to broadcast tv. When we had Directv we got the main local stations, but not their "sub stations," which MEtv is broadcast on-channel 21.2, to be exact.
When I had basic cable I learned to go back and forth between cable and antenna, to get the most channels. I learned on my own, having been in Audio-Visual Club in High School, haunting Radio Shack.
Geeks at Best Buy might be able to help you figure it out.
- Steph :-)
Saturn3 24 days ago
I selected my outfit for tomorrow's movie.
Klaatu Saturn3 24 days ago
Wow! That would be perfect for the Lamp Genie!
Saturn3 Klaatu 24 days ago
Break it down, Lamp Genie... oh-oh oh oh oh oh
Geo Saturn3 24 days ago
Can't touch this...
Carl_N_Brown Saturn3 24 days ago
U get the U?
NoPersonalChicks 24 days ago
Tina Sinatra (as 'Christina Sinatra') on 'Adam-12'! And Frank Jr. as a cop.
EDIT: Hard to believe this one somehow flew under the Emmy nominee's radar.
Catbat 24 days ago
My beloved Batman aka Adam West is on the Rifleman! Dang I gotta get ready for work
gabste Catbat 24 days ago
Work stinks ! But...
Catbat gabste 24 days ago
And Howdy! I actually like this shift. Short and sweet. Home in time to watch "As The Blog Rolls"!😂😂
Jack Catbat 24 days ago
You know how it goes… Millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is about settle down on the couch to watch _The Carol Burnett Show_ with his beloved Aunt Harriet when Alfred shows up to inform Master Wayne that “the thermostat in the wine cellar needs to be attended."
NoPersonalChicks Jack 24 days ago
...that's undoubtedly adorned with a rather large label, temperature gauge and alarm.
Jack NoPersonalChicks 24 days ago
I was thinking it looked more like a red phone next to a bust of William Shakespeare...
Saturn3 24 days ago
Finally made it through the week and get to see Sven tonight!

What? Friday? Are you sure?


MADave Saturn3 24 days ago
I thought you were going post Darth vader's noooooooo!
1MikeM Saturn3 24 days ago
"Paging Mr. Herman. Paging Mr. Herman. You have a telephone call at the front desk."
JournalJeff2 24 days ago
Happy Friday!
Another Hammer movie, I can`t wait.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
MADave JournalJeff2 24 days ago
Hammer is a good break out of the ordinary
gabste 24 days ago
Can't wait for Sven ! Sending Fay up to my twin in New Yawk City ! 🤣🤣🤣 Have a beautiful Friday everybody
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BelleLugosi gabste 24 days ago
Hey, Gabste!
gabste BelleLugosi 24 days ago
Helllloooo BelleLugosi ! How arrrrree you ?.
Lucyc NoPersonalChicks 24 days ago
That's gotta hurt-seriously.
Oldie but goodie. From a 2006 episode of The Class "... Learns About Hurricanes". No reporter or actual person was harmed.
Catbat 24 days ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
Carl_N_Brown 24 days ago
A few notes.

Truth in advertising. Tomorrow's movie would more accurately be titled THE BRIDES OF SOMEONE BITTEN AND VAMPIRIZED BY DRACULA vs DR VAN HELSING.

It occurs in the Hammer Films Dracula Universe in the context of THE HORROR OF DRACULA and the following Chris Lee and Pete Cushing Dracula movies.

In a lot of lore, vampires may totally drain and kill people with the option of biting and infecting a person but not draining and killing them.

In other variants, to become a vampire one must drink the vampire's blood to catch the infection, it is not transmitted by bite like rabies.

The Universal Films, Hammer Films, Buffy, Anne Rice novel, Twilight movie vampire universes are similar but separate. And often confusing. In tomorrow's film, only the eyes and teeth of the vampires sparkle, not their skin.
daDoctah Carl_N_Brown 24 days ago
Maybe they're the BRIDES OF D.R.A.C.U.L.A. Brides who just happen to belong to some organization with those initials. Now we just need to figure out what the acronym stands for.
Doug's Rousing Arrangements Cause Us Lasting Amusement...?
Lucyc Carl_N_Brown 24 days ago
Most of the Hammer ones seem to default off to the idea of anyone bitten automatically becoming a vampire. However, I think it might have been Dracula Has Risen From the Grave where Christopher Lee opens his shirt, and then scratches his chest to "bring the blood," and then starts to mesmerize his victim into drinking the blood, but he was stopped-to his chagrin, of course-by the appearance of our heroes. I expect that the scene-certainly risque at the time-only got by the British censors by not showing blood being consumed. In that scene it was certainly implied that they were deferring off to the idea of the vampire having to share its own blood with a victim in order for them to become a vampire after death.
PatS daDoctah 24 days ago
Damen Reichsvolk Auf Carpathien Uber Lange Anfang? (Probably lousy German but I included "fang.")
Jack PatS 24 days ago
Ladies of the Reichsvolk on Carpathians Over Long Beginnings? Nice!

_Anfang_ is related to the verb _anfangen_, which is one of those verbs with the fun German grammatical thing called a _separable prefix_. With conjugated verbs the prefix goes at the end of the clause, and the prefixes are mostly prepositions—you know, the thing with which we are never to end English sentences. The preposition _an_ means “on, at, to” etc. The verb _fangen_ means “to catch.” Obviously, if you put them together it means “to start, to begin.” Okay, mebbe not so obviously, but there’s a Latin verb _incipere_ that’s similar in concept (related to English _incipit_).

As for the long, pointy teeth, those are _Fangzähne_ “catch-teeth” in German.
PatS Jack 23 days ago
Und die haifisch, er hat zahne...
Jack 25 days ago
I stumbled across a Hammer film this afternoon while napping with the cat. Two of the actors in it appear in this Saturday’s _Brides of Dracula_, but I’ll hold off ’til later, in case it’s part of the Sven trivia. Also, it’d be an excellent movie for Sven—mebbe he’s shown it in the past? We’ll find out.
Jack 25 days ago
Teach French to schoolgirls online! Earn gulden while working at home and add vital fluids to your virility!
TheKodakKid Jack 24 days ago
You mean like a certain blogger who teaches English to school girls (and school boys, not that there’s anything wrong with that) online? Coincidentally, he has an association with a type of a bat too.
Jack TheKodakKid 24 days ago
Hmmm, he has been doing that online, lately, hasn’t he? I wonder how many gulden he has in his purse these days?...
Life imitates art.
TheKodakKid Jack 24 days ago
I think he’s hoping for the long, flowing golden locks of hair.
Lucyc Jack 24 days ago
Somehow I don't think the long distance aspect would have been helpful in obtaining the vital fluids required-probably would have insisted on an "in person" meeting to receive payment.😝
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