Take a Number- William Castle Presents "13 Ghosts"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we’re bringing back a favorite fright film from William Castle- that opens the door to a house inherited by a family that wastes no time in revealing that, among its features, besides spacious rooms, a live-in housekeeper, and antique furniture- are a creepy cadre of sinister spirits, strange secrets and deadly dangers! Count down the encounters with “13 Ghosts”!

This 1960 films begins with sad times for the Zorba family- dad Cyrus Zorba is financially strapped, resulting in his furniture being repossessed- unfortunately on the birthday of his son Buck. Buck makes a heartfelt birthday wish – which suddenly seems to be coming true! A message is delivered, bringing news that Cyrus’ uncle, who was deeply into the occult, has passed away- leaving his grand old mansion to none other than Cyrus! They’re inheriting a huge house, free and clear of any debt?! It seems like things are looking up- or- are they?

Cyrus and his wife Hilda meet with lawyer Benjamin Rush to get everything settled. Rush gives them an additional item willed to them by the late uncle -a strange-looking pair of glasses with a sort of “steampunk” feel to them. They accept this odd bequest and head to their new home. It is indeed fully furnished- and watched over the uncle’s creepy housekeeper. As they celebrate their good fortune- such as it seems- Medea,their pretty daughter, decides to play with a Ouija board that happens to be laying around. The parlor game with the “spirit board” takes a nasty turn, when it reveals that there are ghosts in the house that dear departed uncle supposedly collected from all over the world! And- these wraiths have a tendency towards being homicidal!

Those weird glasses they’ve inherited help to reveal the ghostly inhabitants of the house. Cyrus stumbles upon his uncle’s hidden room- infested by evil spirits!  This encounter prompts him to visit an old friend at the museum Cyrus works at, in hopes that he might provide some answers. Meanwhile, the creepy old housekeeper has some answers as well- as the malevolent manifestations continue, and the legend of a hidden fortune somewhere in the house becomes of the source of more mortal danger!

This film was remade in 2001,in slightly more modern fashion- but the original is a good example of the typical gimmickry with which Castle loved to frame his films. This one bragged of being presented in the process of “Illusion-O” – utilizing Castle’s famed “ghost viewers” – which braver theatre goers could use to see the ghosts on screen- and which protected the more squeamish in the audience to avoid them. We’ll demonstrate how the ghost viewers worked, and introduce you to the cast, which includes familiar faces like Martin Milner, Rosemary DeCamp, and “Wizard of Oz” ‘s Wicked Witch of the West herself, Margaret Hamilton , along with the usual hammy cameos of Castle himself. Get set for our rundown of the list of the thirteen ghosts, as well as a Sven song!

"13 Ghosts" appears right before your eyes tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and, if you're not sure of the channel or time of the broadcast where you are, consult your local listings or . MeTV invites you to jump on Twitter during the show and live Tweet with the many fans using the hashtag #svengoolie - who keep us trending nationally. Our Chicago viewers get an encore of "4 D Man" at 11 am on the U – now at its NEW channel location- over the air ( with an antenna) on 48.1 and 26.2, and on cable and satellite dish at the former location of  the UToo.

Appropriately considering tonight’s film, this afternoon in Bridgeview, IL, I’ll be appearing from 3-5 pm at the Unknown World of Paranormal Convention! Next Saturday, we hit the Elk Grove Library Comic Con -very appropriate in view of our “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” event! You’ll find information on both under the “appearances” tab here on our site. And my appearances with the DC superheroes begins with DC Comics books released on October 16th!

Be prepared to see the baker’s dozen spirits –without even needing ghost viewers- tonight on MeTV!

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MADave 17 months ago
Well almost time for the new blog good luck everybody
MADave 17 months ago
What’s a vampire’s favorite song?
Fangs for the memories
daDoctah MADave 17 months ago
I thought it was "Peg O' My Heart".
daleuhlmann 17 months ago
A different kind of vamp.
Ha ha Dale are you sure she is not a Vampire 🦇🤔
Well, Carrie, now that you ask, I'm not so sure now--ha-ha!
Jack daleuhlmann 17 months ago
I think we may have an answer…Publicity still from the _A Fool There Was_ (1915) Based on Rudyard Kipling's "The Vampire."
MADave 17 months ago
And so we bid farewell to Mama's Family and hello to The Flintstones on Monday
MADave 17 months ago
Hello everybody
Today was my last day in my previous work department and we had a pizza party, sorry no onions that’ll keep the vampires away haha! Anyway Monday I begin training for my new job but I’ll still have the same hours and weekends off including Svengoolie Saturday
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daleuhlmann Jack 17 months ago
TFVK, or, PARDON ME, BUT YOUR TEETH ARE IN MY NECK, was an hilarious spoof of the Hammer vampire films, and directed by Roman Polanski.
MADave Jack 17 months ago
Oh ok thanks now I get it!
daleuhlmann Jack 17 months ago
Garlic is the gateway spice.
1MikeM MADave 17 months ago
Congrats Dave!
Bill_K 17 months ago
Good Afternoon from Saratoga Springs, NY.

I am attending my God Daughter's wedding tomorrow. She and her soon to be husband will be getting married in Glen Falls. This is the closest ....well, I can't say the name of the hotel but Pat S. should know what I am talking about.

The setting is bucolic!

I'll be keeping irregular hours (just like tomorrow night's title character) so I will not be posting tonight and maybe just early tomorrow am.

Carl N Brown: I am attempting to use the Incognito feature of this set up in the hotel lobby. Hope I don't just become a "cookie" for someone else......

See you guys later!
Jack Bill_K 17 months ago
Enjoy the wedding, Bill. Our best wishes to the couple.
Lynn Bill_K 17 months ago
Have a wonderful time, Bill!
daleuhlmann Bill_K 17 months ago
We'll miss you, Bill, but congrats to the newlyweds!
DrClayton Bill_K 17 months ago
Congrats & have fun!
MADave Bill_K 17 months ago
I bid you farewell and best of luck to your god daughter
PatS 17 months ago
There's a misconception that Bela Lugosi was stuck playing vampires all his life. True he did Dracula twice (this film and A&C MEET DRACULA), plus the vampire Armand Tesla. But he also played mad doctors (THE RAVEN, DEVIL BAT, THE INVISIBLE RAY, MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE ), a butler (NIGHT MONSTER), an old soldier (THE BLACK CAT 1934), a groundskeeper (THE BLACK CAT 1941), even an American gangster (BLACK FRIDAY). I suspect he had a love-hate relationship with the Dracula character -- not unlike Leonard Nimoy admits with Spock. Impossible to escape.
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DrClayton daDoctah 17 months ago
A rare medium well done!
Jack daleuhlmann 17 months ago
It was Austria-Hungary when Lorre was born, but is now in northern Slovakia, near the current Polish border.
daleuhlmann Jack 17 months ago
Another Hungarian emigree was Paul Lukas, who won an Oscar for his role in WATCH ON THE RHINE.
PatS daleuhlmann 17 months ago
Belated correction: the film I mistitled was ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN -- though they certainly had more screen time with "Baron Leighos." (Gosh, you were all so polite not to mention it!)
Catbat 17 months ago
It must be Jack Elam day on MeTV. First he was on Bonanza and now he's on the Rifleman.
Lynn 17 months ago
A very happy Friday to you all! I am so looking forward to watching Sven's presentation of Dracula! I can hardly wait, but of course I will enjoy the wait, too.
MaggieGraemaggie Lynn 10 months ago
Happy Birthday Wishes! A great company where I enjoyed my first decade of working in online learning with a super team. It has been super watching New birthday wishes to grow and strengthen over the years. Best wishes for continued innovation and success.
JournalJeff2 17 months ago
I heard Dracula does not like Big Boys
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 17 months ago
Well, maybe not Big Boys, as in the restaurant franchise name. However, there always has been a homoerotic element in DRACULA. In the novel, Dracula warns his brides to lay off Jonathan Harker, claiming, "This man belongs to me!" When they taunt their master by accusing him of never having been in love, he looks at Harker with sentimental eyes and claims that he, too, "has loved." In the 1931 film classic we'll be seeing tomorrow, Lugosi's Dracula, according to the authors of UNIVERSAL HORRORS, feel that Dwight Frye's Renfield, in the film's early scenes, comes across as an "effeminate queen." They later address those scenes at the castle in which Dracula, they claim, seems to look at Renfield with "bedroom eyes" in a couple of closeups. Of course, others have made much to do, as well, about the Count's making this man (rather than a woman) his first victim in the movie (sorry if this is a spoiler, but I don't think it is). They also point to their slavish relationship as further suggestion of homoeroticism. "Not that there's anything wrong with that!"
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 17 months ago
As a follow-up, I'd like to add that Barnabas Collins' first victim on DARK SHADOWS, perhaps coincidentally was also a male, Willie Loomis, who had released the vampire from his coffin while searching for the Collins family jewels, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 17 months ago
Perhaps with both characters, then, there was a suggestion of bisexuality rather than homosexuality as a subtext.
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 17 months ago
As a child I thought of vampires as predators who lived off blood, any blood, and missed the whole boy-girl angle for years.

I suspect the TV vampire movie I watched with Mom must have been the 1957 or 1958 Shock Theater showing of DRACULA because I remember mom saying it had originally been a stage play.
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
That's probably the movie, Carl.

Now, others might also feel that vampies attack men and women purely for their blood, or for control or domination. However, writers like Sheridan Le Fanu and Anne Rice (as well as Bram Stoker, possibly) certainly saw sexual preference as a major subtext of the vampire myth.
CarrieLynnCastro 17 months ago
👻 Ooo Happy Friday!
A better day weather wise today 86* yahoo

Friday I always think
that It's the start of
sci-fy 😱 weekend.
I do watch sci-fy most days👾📺
Dracula oh yeah a great movie on the show for us ...thanks Sven 🎩

A stay at home day🏡
there is a few things
to get done 🤗

Had my coffee☕ and
I'm awake to start my day could be a fun day
working on a fall🍁🎃🍁 deco!
Make your own fun day
be happy😁and be kind!

See you later🤖have a great day blog friends!
JournalJeff2 17 months ago
Happy Day before Svengoolie Day!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!
Catbat 17 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
You guys do realize when you post a link and it is in black nobody can click on it! So unless someone wants to write it down it's just a big jumble of stuff.
Carl_N_Brown Catbat 17 months ago
I copy www. text and paste it into an incognito browser window.
Even on a linkable link, I right-click, hit "Copy link address", and paste it into an incognito browser window.
That's on my laptop. On my phone I don't click links at all.
Ever since I clicked a link that went somewhere unexpected and I was followed for days by weird pop-up ads. Google and Amazon keep a file of your preferences based on links clicked and direct ads your way.
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
That said, the official links on Svengoolie page have been on topic and never an embarrassment.
CarrieLynnCastro 17 months ago
Maybe I will make it
too Perry Mason we
will see 📺👻
Always a great story 💼
Jesse is hooked 😄

Good night ⛼
See you tomorrow
morning 🥞☕
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