Teens Dial Up Danger- a Killer- and Joan Crawford! "I Saw What You Did"-Tonight!

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We’re dialing up some retro phone fun that leads to fear tonight on MeTV- with a vintage Sven show featuring a fan favorite we haven’t shown in a while. You’ll meet a couple of wacky teen phone pranksters, a murderous stranger, and, yes, Miss Joan Crawford -plus encounterthe WORST cheery 60s music score ever to grace a scary movie! It’s the William Castle chiller- '"I Saw What You Did"!

Though devoid of Castle’s usual on-screen gimmickry (and cameo appearance), this 1965 film is a pretty solid creepy story- with mom and dad off visiting friends, gal pals Libby and Kit stay at the remote family home, babysitting Libby's goofy little sister. To amuse themselves, they start doing a series of crank calls (no caller ID then, kids) – most of them funny only to them! They then decide it'd be big fun to call random strangers and say "I saw what you did- and know who you are!"-figuring a lot of people are guilty about something, and isn’t it funny that they will now be worrying? It is to the girls, anyway. They have some riotous phone fun- until they unknowingly dial Mr. Steve Marak- who's fed up with his wife, and plots to get rid of her in the worst way! Add to the turmoil his neighbor, the masterfully eyebrowed Amy (Joan Crawford) -who wants Steve for herself!

After hearing Marak’s voice, Libby gets a teenage crush on him- sight unseen- and decides they should actually try to see what he looks like! Using his address from the phone book they were choosing their prank victims’ numbers from, they head out to his house- leading to an nasty encounter that will lead to dire consequences of a creepy coincidence -combined with cold-blooded cunning -that puts the teens and little sister in mortal danger!

As I said, if you discount the strange peppy music that pops up a few times- and just enjoy the story- you're in for a scary thrill ride. We'll tell you about the teen stars and the cast- and, of course, spotlight the haughty Miss Crawford as well. We'll provide some classic Sven segments, including a bit featuring some clones of a couple legendary actresses, and give you a popular segment after the movie with some scenes in "Svensurround". Since much of this show is not updated, you will obviously see our old coffin and set, some dated references- and see how, before we merely got interrupted by the doorbell before we could tell what our next feature would be- we covered my promoting a past film when we’d rerun a show, by inserting Tombstone doing a recap of THIS show over my original plug! This was part of the transition to having a separate tease for next week’s movie inserted each week before the last movie segment.

"I Saw What You Did" comes calling on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or you can check for time and channel where you are in your local listings or at . A lot of viewers will be using their phones (or iPads or computers) not to make prank calls, but to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- using the hashtag #svengoolie . Last week, we again were among the top ten trending topics. This morning in the Chicago viewing area, our main local station CW26 will be providing an encore of “She Wolf of London”- with lots of bonus Sven shtick- at 11 am.

Well, if you hadn’t ordered your Svengoolie “At Home” box- or the Svengoolie Studio Set- we regret to inform you that both have officially sold out, and will not be restocked. Be watching for some new merchandise that is being planned  right now! Also, our first public appearance since before the pandemic began is now set- we will be appearing at one of our old haunts- the Flashback Weekend Horror Convention- at the end of this month! Be aware that special precautions will be in effect for everyone’s protection- but it will be so great to be back on the road meeting everybody! You can check out the full information under the “appearances” tab here on our website- and please know that we will be limiting our appearances for the rest of this year.

Join us tonight for a story where even a robo-call would be preferable to a connection with a killer! ( And- it’s toll-free- unless you are the one for whom the bell tolls!)

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Kyle 2 months ago
Looks like Gabste is making a run at a repeat!
MADave Kyle 2 months ago
That’s why I voted for her
gabste Kyle 2 months ago
abc123 Kyle 2 months ago
I will try my hardest to snatch that trophy for myself!
Drang abc123 2 months ago
Well, after all, it wouldn't mean much if we just voted on who was going to be first.
abc123 2 months ago
Started writing my verse for next week, and realized there were two The Black Cat movies with Bela so I wrote one for each, then dug through my email to verify which one I get to keep. I will save the second that weeks "this verse is cursed".
Bill_K abc123 2 months ago
That's why I didn't post last week. I wrote a review for the wrong film.

So, just like you, I've also got my "Black Cat" ready to go!
gabste Bill_K 2 months ago
There you are !!!! 😁
daleuhlmann Bill_K 2 months ago
I do, too, coincidentally!
Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Watching green acres where the Indians tried to buy Lisa till they tried her hot cakes. “Squaw, good looker but bad cooker”!
MADave 2 months ago
2 hours to go until new weekly blog I have my bets on gabste if she's up to it?
Katink 2 months ago
Another idea for movie-themed snacks for tomorrow's show: Nutter Butter mummies! I saw the project on-line last night, and the ingredients were at the grocery store.
My neighbor and I made a batch tonight, and they are awfully cute!

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Katink abc123 2 months ago
Sounds delicious, abc123!
Katink FKrueger 2 months ago
Good to know, FKrueger!
gabste Katink 2 months ago
Yummy !!!
Katink gabste 2 months ago
Thanks, gabste!
Thereman 2 months ago
The gimmicks of William Castle weren't quite over with ISWYD. The first promotions involved a display in theaters with giant sized plastic telephones. There was also a newspaper ad with a phone number. If you called the number, a woman answered starting with "I Saw..." and gave showtimes, etc. Hard wired phone lines being what they were in 1965, and bandwidth being what it wasn't, prank calls went way up, and jammed phone lines also increased. AT&T, the phone monopoly of the time, better known as Ma Bell, sought an injunction against Castle Entertainment,. and got it. NO mention of phones, prank calls, or anything of the like in the promotion of ISWYD.
Granted, by this time, most of Castle's financial partners were pressuring him to stop the gimmicks, anyway. Theater owners were tired of all the extra work/expense, and the returns weren't what they had been in years past. Illusion-O, Emerg-O...if Castle had been in charge of THE BLOB, would he have developed some sort of viscous ooze called Jell-O?

Klaatu Thereman 2 months ago
Hmmm...I love those old gimmicks. Sadly they seem to be a thing of the past.
Thereman Klaatu 2 months ago
They were SOOOO great! And they WORKED! A budget of $80,000 for MACABRE, and a return of 3.5 mill? That Lloyd's of London policy (which nobody collected on) was worth every penny.
Klaatu 2 months ago
Watch out folks. I worked early today so I’m off early too, which gives me a rare chance to play the Blog First game at midnight. But then again, I’ve been at it since 5am so I may just pass out from sleep deprivation 😳🤣
TheKodakKid 2 months ago
Interesting item in the news. A rare case of monkeypox has turned up in a human in Texas.

So any of our Texas bloggers recently develop a strong craving for bananas?
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Jack daDoctah 2 months ago
You're correct about Paul Williams being in _Battle_ (as Virgil). I miswrote about which movie I caught--it was one of the Andy Serkis films. I saw "_War for the Planet of the Apes_" at the bottom of the screen and garbled it with _Battle for...._ It must've been _Rise of the Planet of the Apes_, tho', because humans were still in charge when I caught it.
KeithJ TheKodakKid 2 months ago

Don't know about that, but there's a flying monkey bar in Key West!
Drang KeithJ 2 months ago
I hated those things.
Jack 2 months ago
Anyone know why some of the Egyptian beer posts disappeared while others remained?
abc123 Jack 2 months ago
they were underage?
Jack abc123 2 months ago
Both mentioned breweries were well over 21.
Carl_N_Brown Jack 2 months ago
I remember the outdoor dining scene in Bert I. Gordon's THE CYCLOPS, Lon Chaney putting away Mexican food and beer between mouths of dialog. Beer is on topic for THE MUMMY too unless They cut the famous beer pong competition scene between Cushing and Lee.
JohnBlair 2 months ago
They say it's your WEEKEND
Well, it's my WEEKEND too, yeah
They say it's your WEEKEND
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your WEEKEND
Happy WEEKEND to you!!!
MrsG JohnBlair 2 months ago
My END is WEAK !
Party on Dude !
Let the Sventivities begin !
1MikeM JohnBlair 2 months ago
MADave 2 months ago
Hey group did you ever have one of those days when you are taking local transportation you pay the driver and then you wait 10 minutes for him/her to get off their cellphone? Well that's exactly what happened I got off work the ride was there waiting forme and he was on his cell phone so I'm sitting there and saying "come on dude I'm ready to go home!"
Klaatu MADave 2 months ago
If the driver is with Uber or Lyft, leave a negative review. They live and die by rider’s reviews.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 2 months ago
Very rude driver, to say the least!
MADave Klaatu 2 months ago
Neither Uber or Lyft Klaatu
MADave daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Forgot to mention that he never apologized for the delay
daleuhlmann MADave 2 months ago
And you paid your ticket, too!
MADave daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Why do I have the feeling to sing Beatles karaoke?
MrsG 2 months ago
Happy Sventurday Eve All !
I want my MUMMY !
Meanwhile it’s Freaky Friday ~
Oh Lord won’t you buy me a
The Doctors drive Porsches
I must make amends
Worked hard all my lifetime
M-T-N bedpans so
Oh Lord won’t you buy me a
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Jack NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
How cheesy? Was it a fiberglass body replica? Did they at least put it on an early Beetle platform so it had a swing axle stance? Ooh, that's it!!! Swing axles without an engine so the back end was jacked up!
Kergooliewyn MrsG 2 months ago
That was very clever MrsG.
PatS MrsG 2 months ago
I had to click on NPC's red name to see the entry (hope disappearance was temporary). Okay, it strays off topic, but what doesn't on Friday night? Worth seeing!
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
In addition to I SAW WHAT YOU DID, another horror movie John Ireland appeared in was THE HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES, a 1973 chiller about the terrifying experiences encountered by a film crew that decides to shoot a horror movie in the title abode. As you can see from this trailer, it had a notable veteran cast, including, in addition to Ireland, Faith Domergue and John Carradine.
JournalJeff3 2 months ago
Happy Friday!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Commissioner Gordon and a very young Bat Girl on a Season 1 Perry: 'The Case of the Lazy Lover'.
Lucyc NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Perry Mason really does seem to be an unusual series in terms of always requiring a large supporting cast with speaking parts every episode. I think that, if you have a speaking part, union rules require that the actor/actress' name is listed in the credits. Most old tv shows just have their cast, a few guest stars, and then what few others they had to list because they are expected to film on a budget. Perry Mason always, to me, has a long cast list. It was a successful show, so maybe it had a more generous budget than usual.
Jack Lucyc 2 months ago
Don't forget Paul Drake's car phone! That must've cost a pretty penny!
Lucyc Jack 2 months ago
Yes, you're certainly right about that.
NoPersonalChicks Jack 2 months ago
The gigantic spool of plenum 12 he had to roll out from his trunk all the way to Gertie's rotary alone must have been exorbitant.
1MikeM Jack 2 months ago
Cannon had a car phone and I think Dan Tanna from VEGA$ had one.
daDoctah Lucyc 2 months ago
The Fugitive was like that (apart from Janssen and Barry Morse, all new cast every episode), and years later Quantum Leap (Bakula and Stockwell and a bunch of one-shotters). The Incredible Hulk too (Bixby, Ferrigno -- and never seen together -- and Jack Colvin).

The other night I watched a first-season ep of Maverick that played on TWELVE ANGRY MEN. Longest cast list I've ever seen for that series in the closing credits.
Catbat 2 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
gabste Catbat 2 months ago
You too Catbat !
daleuhlmann Catbat 2 months ago
Same to you, dear!
deadringer42 2 months ago
Toons, what a great way to start the day.
Have a good day all.
See ya at the movies.
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