That's No 4 Leaf Clover- It's the "4-D Man"- Tonight!

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We have a science fiction story for you tonight on MeTV, in a film new to our show! It’s the tale of a scientist and everything he has to go through- literally- when he gains the power to pass through solid objects by becoming the “4-D Man”!

We watch an earnest young scientist, Tony Nelson ( no, not the “I Dream of Jeannie” major) who has made a brilliant discovery- and also a careless mistake, which results in the building housing his lab at a major university to burn down! Not surprisingly, he is fired for the fire, and heads out to find his brother Scott, who is also a scientist, in hopes of getting some help.

Scott has his own problems- he’s working for an egotistical employer who takes credit for all his employees work. Their latest discovery is a metal so dense, nothing can penetrate it- a material that boss man Carson modestly name after himself- Cargonite!

Brother Tony meets with Scott and the lovely object of his affection, co-worker Linda- and after some sibling sparring, Tony gets a job with the company- shown around by another co-worker, a scheming guy named Parker who wants upward mobility, but lacks the necessary talent to achieve it. Meanwhile, Tony reveals his amazing accomplishment to Scott and Linda-he has devised an amplifier that allows one solid object to pass through another!

Tony manages to achieve something- he falls for Linda- who also feels the attraction. Scott  discovers that they are now a couple- and breaks into Tony’s work locker, sets up his experimental equipment, and then- accidentally- succeeds in pulling off passing through a solid object – almost with tragic results!

The sneaky Parker lifts some of Tony’s papers, and tries to pass them off to Carson as his own work, in hopes of getting his own lab- while Scott demonstrates to Tony that he has made the amplifier work and it allows him to pass through a plate of metal. There’s just one catch- the amplifier isn’t on when Scott performs the act- so his exposure has somehow given him the power to go “4-D”!

Scott can now pass through objects at will- but it begins to take a horrible toll on his body. He then stumbles on a way to restore himself- but at a terrible price. He also uses his new power to commit a crime- that has police baffled. Tony, however, realizes from the evidence that he knows all too well how the crime was committed- and by who! Scott, meanwhile, is using his new 4-D power to get everything he’s ever wanted- including revenge- and Tony, Linda, and the authorities are facing the task of stopping a man who is basically unstoppable!

This 1959 color feature, with a jazzy soundtrack reminiscent of that of the “Peter Gunn” show, stars Robert Lansing, James Congdon, and a very young Lee Meriwether, along with a young actress who would reach greater fame in movies and TV. We’ve added some Sven shtick into the mix, including one very obvious merchandise idea!

“4-D Man” comes through your TV screen tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if you are unsure of the time and channel where you are- check your local listings or at Our show continues to trend nationally at the top of the trending topics on Twitter  during the show, thanks to the fans live-Tweeting using the hashtag #svengoolie  - and MeTV encourages you to join in! On the local Chicago side, “It Came from Beneath the Sea”  resurfaces at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU.

Next weekend, we’ll be at the C2E2 comics and entertainment convention – I’ll be signing on Friday from 4:15-5:15 at autograph table 42 (we will have t shirts and posters available during our signings) and at the same table on Saturday from noon to 1:30 pm. Due to the usual high number of fans, we can only sign one item per person. Later that afternoon, I’ll be doing a live event on-stage on the main floor, “Svengoolie 40th Anniversary Fun  Live!” at 4: 30 pm!  There will even be the chance for a few fans to get involved there.  More appearances are coming up soon- we’ll post it all under the “appearances” tab on this site.

You have until midnight April 20 to send in your ballot for this year’s Rondo Awards for horror and science fiction- you’ll find the ballot and all the voting information ( make sure you follow all the rules, if you want your vote to count!) at  . I’m again nominated in category 21-“favorite horror host”. You’ll see a wide number of choices of various hosts, so- vote for whichever one is truly your favorite. You can vote in as many or as few categories as you like, and remember- it really is the FANS who decide who wins!

Join us tonight for creepy sci fi danger with a capital D - actually, with 4-D! ( No glasses necessary).

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Catbat 8 months ago
Maybe this is what is needed

On a Cat?
daleuhlmann 8 months ago
That's Rene Auberjoinos is a guest star on WONDER WOMAN tonight. Later a regular on BENSON, he had earlier played Father Mulcahay in the 1970 M*A*S*H movie.
Matt 8 months ago
Happy Happy Sci-fi Saturday everyone !!!!
JohnBlair 8 months ago
Wait??? Is this blog about a TWO I or a ONE I???
Catbat 8 months ago
It's almost time for the new Blog. Keep your EYE 👁️ peeled.
Carl_N_Brown 8 months ago
I wonder if Perry Mason would defend Godzilla?
PatS Carl_N_Brown 8 months ago
"Your honor, this creature lived a blameless life as part of the ocean ecological balance, until disturbed by atomic testing. Are not we, indeed, the guilty ones here?" (And so on...)
Catbat PatS 8 months ago
You said it Pat S!
1MikeM PatS 8 months ago
PatS, excellent!
Catbat 8 months ago
Good Svengoolie Eve Night All!
Almost time 😊So looking forward to Sven. I have Dr Cyclops on tape so I can watch with the Easties! I Love it, I get a double shot of Svengoolie!
Carl_N_Brown Catbat 8 months ago
Happy SciFi Saturday Eve!!
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 8 months ago
You too! So happy to see you. How's everything? You doing OK? It's almost time!
daleuhlmann 8 months ago
If THE 4D MAN had suffered from flat feet during World War II, he would have been THE 4F MAN.☺
MADave 8 months ago
Happy Friday evening to all I apologize for not being her last night I was at a dinner dance with great music, great food and great fun I also received a pin from the service club that sponsored the dance notifying me as an honorary member, my friend Johnny got one last year and my friend Billy in 2017
Lynn MADave 8 months ago
Sounds like great fun, MADave!
daleuhlmann MADave 8 months ago
Party down, David--sounds great!
Matt 8 months ago
Happy Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!!!

Oh my God am I glad this week is over !
Lynn Matt 8 months ago
Yea team!
daleuhlmann Matt 8 months ago
Matt: And here we all thought you were Mr. Monday--ha-ha!😉
TheKodakKid Matt 8 months ago
Matt, you and me both. The way things have been going lately, if I see light at the end of the tunnel, I’m going to stop and listen for a train whistle.
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Kodak: Do ya hear the train-a-comin'?
Raycav00 8 months ago
Off to see a Great Show tonight featuring Guitar Master
Joe Bonamassa
Stoked !
Ravenwoman Raycav00 8 months ago
Enjoy your concert love and please be safe. 😘🗽💕

Lynn 8 months ago
Happy Friday - especially to everyone attending C2E2!
Trout 8 months ago
KodakKid: always appreciate your birthday roundups 👍

Happy Birthday, Denny Craine! LLAP 😎
Raycav00 8 months ago
Oooooops Wrong Cyclops 👁
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1MikeM Ravenwoman 8 months ago
Good afternoon Michele!
Ravenwoman 1MikeM 8 months ago
TheKodakKid Raycav00 8 months ago
Have a feeling that one might have gotten his medical degree online.
Raycav00 8 months ago
🙁My [ Bracketology ] is an Udder 🐄
Mess already. 😖
CarrieLynnCastro 8 months ago
Happy Friday 🎩
Looking forward to
the movie tomorrow
📺🍿😄 and all the great post! Hopefully I will not sleep through it 😉
I'm sure I have seen it
👻 a while back but ready to enjoy to again

Have a nice Friday the rain is back but very
light and moving out
fast ☔🌨⛅

See you later❣
scottieO 8 months ago
It would have been far better for Scott if he had just said "My girlfriend ran away with my brother, and I sure do miss him!"
daleuhlmann scottieO 8 months ago
To rephrase Tommy Smothers' famous gripe about favoritism involving brothers: "Linda liked you best!"
scottieO daleuhlmann 8 months ago
And his brother was a bit of a "wild" child, as I recall.
Raycav00 8 months ago
I see beautiful Flags today at the
UN Building 🇨🇦🇩🇪🇸🇻🇮🇪🇮🇹🇫🇷🇯🇵🇺🇸🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Ravenwoman Raycav00 8 months ago
Yes, I see flags as well! 🚩🚩🚩
Ravenwoman 8 months ago
Good morning, all. Happy Svengoolie eve! We made it to Friday. It's a cold, blustery March day in NYC. 💨🗽 Brrrr! Is there a doctor in the house? Dr. Cyclops perhaps? 👨‍⚕️😷💉 I'm looking forward to Sven's movie tomorrow night! 💓

Raycav00 Ravenwoman 8 months ago
Next time you bee illin I’ll send
Dr. Vinny Boom-Botts over to fix you up, he comes highly recommended by my Long time GP Dr. Bombay.
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