That's No Elf- It's an Evil Imp! Beware "The Undead" -Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we unwrap an unusual present from Roger Corman-as a psychic researcher uses hypnosis to send a young woman back in time to one of her earlier lives- where she encounters love, witchcraft, and possibly executioner’s axe- in “The Undead”!

This 1957 film plays off a fad of that era-interest in reincarnation, thanks to the book “The Search for Bridey Murphy”, which we’ll tell you about during our show. We meet Quintus, the psychic researcher, whose time in Tibet convinced him that people n tony have had past lives, but can visit them. He “recruits” Diana Love, a young “lady of the evening”, to be the subject of his experiment, carefully observed by his former professor- in which, through hypnosis, he will send Diana’s consciousness to a previous life.

After many hours, with the woman in a trance- Quintus , through a mental bond he has established through his hypnotism with her, finds he has succeeded! Diana is now back in her past life as Helene, a young woman in the Middle Ages, imprisoned for allegedly being a witch and sentenced to execution for her supposed witchcraft. Amazingly, perhaps as a form of self-preservation, her future self sends her a message, encouraging her to escape- which she does! She ends up enlisting the help of Smolkin, a gravedigger who, ironically, is said to be one of the very people she enchanted!

None of this is good news to the real witch- the sultry Livia, who actually is responsible for the supernatural crimes Helene is charged with! She has plans  to replace Helene as the love of a gallant knight, Pendragon- so it is important for her to make sure that Helene is taken out of the equation. The shape-shifting Livia and her familiar, an imp, go to work trying to keep Pendragon away for his true love through lies and schemes- eventually making a major play for him at the witches’ Sabbath- which involves Satan himself!

However, other forces play into what happens- Meg Maud, a sorceress enemy of Livia’s, and even Quintas himself. Having realized they may be endangering Helen’s future by changing her past, he uses his psychic bond with his subject to travel back in time himself! Will Helene survive-or  will Livia’s association with the devil remove any chance of that- and will Quintas make history- or change it?

We’ll tell you about how this movie came about and evolved, and, of course, talk about the cast- which includes that bombshell Allison Hayes of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, as well as famed little person actor Billy Barty as her personal imp, and a cameo by beloved character actor Dick Miller of “Bucket of Blood” and countless other films! Plus- Toony the Tuna campaigns to host a horror movie as “Sventoonie”! We’ll give you the word on a vintage record offer, along with a new song from Doug and yours truly, and , in response to requests, bring you some vintage Sven holiday hilarity!

“The Undead” (originally titled “The Trance of Diana Love”) airs tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central. We know some people might need help finding what time we run – and on what channel- where they are, so we encourage checking your local listings or visiting . Viewers on Twitter continue to live-Tweet during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie – and MeTV invites you to do the same. Chicago area viewers get to learn once again “How to Make a Monster” at 11 am on CW26.

We appreciate the kind comments about our guest appearance on the “Toon In With Me” Christmas special! We always enjoy working with my longtime pal Bill and our new friends!

We hope you’ll join us tonight for witches, time-travel, and…oh, I don’t know…could it be…SATAN?!

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daleuhlmann 7 months ago
The frogs are thinking, "Screw your birthday!"🎂
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
We all know what the frogs are thinking: "And I'd have gotten away with it, if it hadn't have been for those meddling kids!"
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Channeling Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS!🐦
Mikeyyy 7 months ago
I won’t be here for toons today so merry Christmas and HAGD!

Gabste: 🤗 🤗 🤗

gabste 7 months ago
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all !
MrsG gabste 7 months ago
Buon Natale g ~
Kyle gabste 7 months ago
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Good Yule! Best Wishes to every other Holiday as well!

May you live in peace and harmony with your friends and neighbors in the coming year!
MADave gabste 7 months ago
Merry Christmas gabste hope u get everything you asked for?
MrsG 7 months ago
Hey MADave ~ the Muppets are on ES ~
MADave MrsG 7 months ago
Oh darn I missed it I was watching It's a wonderful life!
deadringer42 7 months ago
Ed Sullivan Christmas special on now.
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Kyle MrsG 7 months ago
Been in the top 5 a few times, but the secret of speed eludes me. Plenty happy to watch the race and get a participation trophy.
Shoulder is not painful, just waiting until Monday to hear from the osteopath clinic to set up an appointment. Medical service in the hinterlands requires a bit of patience.
daDoctah Kyle 7 months ago
You mean show an actual episode of Perry Mason and point out familiar faces in it? I know just the ep: "The Case of the Absent Artist", which includes in its cast Victor Buono, Zasu Pitts, and Arline Sax (the name Arlene Martel, Spock's Vulcan fiancee, was using at that point in her career).
Kyle daDoctah 7 months ago
That is the kind of thing I mean!
Some skits, a couple songs, background info. I would certainly watch.
Kyle Kyle 7 months ago
70% of why I watch is for the Svengoolieness anyway. Most of the movies I would not watch otherwise. He adds a great deal of value to these Broadcasts.
abc123 7 months ago
Movie snack idea: leftover Christmas eve/Christmas cookies and what-nots (crackers and dip/spread). that is what i am having, if i still have room after ham dinner.
Aceman2 7 months ago
Another home all lit up. This home is in the town of Yardley PA and sits on a man made lake
MrsG Aceman2 7 months ago
Oh isn’t that gorgeous , especially with the reflection on the water !
Klaatu 7 months ago
‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a blogger was stirring not even a mouse. So…2+ hrs and who will get first blog tonight? Sventa Claus is approaching 👍
Aceman2 Klaatu 7 months ago
This blogger is stirring.
Kyle Aceman2 7 months ago
-5 here. Better to be stirring than shaking!
Drang Aceman2 7 months ago
Two fingers, I see.
Kyle Drang 7 months ago
I'll see your 2 fingers, and raise you a busted flipper.
Berwyn1979 7 months ago
Hey gang, just dropped by to give you all your Christmas presents. It's a packet of Sven-Os. It's Berwyn favorite cereal and the foremost cereal of Svengoolie fans everywhere! If you want more, here's the receipt and you can exchange so the family size box, the fivemost. Well, I have to run. I can pick up my gifts as soon as I pick up my computer off the floor. You can't thrown your gift at the computer and expect the people on the other end to get it. You live and you learn. Happy holidays and PEACE AND LOVE!
daDoctah Berwyn1979 7 months ago
From the people who brought you Berwyn Krispies.
MrsG 7 months ago
Happy Christmas Sven and Co. and ALL my Sven friends ~
Berwyn1979 MrsG 7 months ago
Thanks, war is over.
MrsG Berwyn1979 7 months ago
🎶 ALL we are saying , , , 🎶
PatS MrsG 7 months ago
🎶🎶🎶 Have you seen the little piggies...
Katink 7 months ago
Greetings, Sven-friends! I finally have internet again! I'll try to get back on for the new blog later. I missed you all and will try to read all that I missed in the past few days.
MrsG Katink 7 months ago
Hi Katink ~ glad you’re feeling groovy and getting back in the groove !
MrsG 7 months ago
We are expecting lots of rain tomorrow ~ wonder if it will be enough to wash the spider out even if he’s not so itsy bitsy ? !
Kyle MrsG 7 months ago
No rain here, but at -13 by Broadcast time, I bet that spider freezes his furry little whatnots off.
MrsG Kyle 7 months ago
Woweee ~ you’ll need your woolen babushka and mucklucks (sp?) !
Drang MrsG 7 months ago
Rain tonight, possibly mixed with snow, accumulation of up to an inch tomorrow night when I get home from work -- after missing almost all the movie! 😮 -- and another 2-4 inches of snow Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Plus a possibility of temps "in the single digits." 🥶🥶🥶
MrsG Drang 7 months ago
Stay safe and warm Drang ~ we’ll keep the light on for You !
The1Butler 7 months ago
Great Adams Family Christmas !
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