The Count's Offspring Has Dad's Old Habits- "Dracula's Daughter" Appears Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it's back to an early Universal horror classic- featuring the female offspring of an infamous count we know well! She takes after her father in a way she regrets- and yet, is unable to fight the irresistible thirst she has inherited by being- “Dracula’s Daughter”!

Working as a follow-up to the wildly popular “Dracula”- this film picks up right where the original  ended- in the dungeon of Carfax Abbey, with Van Helsing (named VON Helsing in this film) ,standing over the inert body of Count Dracula – which is sporting a wooden stake through its heart! The police burst in upon him, observe that he has a stake-driving weapon in hand, and take him into custody for murder. Dracula's body is locked up in the local police department-where a mysterious woman drops by, and ,using a strange hypnotic power over the lone policeman on duty, makes off with the Count's body. She spirits it away, and then engulfs it in a funeral pyre that she thinks may free her of her family curse (Leaving us viewers to ponder how,  after this fiery final rest the Count managed to return in future films!) Her salvation is not to be- as her odd "assistant" Sandor underlines that her behavior still indicates that she has not lost her desire for human blood!

Meanwhile, the incarcerated  Von/ Van Helsing contacts his brilliant, but somewhat skeptical former student, Jeffery Garth, asking him to help prove that he is sane- and that vampires do exist. While trying to decide how he can help, Garth attends a society party, and encounters a stranger who has arrived -a visiting artist, Countess Marya Zaleska (in reality, the daughter of the Count that Von Helsing slew!) Jeffrey converses with other guests about his work in curing his patients' cravings, which the Countess overhears- and , thinking he may be on to something, she inquires if he might help her to defeat an unnamed craving. He agrees to help her, although he has no clue as to what her affliction might be.

However, a rash of attacks, with victims drained of blood brings about suspicions. Jeffrey’s secretary (who hopes to be promoted to the station of girlfriend as well) takes an instant dislike of the Countess- for good reason- as the story continues, striving to confirm suspicions that a vampire does exist-and that said menace will do anything to remove any threats to its existence- taking us back to the Transylvania castle where the original vampire story began - and where lives may end!

This 1936 film was made 5 year after the original “Dracula”- and boasts a truly  eerie atmosphere , in no small part due to the unearthly presence of Gloria Holden’s Countess. Edward Van Sloan makes his second appearance as Dracula’s nemesis, Von Helsing, and Otto Krueger, last seen on our show as yet another reanimator of the ape woman, Paula Dupree, stars as psychologist hero Jeffrey. We’ll talk about the cast, and provide Sven shtick- including an often-requested interview with another Dracula “relative”- some costume contest highlights from the last Flashback Weekend horror convention and - due to many requests, after the clip of a live performance last week – our original celebrity- saturated music video of the "Svengoolie Stomp"!

Meet “Dracula’s Daughter” tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or for time and channel where you can watch in your area. In the Chicago area, our viewers get one more visit to the goofy “Village of the Giants” at 11 am on WCIU, the U! For those who may be wondering- that show had huge viewership- pardon the pun.

The first Sven public appearance of the year is just two weeks away- and, in of all places- Berwyn! Watch for details under our “appearances” tab on our site here soon. You can still order the latest Sven action figure in our store, as well- please do so while the supply holds out!

Our Sven administrator has asked me to remind you of our rules, which a few of you are pushing- no sexual innuendo- no mention of other networks or that you’re switching to something else- no over-doing the negativity (if you dislike the movie, you can state it – but harping on it over and over in posts is not appreciated). We really don’t want to- to use the popular term in these comments- “send you to the cornfield”.

Meanwhile, pop some corn tonight and visit with daddy’s little ghoul on MeTV!

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Matt 20 months ago
Can't wait for the Giant Claw a wonderfully horrible movie. Well actually the Bird as big as a battleship is the horrible part.
Question though: If we point out that the Bird is horrible, will we be banned ?
daleuhlmann 20 months ago
Lucy: Insightful assessment of VAMPYR. I think Dreyer wanted viewers to perceive the film from a dream-like perspective, as from the perspective of one who is deep in sleep, in the middle of a nightmare. On that level, the film succeeds, but at the expense of narrative and pacing.

As for your equally impressive review of THE GIANT GILLA MONSTER, I'd add that actor Ken Curtis (GUNSMOKE's Festus) co-produced, along with McClendon, both this film and THE KILLER SHREWS. Of course, Curtis also has a supporting role in SHREWS.
Raycav00 20 months ago
Honestly I swear I didn’t eat that last
Piece of roast beef, would I Li- ger to you ?
Trout Raycav00 20 months ago
Wow! Hey, what does a Li-ger eat for salad?
No-mane lettuce. 🥬😁
Raycav00 20 months ago
You know what they say about Big Feet ? I mean paws 🐾
PatS Raycav00 20 months ago
Luuuuuv those built-in snowshoes!
Ravenwoman 20 months ago
Good night all and sweet dreams! 😘🗽❤🐺

Raycav00 20 months ago
I can’t STAND it when I forget what I was going to say . Damn i guess I’ll just bi-pedal my way home until I remember
Raycav00 20 months ago
Geeesh Reminds me, i need to clear my coatracks of all the garbage i got on them
Raycav00 20 months ago
With a family to protect and provide for Even big ole me needs a little kitty to calm me down and show my gentle side.
Raycav00 20 months ago
Hey Fido, Spot, rusty please clear the roadway the Big Boys are coming thru
Raycav00 20 months ago
Now who is the rocket scientist thst planted all this Catnip to keep away the mosquitoes ????
Lynn Raycav00 20 months ago
Fair enough. But did it get rid of the mosquitoes? Still might be a fair trade. (Yes, I really, really, dislike mosquitoes!)
Lucyc Raycav00 20 months ago
I'll take a bunch of mellow kitty cats any day over just one pesky mosquito.
Raycav00 20 months ago
“I’m just going to Hang around the house until tomorrow nights sven movie”.
Ravenwoman Raycav00 20 months ago
Haaaaaaaa! Luv it! So adorable! You are certainly bats! 🦇
Raycav00 20 months ago
Isn’t next weeks film
The Giant Claw ?
Then This pic of a Huge Golden Eagle and his Talons are then apropos !
Ravenwoman Raycav00 20 months ago
No, dear! It's "The Werewolf"! Get with the schedule! 😂🤣🗽
Raycav00 20 months ago
Ravenwoman this pic is especially for you and also paying Homage to tomorrow’s Svengoolie feature.
The Wild Canine rescue Center in Pa. presents “Grey” The Timber Wolf, “Runt” of the litter was unusually tossed from the pack and left to fend for itself, rescued in upper Minnesota as a Cub and sent down to the Wild Canine center.
As you can see he is doing well at 4 yrs old and still growing, Grey is used
To educate people in schools and other educational facilities about the true nature and plight of these oh so misunderstood magnificent animals.
MADave Raycav00 20 months ago
Beautiful dog
Raycav00 Raycav00 20 months ago
As canines are not ambush predators like felines, Notice the extremely long legs used to run down prey for incredibly long distances, huge lungs and heart constantly pump oxygen filled blood through out the body to give it Extreme stamina and endurance chasing their prey until it is exhausted and can go no more, heavy ripping bites to the lower legs, hind quarters and soft underbelly finish off their mark.
Hence this highly intelligent, cooperative pack with the epitome of teamwork get to eat once more.
Raycav00 MADave 20 months ago
Far from a Dog dave
Tygercat Raycav00 20 months ago
What a beautiful animal.
Matt 20 months ago
Long week. Worn out. Plate too full. Need mindless Monster movie.
DrClayton Matt 20 months ago
Your wish is Sven's command!
Matt DrClayton 20 months ago
Thank God !
Lynn Matt 20 months ago
I believe Sven has just the thing for us! Take care.
Matt Lynn 20 months ago
Yes he does.
Tygercat Matt 20 months ago
My sentiments exactly. 😩
Catbat Matt 20 months ago
Coming up!
Lucyc 20 months ago
Okay, continuing on with my film critique of movies I have recently seen, the next movie I will be addressing is The Giant Gila Monster. Is this a typical, low-budget creature feature? Well, yes and no. It is certainly low budget, but, surprisingly(to me)it wasn't as ridiculous as I expected it to be. It was an interesting mix, plot-wise, of The Blob and King Creole. I say that because of the young people in the film being at the forefront of the discovery and subsequent fight against the creature, like in The Blob, and the main character being wrongly assumed to be a ne'er do well punk like Elvis' character in King Creole, as well as being an aspiring singer. It also has kids and their hot rods, and a hip disc jockey who stumbles, literally, into the story. Something that I thought was even more interesting was how the story took a surprising turn at including a little girl suffering from the effects of polio-which was certainly something that most of us who grew up in that era remember was really feared, and with good cause.

One thing that resonated with me was the fact that it was filmed in the area around Dallas in the late fifties, and though I was born in the middle of the fifties, literally, in 1955, the scenery in the movie was very familiar. Now, I was still pretty young in 1959, but the scenes in the movies of the houses and "filling stations," and even the humble garage of the protagonist could be pictures from my childhood. So, if all else about the movie, is completely amateurish-and I think it can be said that it, unfortunately, is-it did catch the "feel" of the area and era it was portraying.
Catbat Lucyc 20 months ago
Our young minds retain much. Especially the feel of things.
Matt Lucyc 20 months ago
Wow that's good info. I'll watch with a little more interest.
LarryTheTrainGuy Lucyc 20 months ago
The Giant Gila monster along with The Killer Shrews was produced by Gordon Mac Clendon who also owned a chain of radio stations across the country including KABL in San Francisco. He Like William Castle turned these out for the Drive In Trade and produced them on a budget of $1.98 with a cast of unknowns. Like American International and William Castle he knew his market and Played to it.
Lucyc Catbat 20 months ago
So true, Catbat. Although my humble abode was outside the city limits, I didn't live "way out in the country." However, my family had plenty of other family and friends that did, and I always loved hanging around out in the "boonies."
Lucyc LarryTheTrainGuy 20 months ago
I believe Mr. McClendon owned our local radio station, KMHT, back then, too. The call letters of the radio station mentioned in the movie, KILT, sounds like it's a wink to the "monster" subject of the movie, but in fact it was a real station, also owned by Mr. McClendon, or so I read.
Catbat Lucyc 20 months ago
Always loved horror movies. My little sister did not. So much fun being out in the orchards, pastures or barns worked great for scaring her after I told her stories. Haha I can still scare her so easy
MADave 20 months ago
Today was my first full day of not reporting to work so mom and I went to job lots and got a few things and went grocery shopping
Matt MADave 20 months ago
Annnnd how did that go ?
MADave Matt 20 months ago
Very good day in fact thanks for asking Matt
Catbat 20 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
Sorry I wasn't here yesterday but I had the flu. All better now. That clears me for another 3-5 years. Glad that's over.
Lucy Cariker loved your review of the movie Vampyre. I must definitely give it a look see one day. It also reminded me of something. Don't you think the vamipie Radu's (Subspecies)appearance was based on Nosferatu?
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Lynn Catbat 20 months ago
Sorry to hear that, Catbat! So glad that you are feeling better now. Having "Svengoolie" to look forward to always helps, as you well know!
DrClayton Catbat 20 months ago
I know a coupla doctors who can check you out...tomorrow!
Catbat Lucyc 20 months ago
Lucy I did know that. I thought that out of the modern movies ,Subspecies keep the tread of the true vampire. I thought the Underworld elder wasn't bad.
MADave Catbat 20 months ago
Catbat i know but I wish the government was open completely and not just 3 weeks I haven’t heard from supervisor yet about returning so I may have Monday off as well?
DrClayton 20 months ago
What was that old Bowery Boys/Dead End Kids werewolf movie? ANGELS WITH HAIRY FACES?
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