The Eyes Have It in "Village of the Damned'- Tonight!

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Tonight, MeTV takes us on a trip to a small English town that experiences a strange and frightening phenomenon- followed by even more astonishing developments- in a film that has many unsettling moments, thanks to a group of children with shocking mental powers who turn a quiet bucolic little burg into the “Village of the Damned”!

On a normal-seeming day, everyone within the city limits of Midwich suddenly falls unconscious- as does anyone who tries to enter the village. The military moves in, but is unable to escape the weird situation, with even a soldier in gas mask and containment suit falling into this odd sleep as he crosses the line. In about four hours- everyone awakens- with no apparent effects.

That changes within a mere two months- when all the women of child-bearing age in the village discover that- they are pregnant! This leads to suspicions and accusations among the townsfolk – until the strange nature of the pregnancies is discovered- with accelerated development of the fetuses, and all the women giving birth on the same day! The children born have an odd similarity, including white-blond hair and “unusual eyes”.

The children grow and develop at an amazing rate-  and are revealed to have some kind of psychic bond- and almost a “hive”  mentality. They tend to travel in a group- and seem very cold and frightening to everyone, even their parents. They begin to show signs of having mind control with the ability to make people do things against their will.

Professor Gordon Zellaby, whose wife Anthea was among the women who had one of these children, tries to find answers to this mystery- and is informed by British Intelligence that the same  phenomenon has occurred in other nations around the world. Just in Midwich alone, there have been unexplained deaths- and the villagers are starting to think the strange children are responsible. Zellaby endeavors to become a teacher to the children (including his own son David) and possibly learn more about them- as there are more deaths- and anyone who crosses the offspring becomes an endangered species!

This 1960 movie, based on John Wyndham’s novel “The Midwich Cuckoos”, is truly frightening- and was so successful, it even spawned a sequel. One of the most unnerving effects is the children’s eyes turning white when they use their mental powers. We’ll explain how that was done, as well as introducing you to the cast, which includes Barbara Shelly and George Sanders. We also have a new song, and an interview with one of the men who put Svengoolie in the Dick Tracy comic strip- artist Joe Staton!

“Village of the Damned” will be on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time- for information on where and when it airs where you are, please check your local listings ,or at .  Fans continue to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie  - so, feel free to join in. Chicago area viewers can get one more look at Vincent Price in the “House of Wax” at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

If you’re in the Berwyn area next weekend (yes, BERWYN) you can meet Sven at the big Route 66 event, with a car show, music , and more right where the mother road begins! Look at the post under our “appearances” tab for details!

More Sven 40th anniversary news coming soon!

Join us and become one of the “Village” people- but beware of the children tonight on MeTV!

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daleuhlmann 11 months ago
"Scream, scream! We all scream for ... ice cream!"
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Tonight's movie reminds me of this song.
JournalJeff2 11 months ago
photo finnish between Bill & me. That guy is good!
Catbat 11 months ago
Aahhh the calm before the storm. Dale ain't making it tonight. But I'M up! Bwahaha
JournalJeff2 Catbat 11 months ago
Hi Catbat, so are you saying you wore Dale out? So you could be #1 on the blog?
MADave Catbat 11 months ago
Good luck I guess the professor needs his sleep before school starts
JournalJeff2 MADave 11 months ago
Hi Dave, thanks for the well wishes!
MADave JournalJeff2 11 months ago
What are blogging friends for?
JournalJeff2 MADave 11 months ago
you got it
daleuhlmann Catbat 11 months ago
Are you kidding? I'm up!
Jack 11 months ago
Some of you may have noticed the recent flurry of activity from Catbat since twilight in the ET… she sleeps in a box in Dale’s basement with some soil from California.
Catbat Jack 11 months ago
You peeked!
abc123 Jack 11 months ago
if i hadden't seen her in daylight with my own eyes, i might have believed you...
JournalJeff2 Jack 11 months ago
Not just sleeps! It`s an on topic line from N.C.I.S. When McGee sleeps over at Abbys place.
StephanieStepStone 11 months ago
Good Night, Sweet Blog!
Parting is such sweet sorrow,
But we shall meet again
When it be morrow.
(1/2-remembered from William Shakespeare.)
Good night, Stephanie.
JournalJeff2 11 months ago
Thank You so very much:
JournalJeff2 11 months ago
THANK YOU PatS. Got the TBBC 3&4 songbooks, just minutes ago.
I love your song parodies! You are very talented!
Everybody, Happy Svengoolie Eve!
Can I please ask you all to say a prayer or send some good vibes for my mother. She is in a home due to dementia and now they have quarantined her because she has come down with bronchitis, not looking good. Thanks!
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Catbat JournalJeff2 11 months ago
Listen to Kodak Kid dear. He is so right.
JournalJeff2 Catbat 11 months ago
Yes he is
DrClayton JournalJeff2 11 months ago
Best wishes for your Mom's speedy recovery!
JournalJeff2 DrClayton 11 months ago
Thank you DrClayton!
Islander 11 months ago
It's official now. I'm stylin in my new 40th anniversary T.

Lynn Islander 11 months ago
Geo Islander 11 months ago
I am officially jealous.
Catbat Islander 11 months ago
You look "Mahvelous"
DrClayton Islander 11 months ago
Film at 11?
Geo 11 months ago
People are here daily?
StephanieStepStone Geo 11 months ago
Yes of course. Lots of fun on coffee breaks!
Geo StephanieStepStone 11 months ago
That's wild, just popped by and was wondering. I'll have to post a photo when I receive my autographed chicken.
Jack Geo 11 months ago
Definitely! Mebbe we’ll do a Hall o’ Fame.
Geo Jack 11 months ago
That'd be righteous.
Catbat Geo 11 months ago
You betcha!
DorisKarloff 11 months ago
Hey Jack, we do have something called a Doorbell.
Jack DorisKarloff 11 months ago
Hey, that’s how I like to make my entrance!
Jack DorisKarloff 11 months ago
"Här är David!"
_The Phantom Carriage_ (1921) Victor Sjöström, Sweden.
Catbat 11 months ago
Dh sent me this last night!
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DrClayton Catbat 11 months ago
Shouldn't you have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet - ROY G. BIV?
DrClayton Catbat 11 months ago
Are they astronomically correct?
Jack DrClayton 11 months ago
Like _Breakfast of Champions_, it’s what they got in the fourth dimension that counts.
daDoctah DrClayton 11 months ago
There is no such color as indigo. Don't tell me you fell for that!
CarrieLynnCastro 11 months ago
Hot day of 103* 😎
already hot at 10:00
am not really 😉complaining it will be fall soon 🍁🌻🍁

I see in my garden a change that fall is 🦋starting early in my garden 🌾🐛🌾

Another stage of the garden coming up clean up the creepy garden 🐍is coming to full circle for this year it did good
The veggies not so 👽
good but there is always
next spring 🕸🌱🕸 to do better 😱

Have a nice Creepy Day
🕸👾🕸 could be fun!
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CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 11 months ago
😉 Lucky you went out out for Chinese
lunch and back home
too hot to go shopping 🛍so darn!
Enjoy your weather 🎏 Miss you too Catbat 😻
Hi, Carrie! I am back in Las Vegas for a visit. It is 103 degrees here too today! It was hot and so humid in Chicago recently, but just my luck, it cooled down to 72 degrees and pleasant. Meanwhile I’m in the 103 degrees. haha At least it’s dry, though. I hope you’re enjoying the day! 🙂
Catbat GhoulAsh45 11 months ago
You poor thing
Catbat Jack 11 months ago
Either way it stinks
CarrieLynnCastro 11 months ago
Happy Friday 🤖
For me Sci-Fi starts
today 👽I try to watch all day!

Great movie on Sven
tomorrow 🎩 yayhoo!
For all of us we needed
it I think from a long week of being busy
🕸🐜🕸 it's time for some fun 👻

Thinking of what kind of snack would good besides just popcorn
any ideas 😋

Have a great day keep cool 🎏

How about some hacked 🪓up Chinese Chicken?
Pork chops?
(Diced Chinese chicken sounds nice, tho'. Hmm Both?)
PatS CarrieLynnCastro 11 months ago
If you're really creative, get out the hatchet cookie cutter (usually used for top crust on a cherry pie on February 22) and make your favorite rolled cookie. (And don't forget to wear your wig and jangly bracelets.)
CarrieLynnCastro PatS 11 months ago
🤔 I don't have a wig but I do have the 🍥 cookie cutters and jingle bracelets almost had everything 😄Pat!
It sure dies 😋
yummy sounds good!
😉 Darn had Chinese
for lunch 🍤
Ravenwoman 11 months ago
Next stop..."Straitjacket." 🤪 I'm experiencing both Internet and landline outages intermittently. Called my cable provider and they're sending a Tech over tomorrow morning to check my 1935 modem. 😣

Walking or at least trying to, walk on 🥚🐣🐥 until tomorrow morning. Not a good thing for me when it comes down to an emergency. For now, I am up and running. 🙄🏃‍♀️🙋‍♀️🤦‍♀️ They're sending Jim Carrey over to take a look! LOL! 🤣😂🤣

If I miss Sven's movie, I will be extremely distraught. 😢😭

DorisKarloff Ravenwoman 11 months ago
Didn’t know they had modems in 1935.
Carl_N_Brown DorisKarloff 11 months ago
I have had some service providers install equipment that looked like Alexander Graham Bell leftovers.
I get my TV through rabbit ears enhanced with aluminum foil.
Jack DorisKarloff 11 months ago
Wasn’t that part of the plot in “City on the Edge of Forever”?
Catbat Jack 11 months ago
His head got caught in a mechanical rice picker.
Jack Catbat 11 months ago
That rice picker’ll get you every time!
abc123 Jack 11 months ago
that was the episode that aired after house of wax, and TBB4.
Catbat 11 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
At midnight the children must leave the building. Actually 8:30pm 😂
MADave Catbat 11 months ago
Morning to you Catbat gotta get back to work byeee!
Lynn Catbat 11 months ago
Good morning, Catbat!
Catbat Lynn 11 months ago
Good morning Lynn 😊How are you?
Catbat MADave 11 months ago
Have a Great day!
JournalJeff2 11 months ago
Hey Gang! I know we are always concerned about animal abuse in some of these movies, none in this movie, but there is record abuse as shown on the following clip. (Love those bracelets)
Speaking of records, I understand there is no birth certificate for Joan Crawford. I hope Svengoolie enlightens us.
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Carl_N_Brown Jack 11 months ago
Caption: "Hey, my eyes are up here."

"In a publicity still for MONTANA MOON ("a 1930 Pre-Code comedy") JOAN CRAWFORD brandishes a pair of .38s."
Jack Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
If that is your original, Carl—Brilliant! If it’s copy that I somehow overlooked—Great catch!
Carl_N_Brown Jack 11 months ago
First line isn't original.

The second line, I found a photo caption "Joan Crawford in Montana Moon (1930)" and got creative.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Bravo, sir, bravo!
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Happy Friday Svengoolie Eve, group. I'll gave to check both the Svengoolie and Me TV stores to order my official strait-jacket for tomorrow's movie.
DrClayton daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Tomorrow's for swingers only!

daleuhlmann DrClayton 11 months ago
Walk softly and carry a big axe.
Jack DrClayton 11 months ago
Obviously, in shoes like that, one does not walk softly!
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