The Final Sven Show of 2020- "Valley of the Dragons"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we close out the strange year of 2020 with a strange tale, very loosely based  on a Jules Verne novel- with two rivals preparing for a pistol duel-only for the confrontation to conclude with- not the demise of one of them- but with themselves unexplainably whisked away to an unknown place ( to be named later ) found to be populated by cave people and prehistoric beasts! The two enemies find they must work together in order to survive in the “Valley of the Dragons”!

The year:1881- the place: the outskirts of Algiers, and the combatants: Hector ,a Frenchman, and Michael, an Irish Amercian. The source of conflict : predictably, a woman ! These two Romeos are ready to fire at each other -when a super-powerful wind hits, caused by a comet sweeping dangerously close to the earth   ( it could happen)- with its gravitational pull carrying away the two men before they can even fire a single shot !

They regain consciousness, finding themselves in a jungle, not at all resembling the terrain of the Algiers area. The two must declare a truce, just long enough for them to return to the city- but- there is no city in sight! They begin to speculate about what could have happened- was there a natural disaster that wiped out civilization? Could the earth have shifted in its axis? The answer comes as they look skyward into the heavens- and see a familiar sight above them in the night sky! But the question remains- where exactly ARE they?

They theorize that the comet has actually torn off a chunk of the earth, and deposited it in space ( actually-on a familiar satellite never clearly named in the movie). They find the area is overrun by the “dragons” of the title, which are actually dinosaurs ( of the cinematic variety- not stop-motion models, but lizards shot close up with a few fins attached in some cases) ! Using  evidence from other astral phenomenon, they presume the comet is in an orbit that makes occasional passes at the earth, and that it was on a very early previous visit that it had torn off part of what was the prehistoric world –which has been sustained here without evolving much !

Giant reptiles are not the only danger here- they soon encounter some savage Neanderthals ( never mind the fact that dinosaurs and cavemen were in NOT in existence at the same time, no matter what you see in a typical “Flintstones” episode). Hector and Michael escape them, end up separated, and each discovers a different tribe of cave dwellers, with an injured Hector actually the one discovered by- in true Hollywood fashion- an incredibly hot blonde cave woman! She brings him into village of her tribe, jealously guarding him from the other cave ladies. On the other hand, Michael goes to the aid of an older caveman from a different tribe, and becomes a part of that group- which just so happens to include a pretty brunette cave woman who takes a shine to him!

Adding to the mix of Neanderthals, warring cave tribes, and dinosaurs, the whole situation is endangered by the eruption of a nearby volcano- driving giant lizards, displaced by the natural disaster, right to the cave dwellers! Will Hector and Michael find a way to keep themselves and their new tribes safe- and help this new world survive?

To be honest- the Jules Verne story that this 1961 epic is based on did NOT include dinosaurs or cave folks! Please note- we have actually done some editing to lessen the cruelty of the early film-makers, who actually had lizards in real deadly battle with each other ( mostly in stock footage from the 1940s version of “One Million B.C.”). Cesare Danova and Sean McClory are the two earthmen who end up in space, and, the blonde cave cutie is none other than beautiful Joan Staley – who was also Don Knotts’ brunette girlfriend in “Ghost and Mr. Chicken”. We’ll go over the cast list, explain where some of the stock footage came from (including some famous stars included in the footage), and provide the usual Sven fun. Plus, we get a visit with the stars of MeTV’s upcoming weekday morning cartoon showcase- “Toon In to Me"- my old friend cartoon curator Bill and Toony the Tuna! And- look for another friend as the hand at the door at the end of the show!

Valley of the Dragons" airs tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, if you are not sure where and when to find the show in your area, please go to your local listings, or to .So many Sven fans on Twitter continue live-Tweeting during the show and keeping us trending nationally every week, so MeTV invites you to join them and do the same, using the hashtag  #svengoolie . In the Chicago area, viewers get to enjoy one more light-hearted look at “Invisible Woman” this morning at 11 am on our main local station,CW26.

We hope Sventa- I mean, Santa Claus- has been good to you- if you got monetary gifts burning a hole in your stocking,, feel free to use them in our store for your favorite Sven merchandise- the popular mugs, phone covers, Sven studio sets ( while they last) and more- just click on the “store” tab here on our site.

Join us tonight for the final Sven show of 2020-prehistoric perils, with a sci fi smorgasbord of curvy cavewomen, nasty Neanderthals, volcanic violence, and lethal lizards; let’s face it- it couldn’t be any more dangerous than the year we’ve just made it through!

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Carl_N_Brown 13 days ago
Descriptions of the classic cartoons shown on MeTV mornings remind me of the cartoons played in my school's sixth grade auditorium on days when weather did not allow recess for p.e. outdoors in the playground (1960-1961, sometimes they held square dancing).

I remember they showed a cartoon where Little Red Riding Hood was accosted by the Wolf who was wearing a Zoot Suit with reet pleat, stuffed cuffs, twirling a gold chain, saying Hubba Hubba.
Drang 22 days ago
Okay, Westies, time to get our cartoon nostalgia on!
The1Butler 22 days ago
You all can sleep now , since I will be first .👍🏻
daleuhlmann 22 days ago
SPOILER ALERT: in tomorrow night's movie, the Leech Woman was played, in drag, by James Arness.

MADave daleuhlmann 22 days ago
I don’t mean to be rude but this whole James Arness thing is getting a bit too old
Klaatu MADave 22 days ago
There was such a big hub-bub when The Thing aired, you can’t help it.🤣
daleuhlmann MADave 22 days ago
Well, maybe you're right, Dave--I just thought I'd try my hand at one of them until the Administrator tells us that enough's enough, like Keith's earlier jokes about Evelyn Ankers' armpit perspiration stains. Those jokes also had a long run until we were finally asked to dispense with them.
MADave daleuhlmann 22 days ago
She already told Katink to stop 1 hour agon
Oscar daleuhlmann 22 days ago
Hahaha I found that funny tho.
abc123 23 days ago
looks like the blog agrees the cartoon show is a hit. i will find out in an hour.
Cessna1960 23 days ago
Well my fellow Sven cohorts , I am signing off for the nite....I was up till 3am blogging on here last night and didn't get much sleep.....maybe I'll get to feeling better.....looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night.....thanks again for keeping me on the straight and narrow!! you guys🌃🇺🇸
deadringer42 Cessna1960 23 days ago
You are going to miss the big race to 1st on the new blog.
Cessna1960 23 days ago
Has Sven ever aired any of the Godzilla movies??
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MADave deadringer42 23 days ago
I learned from the Admin,
Cessna1960 deadringer42 23 days ago
What's your dog's name and breed??
deadringer42 Cessna1960 23 days ago
She a greyhound. Goes by pocket.
deadringer42 23 days ago
All hail MEtv! The politicaly incorrect cartoons are back! Long live MEtv.
And all is right with the world (Well at least this little bit)
Cessna1960 deadringer42 23 days ago
I second that emotion
Cessna1960 23 days ago
Well the way it's looking , its gonna be Alabama and Ohio State in the national championship game if Clemson can't come bsck
MADave Cessna1960 23 days ago
Please do not mention sports here
Cessna1960 MADave 23 days ago
Ohhh I am sorry....I did not know it was against the won't happen again....thanks so much for the reminder
Cessna1960 MADave 23 days ago
I just got carried away , plus I am blonde...yes there are dumb blonde males !!!hahaha hahaha...if you can't laugh at yourself who can you ??
deadringer42 Cessna1960 23 days ago
Sports are banded here as they tend to bring out the ugly in rivals, which is not well recieved here. And mostly it has nothing to do with sven and the movies he shows. Go O.
deadringer42 Cessna1960 23 days ago
All good.
Remember I'm pulling for you, we're all in this together
Cessna1960 23 days ago
That hour went by fast
The1Butler Cessna1960 23 days ago
that means we have to be up by 7 ugh , dont be late .
Cessna1960 The1Butler 23 days ago
Don't they come on at 6am central ??
The1Butler Cessna1960 23 days ago
Yes , for Mich 7 , Chicago 6am .
Katink Cessna1960 23 days ago
Even my dog, CoCo doesn't get me up that early.
Cessna1960 Katink 23 days ago
My dog used to come rest her head near my pillow and breathe on me!!! That'll wake you up!!
The1Butler 23 days ago
It's been years since I've seen these ! Awesome funny !
MADave 23 days ago
Th-Th The that's not all folks see you in the morning
deadringer42 23 days ago
No spoiler on who the artist messing Duffy is, ok Doc.
He's a stinker.
Katink deadringer42 23 days ago
Ain't he a stinker?
Well that was fun.
Katink deadringer42 23 days ago
And he looked a little like James Arness. . .
You guys are really wearing out the James Arness thing.
I'm sorry. The James Arness what now?
deadringer42 23 days ago
Duck amock 1951 MCMLI
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Drang deadringer42 22 days ago
Hmmm, the announcement on MeTV's schedule page says "Duck Amuck 1953", which is backed up by the Wikipedia article on it.
(MeTV also lists dates for "What's Opera Doc? (1957)" and "One Froggy Evening (1955)", but not the others. However, I found that they all have Wikipedia articles.
deadringer42 Drang 22 days ago
I thought I saw 1951 for daffy, but I could be wrong. I did see 1955 MCMLV, for froggy. Could those on the west coast watch for copyright date on daffy and correct me if I was wrong. Its tiny in the opening credits.
It would be MCMLI Or MCMLIII
Katink Drang 22 days ago
I will have to look at MeTV's announcement page then. Thank you, Drang!
Cessna1960 23 days ago
Canned spinach sales were way up when Popeye aired
MADave Cessna1960 23 days ago
I heard that
Cessna1960 23 days ago
Hellboy had at least one Popeye arm
Katink 23 days ago
I missed the date, it was in Roman numerals.
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The1Butler deadringer42 23 days ago
I'm going to have to brush up my Roman numerals
Cessna1960 The1Butler 23 days ago
Let the Romans keep em!
Katink deadringer42 23 days ago
Thank you! I was trying to look it up, so I missed part of this Daffy Duck.
daDoctah Katink 22 days ago
Roman numerals should only be used by that silent-movie cowboy star, Tom 1009.
Cessna1960 23 days ago
If ever someone was in need of Vera Wang it was darn sure Olive Oil !!
MADave Cessna1960 23 days ago
Oh dear! Oh my!
MADave 23 days ago
Well blows me down it's popeye
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