The Hypnotist Says "You are Getting Creepy"- But So is He and the "Devil Doll"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- to wind up this month of love-we bring back a less-than-lovable hypnotist/ventriloquist who puts a beautiful young woman under his spell- for nefarious purposes- and whose wooden wing man is a bizarre living dummy who carries out his master’s schemes! Beware of the “Devil Doll”!

As I mentioned the first time we showed this, it is NOT the 1930s film that featured Lionel Barrymore commanding shrunken human “dolls” ( not to be confused with our feature from last week)! This British film from 1964 gives us a front row seat to the stage act of the Great Vorelli- a master hypnotist with an obvious streak of cruelty. This becomes even more evident when his act progresses from hypnosis to ventriloquism-and displays some odd tension between himself and his dummy Hugo.

Mark English, an American reporter working in London, is not thrilled when his boss assigns him to cover Vorelli’s act- but thinks he can use the opportunity to try to debunk his “powers”. He enlists his gorgeous girlfriend Marianne to help, by reluctantly agreeing to be a volunteer when Vorelli asks someone from the audience to come forward and be part of the act. She makes a perfect subject- and even decides that Vorelli might just be the perfect entertainment for her wealthy aunt’s upcoming charity event. Vorelli’s female assistant does not appreciate her boss’ interest in the beauty when she shows up backstage. Vorelli, who already has recognized that Marianne is a well-known rich girl, agrees readily- and may just be planting some subconscious commands in the young lady’s mind!

Meanwhile, Mark is trying to figure out how Vorelli manages to animate Hugo- is he really just a dummy, is he mechanical- or even a small person in a suit and mask? And- why must the hypnotist keep Hugo locked in a cage?

Soon, Marianne comes down with a strange illness- which her doctors cannot explain- while Mark, as a result of a strange visitation, heads off to Berlin to get clues about Vorelli’s mysterious past. Things take darker and darker turns, between mental powers and murder- as the hypnotist’s shocking fate planned for Marianne is revealed. Will Mark uncover the truth about Hugo- and be  able to save the poor woman by derailing Vorelli’s incredible agenda?

Those who appreciate stories with creepy dolls will definitely enjoy this macabre mystery! We’ll introduce the cast- including beautiful Yvonne Romain, seen on our show as the mute servant who gave birth to future wolf man Oliver Reed in “Cry of the Werewolf”- and provide a song featuring that wonderful siren of the saxophone Anita X. Orcist! Plus, we’ll remember the rare public appearance by a certain prehistoric rubber chicken- as well as presenting an interview that, due to a case of mistaken identity, brings back a classic comedy figure, as well as a vitriolic ventriloquist dummy from Sven’s past.

“Devil Doll” starts tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. If you need help finding what station and what time we appear in your area, please consult your local listings or visit . Live-tweeting on Twitter during the show continues- we are often among the top trending topics while the program airs- so, MeTV invites you to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie . Our local Chicago viewers get a another look at the 50s favorite “Attack of the Puppet People” at 11 am on our main local station, CW26.

As our Valentine month winds down, thanks to everyone who participated in MeTV’s #LOVESVEN! We have again been flattered and grateful to be honored by our fans’ submissions. We still have a couple days left to take advantage of the special 14% discount on Sven merchandise in our store by using the promo code LOVESVEN. Once February ends- so does the discount, so order now! And- get set for the wearin’ of the green with some new Sven merchandise! Check it out in our store, b’gorrah!

See you tonight for the hypnotizing horror of a dummy that speaks for itself!

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1MikeM 2 months ago
...and just one more thing.....Vorelli and Hugo will be back in Devil Doll 2: The Wraith of Hugo
1MikeM 2 months ago
...and dat was da Devil Doll...and dat's da name a dat tune
Klaatu 2 months ago
So…I have Friday off, and I had high hopes of trying my luck at First Blog, but we are in the mountains, it’s snowing, almost 9pm, and the deadbolt lock on our cabin door just spins without unlocking. You may read about us in tomorrow’s newspaper 😞
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Katink Klaatu 2 months ago
Team Klaatu needs to snuggle to share body heat. (Settled science!)
Lynn Klaatu 2 months ago
Good luck!
PatS Klaatu 2 months ago
Try a window? Let one of the kids try the lock? Flip it with a credit card? Please let us know you got in!
BettieWhigham Klaatu 2 months ago
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vettenoir 2 months ago
Nosferatu (the movie) is 100 years old!
One of the narration screens:
"Stay in your houses. The Plague us here."

Some things never change.
The1Butler vettenoir 2 months ago
Plagues come Plagues go
Kyle 2 months ago
Kyle Kyle 2 months ago
Well, that didn't work.
Drang Kyle 2 months ago
Night night...
Katink Kyle 2 months ago
I tried a copy/paste to get a picture and had a similar thing, Kyle. This seems to be something that is beyond me for now.
abc123 2 months ago
This might shed some light on the 'error111' thing:
I just uploaded my Fan photos and copied the links to the document I keep. The image name is now part of the link, including the file extension (where it previously was renamed to a random name with no file extension).
Kyle abc123 2 months ago
I have no idea what any of that means, and my life is easier that way. 😃

Ignorance is bliss, and I am having a delightful time!
Jack abc123 2 months ago
Und file dragging is now verboten.
Katink abc123 2 months ago
When I choose files, I just have them how they are, and I have no idea how to change them in size , name, or resolution 😣 Up until now, that wasn't a problem. Rats.
Drang Katink 2 months ago
So far so good...🤞🏼🍀
Jack Katink 2 months ago
Below you referred to your avatar image as a bitmoji. If that sort of file has a different file extension than .jpg, .gif, or .png, that may be the problem. See if you can save or export it into one of those formats.
Katink Jack 2 months ago
Thanks, Jack! I'll try messing around with it more tomorrow.
Jack 2 months ago
That Moka pot espresso this afternoon still has me zooming. I’d better check in on Debbie before she falls asleep.
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
A passing of note: Tim Considine, who was an original cast member of MY THREE SONS, has passed away at the age of 81. RIP, Mr. Considine.
Jack daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Mike, we hardly knew ye!
1MikeM daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Mr. Considine RIP
PatS daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Also a lead in "Spin and Marty" at the Triple-R Ranch (Mickey Mouse Club TOS), plus other Disney TV movies.
Kyle 2 months ago
Not to jinx anything, but I haven't seen that bent carrot guy in a while.
TheKodakKid Kyle 2 months ago
Yes, it has been a few days since Dr. Clayton was on the blog.
Kyle TheKodakKid 2 months ago
Everybody has a special talent, they say.
Jack Kyle 2 months ago
Dr. Clayton is the Uri Geller of root vegetables!
Kyle Jack 2 months ago
It ain't easy to make me laugh. Well done. 😁
Jack Kyle 2 months ago
You fed me the lead in. Thanks!
Klaatu 2 months ago
Sheesh, Blogging during the Sven movie won’t be too fun if we get Error 111 when trying to upload images during the movie.
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Kyle The1Butler 2 months ago
Katink Kyle 2 months ago
Jack Kyle 2 months ago
🎶Hitler has only got one...
Kyle Jack 2 months ago
Klaatu 2 months ago
I’ve got my wife away from her family issues, and my oldest son rented a cabin in Big Bear, so we are relaxing. Beautiful with light snow, but I can’t get MeTV🥵. I want my MeTV! But it’s Friday, so it’s time to get my itchy Blog finger ready for 12am👍
Katink 2 months ago
While we are still on puppets, I wanted to share this picture.
My Dad had this album when I was young. (The Irish Rovers are best known for "The Unicorn" which was also used as the theme to The Ark in the Park segments on the Ray Raynor Show.)
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Katink Tygercat 2 months ago
Such a sweet, sad song, Tygercat!
Jack Tygercat 2 months ago
“The Orange and the Green”?! Watch it! We’re not s’posed to be political around here! 😉
MADave Katink 2 months ago
Yes I remember that fondly thanks for that Katink
Katink MADave 2 months ago
You are welcome, MADave!
Jack 2 months ago
Say, Dale, about four days ago you mentioned the recent photos page had a photo of Sven's face being added to a Horror Movie Host Hall of Fame with Ghoulardi and the Ghoul. And then the photo page got weird.

Now that the photo page has returned to normal, I’ve looked but can’t find it. Since you know what it looks like, could you see if it’s up and what page it’s on?
MrsG Jack 2 months ago
Thanks for asking Jack !
I looked for it too the other day but chocked it up to my tech-illiteracy ~
@[email protected]
daleuhlmann Jack 2 months ago
I'm so sorry to say that it's no longer there, and I've gonre through a lot of photo pages in order to try to find it again.
Jack daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Rats! Thanks for getting back to me, tho’!
daleuhlmann Jack 2 months ago
You're welcome, Jack.
daleuhlmann 2 months ago

Happy Svengoolie Saturday Eve, group! Sorry to say I'm feeling a little under the weather right now, but I'm hoping that a heaping of Svengoolie fun and a classic Universal horror movie tomorrow night will be cure whatever's ailing me. I'm hoping it's just these radically up and down temperatures we've been having in Ohio during this first month of March; it was only 19 degrees last night but will be warmly gradually, all the way up to 70, on Sunday. In the meantime, I'm still planning to post my movie review after Midnight, make it for toons tomorrow morning, and catch the Big Blogcast tomorrow night.

Before I take a little nap here, I'd like to ask if any of the rest of our bloggers remember another great ventriloquist and entertainer (in keeping with the theme of last week's movie). His name was Paul Winchell, and his star dummy was Jerry Mahoney; they were the most popular ventriloquist act since Edgar Bergen. Three Stooges fans will especially remember Winchell and his dummies (along with, separately, the Marquis Chimps) contributing some comedy segments as a bridge between sequences of classic Stooges shorts featuring Curly in the 1960 Columbia compilation film STOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH!

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daleuhlmann MrsG 2 months ago
Thanks, Mrs. I feel a little better right now.
daleuhlmann Jack 2 months ago
An artificial heart? Shades of Boris Karloff's 1939 Columbia "mad doctor" chiller THE MAN THEY COULD NOT HANG.
daleuhlmann Lynn 2 months ago
Thank you, Lynn!
Katink daleuhlmann 2 months ago
Yay, Dale! I'm so glad you are starting to perk up!
WILLOUGHBY 2 months ago
I bet Elvira will be watching this one. (An inside joke.)
Jack WILLOUGHBY 2 months ago
I thought the shadow of Boris and Natasha was Carmen Miranda!
WILLOUGHBY Jack 2 months ago
Does look like her doesn't it? That flat top hair do also resembles the Frankenstein monster, with a beard.
Drang WILLOUGHBY 2 months ago
Or Sam the Eagle from The Muppets...
MADave 2 months ago
Hi all just popping in during my lunch time I'm pretty unsure about this whole thing regarding Sven going 2 1/2 hours? I just wondered if either he will start an hour earlier 7-9:30pm eastern or if he will still be on @ 8pm also I don't think this'll work on my metv market in Massachusetts or New Hampshire where bostonmark is because of 10pm news or will this be on some markets just curious?
Lynn MADave 2 months ago
In Sven we trust. I'm confident that he will reveal all in his good time. In the meantime, we've got a lot to look forward to. 😎
Drang MADave 2 months ago
You'll need to keep an eye on the local affiliates schedule, but I don't see them cutting off the last half hour of Sven. I keep thinking about switching to Heidi from the Superbowl...
Lynn Drang 2 months ago
The "Heidi incident" is legendary, indeed!
Tygercat Lynn 2 months ago
Legendary, absolutely! The "Heidi Bowl" is near synonymous for "inept TV programming". I recall the headline on the back page of the next day's NY Daily News: Heidi 43, Jets 32.
MADave Drang 2 months ago
So when does this whole thing start again??? I forgot
1MikeM MADave 2 months ago
I hear it's March 26th with The Beast with Five Fingers. That's the one with Peter Lorre and Robert Alda. Remember him? He played Dr. Borelli on two episodes of M*A*S*H
MADave 1MikeM 2 months ago
Ah yes my mind is getting much clearer now
Drang 2 months ago
Morning all! We're awake, sort of, for now. Rain is pouring down. Maybe I'll watch TIWM on the DVR maybe I'll go bac to sleep....
CarrieCastro 2 months ago
Thanks for being 😻
up with Toons
Catbat ☕ have a good day ☔🌧

Happy Friday everyone
Sven tomorrow 🎩🎉
See you later 👻
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