The Injustice League: Vampire, Werewolf, and the Monster- it's "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"- Tonight!

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Some of our viewers were upset that our Halloween weekend offering was not the favorite film we have for you tonight on MeTV- one of our most requested movies, featuring the Big 3 Universal monsters, facing off with the studio's top comedy team- it's the 1948 flick that gave new life to old favorites- "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"!

We meet Bud and Lou , as Chick and Wilbur- two railroad baggage clerks, hustling to keep up handling all the baggage (and Wilbur pretty much mishandling everything!)  Chick is truly stumped by the appearance of Wilbur’s gorgeous new girlfriend - what can she possibly see in his buddy?!  A call comes in from London-a Mr. Larry Talbot has an important message, which appears to be lost due to - perhaps a faulty connection- or is it a result of the full moon affecting Talbot?

The nasty Mr. McDougal, owner of a“house of horrors” museum- demands that the boys deliver a couple boxes to his establishment tonight-  they contain the supposed actual coffin of Count Dracula, and- the Frankenstein Monster! In spite of storms and a power outage, the boys bring the exhibits to the museum- and, conveniently, while Chick is not in the showroom,Wilbur discovers that the vampire count and the Monster are the genuine articles! Chick blames it on Wilbur being scared and letting his imagination get the better of him- but, again, when Chick is otherwise occupied, the twosome  of terror make their escape. This does not set well with McDougal, who arrives to find his boxes empty- and, accompanied by an insurance inspector, blames the boys for his new properties being missing- and has them put under arrest!

Meanwhile, we learn  that Wilbur’s sultry girlfriend Sandra is not just a pretty face- she is a scheming  surgeon , well versed in the works of Dr. Frankenstein,with a laboratory in an island castle! Dracula, with the Monster in tow, heads there to assist Sandra in her plan -which is the devious reason for her leading Wilbur on- she plans to use his brain- to transplant into the Monster, so the undead being, once restored to full power, will have a mind easily led to do their evil bidding!

Meanwhile, Wilbur and Chick are finally bailed out of jail by a female- but, not Sandra, as Wilbur surmises! It's a pretty blonde named Joan- yet another fetching female that seems to have a hankering for Wilbur- but, in reality, she's an insurance investigator, part of the company that insured McDougal's property-and she hopes, by getting in good with the tubby Romeo, she can discover what the boys did with the missing display items.

The boys journey to the island castle to pick up Sandra for a costume ball, bringing along their new love interest- with suspicions  on both sides regarding her. A random call from- who else?- Larry Talbot warns them that the two legendary creatures are for real and a threat to mankind- and he needs the boys help to find them  so he can destroy them  before it's too late! After a frustrating search of the castle,including a secret subterranean area- with Wilbur again unable to convince Chick that there are monsters about- they meet Sandra’s associate, Dr. Leighos- who bears a striking (or is it biting?) resemblance to Count Dracula. He seems amiable enough, and very fond of Wilbur- and urges the group to go enjoy the costume gala!

It appears that everybody has been invited to the masquerade ball- including  Talbot, mean Mr. McDougal, and Doctor Leighos- complete in a letter-perfect Dracula “costume”! The party becomes a dangerous affair, with attempted murder, a werewolf encounter, and the hypnotic power of the vampire coming into play- leading to a return to the island castle laboratory, and a final confrontation with the Wolf Man , Dracula, and the newly restored to power Frankenstein Monster!

We'll talk about this landmark film, its origins , its cast (including Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr), and its flaws (yes, we DO see Dracula's image reflected in a mirror!)  and bring you lots of Sven fun along the way. Without a doubt- this is a classic program we are always happy to bring back for your viewing pleasure!

"Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" will be on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, to find channel and time where you are, please consult your local listings, or ! Chicago area viewers get one more chance to hook "Barracuda" at 11 am on WCIU, the U!

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But tonight- it's not Claus, it's claws- and fangs- and electrodes- as you'll see what you see when you see it!