The King is Dead- Long Live "The Son of Kong"- Tonight!

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We are very happy to have something special for you tonight on MeTV- the sequel to one of the biggest monster movies of all time (with one of the biggest monsters!) in which we discover that the infamous giant ape has left behind an offspring! The man who brought the original Kong to civilization now encounters- “the Son of Kong”!

This movie begins just a few weeks after the original film ended- with brash film-maker and showman Carl Denham taking plenty of heat for the awful destruction the mighty Kong inflicted on New York City. Dead broke and hounded by creditors and the media, Denham reunites with the boat captain who had taken him to Kong’s island- who is also feeling the wrath of the city! Captain Englehorn knows that it’s only a matter of time before he will be under siege by the law, just like Denham- and suggests the two of them sail away from all this turmoil, and make a living shipping cargo to foreign ports.

Away they go, with a motley crew on board, including the Chinese cook Charlie who had also accompanied them on the original Kong quest. They struggle along, not making much money, and stop at the port of Dakang in the Orient. Looking for some entertainment, Denham and the Captain attend a small bizarre show featuring performing animals and a cute young songstress that Denham thinks might have “something”- to which the captain remarks “it isn’t talent”!

The girl, Hilda (billed as “Helene”), is actually the daughter of the small-time showman who runs the show. That night, father Petersen is drinking – far too much- with a ne’er-do-well sailor named Helstrom-  and the evening ends in disaster caused by Helstrom- leaving the show destroyed and Hilda alone.

In an odd coincidence, Denham and his captain are in a dive bar and happen upon Helstrom- who actually is the guy who originally gave Denham the map that lead to Kong’s island that enabled his original trip. Helstrom feels Denham owes him for that- and, after dropping the hint that there is still a vast treasure on the island, talks the two into setting sail for the foreboding isle one more time, in hopes of discovering the riches hidden there!

Things get complicated along the way- with the discovery that Hilda, who had nothing left for her in Dakang, has stowed away on board- and she is ready to spill the beans about Hellstrom’s foul acts regarding her father and the show. Hellstrom threatens her into keeping quiet- and begins to work the crew into a mutinous state!

This all results in Denham and his few sympathizers thrown off the ship- only to find their way to Kong’s island ( also known as Skull Island, though I don’t think we hear anybody call it that) for a brief run-in with a few of the natives they had previously met- and new encounters with prehistoric beasts – and, of course- the Son of Kong!

After the success of “King Kong”, this film was rushed into production, coming out in the same year. With a smaller budget (and a smaller ape!) and realizing they could never surpass the original, they went in a different direction with more humor regarding their star simian. There is still impressive stop-motion animation created by Willis O’Brien- and Robert Armstrong is always amusing as the brassy Denham. We’ll talk about details of the production, the cast, and more- including some extra Sven material, since the movie is a little shorter than most we run. You’ll see some highlights of our trip to the New York Comic Con, which we hit last fall to promote the “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” comics. We’ll have more from that trip in future shows.

“The Son of Kong” premieres on our MeTV show tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- to confirm the time and channel where you are, please check your local listings, or go to ! Thousands of fans are live-Tweeting during our show on Twitter – bringing us into the top trending topics pretty much every week- and you’re invited to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie  ! Chicago viewing area fans get an encore of  Don Knott’s “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” (which, as always, brought us a huge rating last Saturday night) but, at a special EARLIER time on the U, due to sports programming. You can catch us at 9 am- making it a sort of breakfast with Ghost Toasties!

Thanks to all our friends who came to Pet Supplies Plus in Berwyn last weekend- we had an incredible turn-out and appreciate the wonderful staff there for helping make the event a big success! Next up- the C2E2 convention at the end of the month!

The Rondo Awards nominations are out- and, once again, I am nominated as favorite horror host among a particularly wide field this year! I was also honored to see that, among the nominations for top event of 2019 is the city of Chicago honoring me on my 40th anniversary. The Rondos- national awards for horror and science fiction in various media, winners completely chosen by the fans- are truly the voice of the those fans, indicating what their favorites are in these areas. Please vote for YOUR true favorites- in as few or as many categories as you wish- and READ and FOLLOW all the rules, or your vote will not count. That includes voting only once! You can get the ballot and information at

Tonight-  we invite you to come along- for “The Son of Kong”!

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CarrieLynnCastro 12 months ago
💘 Happy Valentines
hope you all had a nice day 💘 and Sven too.

Sorry so late busy day!
Garden clean up 🤠

scottieO CarrieLynnCastro 12 months ago
Glad you got things done so you will be ready to invite the Mole People into your living room tomorrow, ha.
scottieO scottieO 12 months ago
Make sure to keep Tiny away from the moles and leave the plastic cover on the sofa.
PatS CarrieLynnCastro 12 months ago
How nice, you can work in the garden where you are! Mine's covered with 2-3 inches of snow, and it's about 8 degrees out... We need faith in the invisible, like Spring.
scottieO 12 months ago
A group of moles is called a "labour".
Moles utilize oxygen more effectively than other mammals by reusing the exhaled air, and as a result, are able to survive in low-oxygen environments, like burrows.
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JournalJeff2 DrClayton 12 months ago
really big moles
Catbat DrClayton 12 months ago
Haha 😂Love it!
Catbat StephanieStepStone 12 months ago
In the movie it was a llama
Catbat 12 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Jack 12 months ago
JournalJeff2 Jack 12 months ago
I never heard this before. I like it!
scottieO 12 months ago
Bites from Mole People can be very dangerous, they get infected very easily.
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Catbat scottieO 12 months ago
Oh Brother!
scottieO Jack 12 months ago
Not that there's anything wrong with that. HA!
PatS Jack 12 months ago
I heard somewhere that "beauty spots" (fake moles) were in vogue because they covered up smallpox scars. (Use in moderation...)
Islander 12 months ago
Ugh !!!!!!!
scottieO Islander 12 months ago
Hi Islander. What's up today? What's going down tomorrow?
Islander scottieO 12 months ago
Hi Scottie. Moles going down tomorrow. I like this movie and don't mind Sven's showed it a few times. Especially when he let's some time pass between showings. Should be fun.
scottieO Islander 12 months ago
One of my all time favs, Sven know how to pick them. (please don't pick on the moles)
scottieO 12 months ago
Hi Stephanie, saw your "Birds and Bees", ha.
Thanks for the b-day wish!
I'm glad my b-day wasn't today, but I sometimes in the past I have just celebrated it on the 14th anyway.
scottieO 12 months ago
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Munsters scottieO 12 months ago
Oh no.... Brian Ferry. Slave to Love..... old GF...oh no.....
Munsters 12 months ago
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"The Mole People" it is
scottieO Munsters 12 months ago
Svengoolie will make it better.
Munsters 12 months ago
One more very long shift @ work. Then its Mole time.
Munsters Jack 12 months ago
If that's an adult beverage....I am in
Jack Munsters 12 months ago
SKA Molé Stout…yes.
scottieO Jack 12 months ago
"I don't always drink Molé beer, but when I do..."
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Even though tomorrow night's movie does include a love story (of sorts), next week's movie, THE MUMMY'S CURSE, might have been a more suitable Valentine's Day weekend film. After all, we'll have a guy who was mummified alive for the sake of forbidden love, and who, centuries later, is still searching for his ancient heartthrob. What else could be more romantic than that?
Jack daleuhlmann 12 months ago
In _The Bride of Frankenstein_ we get to see Lord Byron and the Shelleys wittily frolicking at Lake Geneva, that’s darn Romantic!
scottieO daleuhlmann 12 months ago
scottieO 12 months ago
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daleuhlmann Jack 12 months ago
I agree!
daleuhlmann scottieO 12 months ago
Yes, with or without the poison apple.
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
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scottieO 12 months ago
For those who think Valentine's Day is for the birds (*love birds*, I could also include the bees and the flowers and the trees, but that would be a different tune)...
scottieO 12 months ago
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MachineryPete10 12 months ago
scottieO MachineryPete10 12 months ago
I half expected him to pop out and say "I love Svengoolie this much."
Jack 12 months ago
Hey Group!

Finally! It can be told—The Svengoolie Studio Set!And, yes, he has a store!
scottieO Jack 12 months ago
That looks awesome! Thanks for the info., just went to see it in the Sven store - True News!
daDoctah 12 months ago
Whack-a-Mole People:

scottieO daDoctah 12 months ago
OMG! That's too cute!
daDoctah 12 months ago
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Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Just to repeat my PSA on this Saturday's movie.

We will see the movie THE MOLE PEOPLE.
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Carl_N_Brown scottieO 12 months ago
You are right! Most of her publicity photos do show her left profile and her mole is on her right cheek.
Duh. My bad.
Face in the mirror is not what others see.
Better watch Austin Powers moley, moley clip suffered the sharp end of the moderator's axe!
Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Nice, but where is Ann Francis?
scottieO Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
No Carl, you're good!
TheKodakKid 12 months ago
Looks like I wasn’t the only one who had them on my mind today.

scottieO TheKodakKid 12 months ago
Sorry, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"
scottieO 12 months ago
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