The Month of Mayberry Begins- With a High-Strung Hero! "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"-Tonight!

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This month on MeTV is “the Month of MAYberry”- a whole month spotlighting the legendary “Andy Griffith Show” and its memorable cast. So, it seems like the perfect time for us to bring back one of the movies we get the most requests for, featuring an actor who played one of Mayberry’s best-known citizens and public servants, in a comedy chiller that revolves around a supposedly haunted house that was the scene of a murder- which provides the opportunity for a would-be newspaper reporter to finally get his dream job- unless, of course, it all turns into a very real nightmare- leaving our hero between ghost troubles and legal problems. It’s the great Don Knotts, playing the exact type of character he made famous- in the 1966 horror comedy "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"!

We meet small town newspaper type-setter Luther Heggs-a dreamer who longs to move up from the ink-stained production department of the paper to the ranks of a full-fledged newspaper reporter. The film opens with him out on a late night drive- when he stumbles upon what appears to be a murder scene!  Though he thinks this is the scoop that will elevate him to the big time, things aren't what they appear to be, and it leads to his embarrassment in front of the townsfolk. His paper’s star reporter is on the scene to heap on a little more ridicule, leaving him feeling like a failure. Luther envies that star reporter, Ollie, not only for his job - but also for his apparent position of  boyfriend to Alma, the gorgeous young woman the typesetter has a crush on.

When the paper has a page needs a filler item to round out a page, the fairly inconsequential job of providing it falls to- who else?- Luther! A friendly co-worker encourages him to write about the town's most infamous murder/suicide- a story sure to grab the readers’ interest, since it took place in a local mansion where it is rumored the ghost of the killer still makes midnight appearances playing the pipe organ!

Luther's boss reads the filler, and realizing that , coincidentally, the 20th anniversary of the murder is coming up-thinks the story could turn into a great promotional stunt for the paper! Why not have someone spend the night in the allegedly haunted mansion, then write a chilling report on it? And who better to do that, than the author of the filler himself- Luther!? Naturally, the meek would- be reporter/type-setter has no interest in this creepy assignment- but is goaded into it by Ollie. He also feels it’s the one way to finally get his big break as a reporter- and finally make some headway with the lovely Alma. In the dead of night, Luther timidly enters the mansion- only to have a terrifying experience, finding secret passages, unexplained phenomena- and witnessing the actual ghostly late-night playing of the blood-stained keys of the organ (stains that seem to be impossible to remove- “and they used Bon Ami!”)

Needless to say, after that fateful night, both the story – and Luther- become a sensation! The entire town, including Alma, feels he’s a real courageous hero - but just as his future as a reporter seems guaranteed, there’s a nasty bump in the road. The last remaining family member of the murder victims, who still owns the mansion, and has considerable influence in the town, calls the story a total vicious lie- and lets it be known that he will sue the newspaper, and Luther as well, for libel!

He makes an unconditional offer-Luther and his boss must print a retraction. This will unfortunately result in the paper being ruined, with Luther losing his budding journalism career, and, worst of all, killing his chances of true romance with Alma. Do they give in and give up- or can Luther stand his ground, and stick to his story, knowing he told the truth about what he witnessed? Only an embarrassing day in court and risking one final frightening visit to the haunted house can prove his story, clear his name, and possibly reveal the truth about  the legendary murder!

It obviously isn’t much of a stretch for Don Knotts to portray Luther, simply transferring the characteristics of his beloved Mayberry character Barney Fife to the role of Luther- the type of character he played so well! His love interest is a beautiful and engaging actress –the late Joan Staley- and they are supported by a host of familiar faces from TV shows and commercials- even a few of Barney’s fellow citizens of Mayberry! We'll talk about them, provide a little background on the movie, and explain one of the most-quoted lines of the film- which isn’t delivered by any on-screen cast member, but still someone important to the movie. Of course, we’ll be scaring up some Sven shtick to add to all the fun.

“The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” appears on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- if you’re not sure of time and channel where you live, just check your local listings, or go to ! MeTV invites you to live-Tweet along with the many viewers who do so every week during the show on Twitter- just make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie – and join the Sven-tweeters who very often put us among the most popular subjects trending nationally! This morning on our main local Chicago station, CW 26, viewers can get another look at “Gargoyles” at 11 am.

Many thanks to all those who voted in this year’s Rondo awards! We have heard that a record number of votes were cast this year, meaning that more fans than ever of the genre have had their voices heard. Results usually come out in a week or two.

We hope you will enjoy this full month of Mayberry-centric entertainment on MeTV- starting off tonight with the man who played the braggadocios badge-wearing Barney in the role of gangly ghostbuster!

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Mikeyyy 15 months ago
Keith if your reading this send me some of the mojo pls!! ;)
Mikeyyy 15 months ago
Wow the silence is deafening!! It'll be over soon and I can get my beauty sleep.
Aceman2 15 months ago
Good luck to all in the race to first blogger. Have a great weekend.
Katink Aceman2 15 months ago
Back at ya, Aceman!
Mikeyyy Aceman2 15 months ago
Thnx Buddy!
MrsG 15 months ago
Great week guys ~ only 2 hours in the final stretch but can’t say “Atta boy Luther” on blog #’s . Last cpl weeks GARGOYLES , CRAWLING EYE and TISM shot him down .
Good luck to all the tortoises and hares at the bewitching hour tonight !
gabste MrsG 15 months ago
Hello MrsG !
MrsG gabste 15 months ago
Haha , love you Missy g , you little beach bum !
Happy WEAKend !
gabste MrsG 15 months ago
😚 Thank you ! Goodnight and Have a great weekend too !
Kergooliewyn gabste 15 months ago
Oh my gosh, stop being so darn cute!
Kergooliewyn 15 months ago
I need Sven Saturday!😫 Hopefully I'll get out of work on time. I missed the dungeon opening last week. I feel incomplete when I miss the beginning.
Just stopped in to say hi. Goodnight Everyone See ya'all tomorrow!
CrazyK Kergooliewyn 15 months ago
Have a good night, see ya tomorrow!
gabste Kergooliewyn 15 months ago
See you tomorrow !!
Katink 15 months ago
Watching Barney Fife busting stills. Pow! Pow! Pow!
CrazyK Katink 15 months ago
That was a funny story about your roots yesterday. Lucky thing your hubby is a great painter 👨‍🎨
Katink CrazyK 15 months ago
Yup! He is a man of many talents! Oh, and I found Jiffy Pop at the store, CrazyK, so we will have that tomorrow, thanks to your not-so-subliminal suggestion!😉
CrazyK Katink 15 months ago
You betcha, that’s going to be fun! 😃
gabste Katink 15 months ago
Hello Katink
Katink gabste 15 months ago
Hey there, Gabste!
Aceman2 Katink 15 months ago
Stumped by this movie’s popularity.
KeithJ 15 months ago
I'm going to miss the "horse race" at midnight tonight, best luck to all those jockeying for first place! 🐎
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CrazyK MrsG 15 months ago
That one is on your phone too. 😉
MrsG CrazyK 15 months ago
Really ? I’m gonna have to get more adventurous like Dora the Explorer ! Thanks CrazyK , you’re the BEST ! Now get your motor running for the midnight run !
CrazyK MrsG 15 months ago
If you don’t find it, I tell you when it’s slow next week.
MrsG CrazyK 15 months ago
OK you da man ! Will try to do some homework and surprise you in the meantime !
KeithJ 15 months ago
Don't really have a favorite mom story, I'm just grateful that she never smothered me with a pillow when I have her more than enough reasons that would allow her to acquitted in a trial! Thanks mom! 😁
CrazyK KeithJ 15 months ago
Haha! 😂
CrazyK 15 months ago
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CrazyK MrsG 15 months ago
MrsG CrazyK 15 months ago
NUH UH ! Andy in the side car !
Mayberry Hell on Wheels !
CrazyK MrsG 15 months ago
Only Andy Can Judge Fife! 🤣
MrsG CrazyK 15 months ago
YES ~ we’ll have to check out Andy’s hidden tats too ! !
NoPersonalChicks 15 months ago
Frank Nelson on TAF. "Yeeeaaahs!!!"
daDoctah NoPersonalChicks 15 months ago
Was recently going through my "Tip of the Freberg" set with a VHS tape of many of Stan's TV commercials and found this tacked onto the end of the tape as an unannounced "bonus".

Didn't recognize Frank without his trademark greeting, but I immediately spotted Bill Idelson (Herman Glimpsher from the Dick Van Dyke Show) next to him.
LarryTheTrainGuy 15 months ago
Concerning the cartoons this morning, Baseball Bugs used to be shown every Saturday just before Game Of The Week during baseball season.
the Rabbit Of Seville What's Opera Doc and One where he tortures the opera singer was the favorites of my opera loving Italian Grandma. the first time she saw The Rabbit of Seville she laughed herself silly
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CrazyK LarryTheTrainGuy 15 months ago
But it was perfect for football 🙂
KeithJ CrazyK 15 months ago
"the coldest winter I ever endured was the summer I spent in San Francisco" Mark Twain (apologies if the quote is not quite correct).

I was stationed Travis AFB (Fairfield/Vacaville) in the early 80's and loved SF.
CrazyK KeithJ 15 months ago
That is a clever/ funny quote!
Glad to hear you liked it. I’m not from there but from near there about 50 miles away! I noticed on Paladin that the hotel he stays in is in SF. Like they say, it’s a great place to visit (if you know your way around) but.....
Never got to see Willie Mays play, but got to hear him speak at a local college about 25 or so years ago. Very impressive as a speaker as well. I’ve heard some athletes that couldn’t string two sentences together (and not doing it as entertainingly as Yogi Berra).
CrazyK 15 months ago
MrsG, thanks for asking, here’s my fav Mom story, my Mom was a sweetheart! Sorry, it’s long (I take after her, I talk a lot, Dad was quiet, strong silent type)
One day our family was at Seacliff Beach in Santa Cruz, the picnic tables ran the length of the beach down to Rio Del Mar. I was about 9 y.o. and I saw this bum going through the garbage can near our table. My Mom was busy making our lunch (hoagie/sub roll sandwiches, kind of thin because my parents were a young couple raising a family and didn’t have a lot of $) so I said, “hey Mom, look at that guy digging in the garbage can” and then she takes the sandwiches apart and makes one Giant hoagie sandwich, puts it on a plate and tells me to give it to the guy. By this time he had moved on down the line to other garbage cans, he was movin’ pretty fast. So I caught up to him and said “hey!!! My Mom said to give this to you!” And he turned around and I’m like “Aaahhhhhh!!!!” He looked like that guy on the cover of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung album but worse! So I stepped back and reached out my arm as far as I could (I must have looked like a Tree w/a branch sticking out) his eyes lit up when he saw the sandwich and all he said was “bless you and your Mom, tell her I’ll pay her back” so I left and went back and got my now even thinner sandwich 😂 but now looking back I think his blessing worked in a way because we went on to have a pretty good life! 🙂
MrsG CrazyK 15 months ago
Awesome memory CrazyK and you are one great story teller , invoking visuals and feelings. I can easily imagine the beach scene, “Aqualung” , the scared yet brave little Dude, and wonderful lesson. Of all the memories you must have, you picked a vivid one that shines your Mom (and her”branch”) in a very bright light !
Thank You so much for sharing this !
CrazyK MrsG 15 months ago
Thanks for the very kind words MrsG ☺️
CrazyK 15 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CrazyK NoPersonalChicks 15 months ago
OMG!!! That is just so hilarious!!!!
Thanks for posting that, it was perfect!!! 👍
MADave 15 months ago
All packed for the weekend and just waiting for the cud to leave now just chilling and watching the new Hawaii Five-0 not as bad
as I thought but my heart belongs to the original have a great weekend and good luck to first blogger later tonight
CarrieCastro 15 months ago
Happy Friday 🎩
I made it to see toon's this morning ☕🐦

I made it to watch the Addams Family but missed the end 🤦‍♀️💤

Have a nice day🤖
everyone see you
later 🕸🕷🕸
MrsG 15 months ago
In reverence of Mothers Day ~
Of course not like our friend , er fiend , in FROM HELL IT CAME , a Mother is like a tree that produces wonderful branches ~ grand proof in our bright and talented bloggers.
Random thought du jour :
Might be nice to share a sweet or funny favorite tidbit about our Moms whether here or gone.
CarrieCastro MrsG 15 months ago
Good morning🌷
MrsG good too see you this morning
My mom is 86* and she mom is a very giving mom very caring , strong minded❣
She loves watching 📺👀 high action packed movies😨
Still lives alone with her doggy snoopy 🐶

Have a great day🌼

MrsG MrsG 15 months ago
That is a rather lofty request I realize since not easy to narrow it down to 1 Mom memory so will have to start with:
Funniest ~ when crazy/busy multi tasking she’d say “You’re like a man with one culo trying to ride 2 chooches !“ (translation on request) .
Sweetest ~ memories made traveling together in the 90’s .
Credo ~ Always be Yourself
MrsG CarrieCastro 15 months ago
Almost sounds like you’re the apple that didn’t fall far from that tree ! You’re both strong and wonderful women , blessed !
10-Q Carrie
CrazyK MrsG 15 months ago
I can picture that! Hilarious!!!
Traveling w/your Mom....priceless!!!
PatS MrsG 15 months ago
Great idea! Can we do it Sunday (if not too busy)?
MrsG PatS 15 months ago
Oh yeah, certainly, and more appropriate Pat . For those of us missing Mom , it may be a comfort. 10-Q Girl !
daleuhlmann 15 months ago
Gotta run for now, group. Have a great day!
gabste daleuhlmann 15 months ago
Good day to you !
deadringer42 15 months ago
I'm out also,
Have a tooniriffic day all.
gabste deadringer42 15 months ago
You too toonatic ! 😅
KeithJ 15 months ago
Back to bed! Won't be here tomorrow morning because of work, and won't be trying for first tonight so I can sleep!
gabste KeithJ 15 months ago
Ssme here !
MADave KeithJ 15 months ago
Same here to but I’m leaving today for my niece’s college graduation tomorrow but will be back on Sunday I also have Monday off!
gabste MADave 15 months ago
Congradulations to your Niece !
MADave gabste 15 months ago
Thanks gabste
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