The Month of "Monster MAYhem" Begins- with the Classic Karloff "Frankenstein"-Tonight!

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Once again, while we all struggle through one of the strangest times we have ever encountered, the Sven crew has been busy working to keep providing you with some diversion from everyday life- and we’ve come up with some “Monstrous MAYhem” with a whole month of a real variety of unreal creatures. Tonight on MeTV- in a show that features extras that include a major player in the Marvel Universe films-we kick it off with a real cornerstone of Universal ( and, for that matter, cinema horror) with the monster most likely to be thought of first when people think of classic monsters. It’s the film origin story of the Frankenstein Monster- with the initial performance of the great Boris Karloff in his masterful portrayal of Mary Shelley's famed literary creation. This is where the sound movie legend of the Monster began- in the original 1931 classic- “Frankenstein”!

The tale begins in a graveyard as we witness a funeral- after which young Dr. Henry Frankenstein and his hunchbacked assistant Fritz sneak to the grave to retrieve the newly buried body! They are collecting body parts to combine into a being that Henry plans to return  to consciousness using his theories on creating life! More parts are collected, and Fritz, assigned to collect a brain from the university- accidentally ends up stealing one that previously occupied the skull of a criminal !

Meanwhile, having no idea what her intended is up to, Henry's fiancee Elizabeth is worried that his work is driving him to both a mental and physical breakdown. Dismayed by his refusal to see anyone while deep in his work at his laboratory, she recruits one of Henry’s friends- along with his former teacher- to try to exert some calming influence on him and persuade him to take a break from the lab. It appears to be too late to do so, as they witness Henry's completion of his quest to bring life to dead tissue, using his fabulous laboratory equipment, along with the power of lightning, to make his creation live!

While, at first, it seems that Henry, having achieved his goal, is on the road to recovery, and preparing for his wedding to Elizabeth- the lure of further experimentation with his "new man" is something he can't ignore. He returns to the lab, aided by his teacher Dr. Waldman - and Fritz, who seems to be doing more harm than good. The threat of the Monster actually being a danger to them becomes more and more evident- and its lack of understanding , combined with its fearsome strength, convinces Henry that his creation must be destroyed. However- with Henry preoccupied with his wedding day- the Monster makes his escape- and soon grips the community in deadly fear !

It’s always out pleasure to present this beloved horror film to our viewers once again. Boris Karloff is, to many, the definitive portrayer of the Monster- giving him nuances and shadings of emotion that few other actors who played the creature ever equaled. Colin Clive is the obsessed and often frantic Henry- and Mae Clarke is his devoted fiancée. We get the actor who was Bela Lugosi’s Dracula nemesis Dr. Van Helsing- Edward Van Sloan- as Dr. Waldman- and former "Dracula" henchman Renfield- Dwight Frye- in the role of yet another sinister helper- Fritz! We’ll discuss these cast members, give you some background on the production, and provide all the usual Sven fun. Plus- we’ve got some new segments, including some interviews sure to interest old-school pro wrestling fans- with Tommy Dreamer, Raven, and WWE Hall of Famer and member of the legendary “Road Warriors/Legion of Doom” tag team- Joe “Animal “ Laurinaitis! And finally- we show you our epic meeting with a man who portrays another famous monster- one who hangs with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers-the fine actor who portrays the dual personalities of Dr. Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk on the big screen- Mark Ruffalo!

 "Frankenstein" comes back to life tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific,        7 central- and you can check for time and channel in your area at or in your local TV listings. Again last Saturday, as has been the case almost every week lately, the many Twitter fans who live-Tweet during our show had us trending nationally- so feel free to join in- using the hashtag #svengoolie. In the Chicago viewing area, we give you an encore of last week’s highly rated MeTV feature- “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” –with all its Sven extras-at 11 am on the U.

It looks like our crew will be continuing to work remotely for the time being- and we appreciate the understanding that so many of you have shown. Please keep safe and well- and know we are working on bringing you more Sventertainment in the future!

But tonight- keep social distance from the lightning that will spawn the greatest monster in Universal Studios history!

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1MikeM 12 months ago
and dat was Frankenstein...and dat's da name of dat tune.
SOBX 12 months ago
Sgt. Carter's mom Kathleen Freeman.
MadRich 12 months ago
I remember Grandpa Munster drinking ketchup straight out of the bottle with a straw. Maybe that's the drink of the night while enjoying some Svengoolie tomorrow.
MADave MadRich 12 months ago
I wonder if V-8 juice would work as a movie drink tomorrow?
TheKodakKid 12 months ago
Well, I will not be in the running for first blogger tonight. In fact, I may not be making an appearance until about showtime.

Have to get up early tomorrow, and head over to Oak Ridge.

Dr. Clayton, don’t worry, it’s not because Y-12 security is asking about a connection between a man in fishnets with questionable credentials and missing nuclear materials. I promised I wouldn’t rat you out. Nope, just have to toil in their salt mine for a while.
SvenAdministrator 12 months ago
We have been tolerant off-topic posts lately. We would ask if posters would please try to keep it to a minimum in the next week.Also not post music videos.
MADave SvenAdministrator 12 months ago
Yes music videos do not belong here
Geo 12 months ago
When does the blog count begin? Is it a Saturday thing? Looking forward to the Munsters this weekend.
MADave Geo 12 months ago
11:59 and 30 seconds
1MikeM Geo 12 months ago
usually 11:00 pm central time...good luck
scottieO 12 months ago
Along with many things, Frankenstein's monster probably would have found the celebrating of Mother's Day a bit confusing.
TheKodakKid scottieO 12 months ago
I bet the really big celebration for him was on Organ Donor Awareness Day.
scottieO TheKodakKid 12 months ago
Don't Ask Don't Tell
Carl_N_Brown scottieO 12 months ago
Considering the sources of his parts, Frank-Mon could celebrate Mothers' Day (if Hank and Fritz kept accurate parts inventory records).
scottieO Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Maybe, but too late now, they were destroyed in a fire.
deadringer42 12 months ago
Almost 3 hrs to go. Seems quiet on the blog tonight. Will the competition for the 1st blogger be fierce or week? May the fastest fingers win.
Geo 12 months ago
I go to Google and MEtv shows up several times with quizzes. I think that it shows how popular this channel is.
MADave Geo 12 months ago
That's cool
MADave 12 months ago
This is just a shot in the dark but I have a feeling Bill K will be first blogger
TheKodakKid MADave 12 months ago
A fairly safe bet. If you really want to hedge your bet, put money on him to win, place, or show.
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Hey, group, it just occurred to me that, in this age of social distancing, a return to drive-in movies would be a natural. I know a few of them are still operating across the nation, but I would think that there would be a demand for them (still on a seasonal basis, of course) more than ever now.
MADave daleuhlmann 12 months ago
I think there is one in New Hampshire still in operation?
Islander daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Ever been to the one in Strasburg near you ?
daleuhlmann Islander 12 months ago
No, but I've driven past it quite a bit.
MadRich daleuhlmann 12 months ago
They are still around. But I think there will be a comeback also. Everything you can think of can get the drive-in treatment. Drive-in concerts, drive-in sporting events, drive- in church, etc.
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 12 months ago
But would that violate six foot personal distancing rules?
Islander daleuhlmann 12 months ago
T and I have probably seen 4-5 movies there. You should check it out.
PatS daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Tonight (Friday 5/8) was the new season debut of the McHenry Drive-In near Chicago. They allowed only half of usual attendance, food carts instead of concessions, audio on one's radio, and if you sat in the back of your pick-up you had to wear masks. Opening features were THE FLINTSTONES and JURASSIC PARK. Midway Drive-In, also northern Illinois, plans to open May 22 and plans to show "classic" films all summer. They're taking suggestions at their Facebook page. (Midway is supported by Flashback Weekend, where Sven makes multiple appearances every year.) (We didn't go -- it's freezing tonight!)
TheKodakKid 12 months ago
A week or two ago someone on the blog was commenting that they wished there were Scooby Snacks for adults.

I have good news and bad news.

First the good news.

The bad news. Someone on this blog is allergic to cinnamon.
Jack 12 months ago
Oh great… now rabbits in West Texas and the Panhandle have got a viral disease, rabbit hemorrhagic disease. It doesn’t affect humans, so far….
Islander Jack 12 months ago
Probably just a ruse. I'm telling you, it's those killer hornets !
daDoctah Jack 12 months ago
I heard about rabbit hemorrhagic disease years ago. Back when I fed the initials of my real name into the Lots more evocative than Right Hand Drive, and easier to remember than Registreringssentral for Historiske Data (the official name for the Norwegian census).
PatS Jack 12 months ago
Aha! The final solution to the Lepus problem.
Jack daDoctah 12 months ago
Well, that was an interesting side trip! It turns out that Registreringssentralen for Historiske Data is at the University of Tromsø. They have an interesting logo...Those are prob’ly s’posed to be Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn, but it sorta looks like the Home of the Fightin’ Heckle and Jeckles!
Jack PatS 12 months ago
In Australia they’ve used _Myxoma virus_.
MadRich daDoctah 12 months ago I didn't know there was such a thing.
1MikeM 12 months ago
I watched a youtube video about the B-movie Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971) behind the scenes with producer Sam Sherman. He was talking about John Bloom who played the Frankenstein monster. Sherman said that Bloom was complaining. Bloom said "When are we gonna get finished making this movie?" Sherman replied "What's your big hurry John?" Bloom replied "I'm an accountant and this is tax time."

Dracula as played by Zandor Vorkov (his real name is Roger Engel and he was a stockbroker at the time) Zandor Vorkov was a name that Forrest J. Ackerman gave Engel. People have been trying to find Engel to do an interview with him. There were rumors that he became the leader of a cult. Just rumors. He founded theatre group in Asheville, NC.
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 12 months ago
Great trivia, Mike M, about a great "So bad, it's good" movie. Its director, Al Adamson, IMO, deserves serious consideration for "Worst Director of All Time" yes, even over Ed Wood. I'd say the same thing about Larry Buchanan.
1MikeM daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Thanks Dale. Adamson did direct some low budget movies back in the day. He did however make a family movie Carnival Magic (1981) The movie was about a circus chimp.
1MikeM daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Speaking of Larry Buchanan, I think the first film that Son of Svengoolie showed on his program in June 1979 was the Larry Buchanan film IN THE YEAR 2889 which was a remake of the Roger Corman film THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED.
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 12 months ago
Yes, it was. The Corman movie was much better.
1MikeM daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Dale, I agree. I was watching the Corman movie a few weeks ago. It was a really good print. Nice and clear.
Carl_N_Brown 1MikeM 12 months ago
AIP had announced intention to film a movie based on Jules Verne's novel IN THE YEAR 2889 about the time AIP released Jules Verne's MASTER OF THE WORLD.

SOOO ... Larry Buchanan's remake of THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED was unleashed using the reserved Verne title because ... it was AIP.
CarrieLynnCastro 12 months ago
Happy Friday 🎏
Hope all are having
nice day ⛵

Sven tomorrow good
for us 🤖🎩🤖
"Munster Go Home"
fun to watch 😱

See you later❣
JohnNelson 12 months ago
Here's a request: GORGO from the 60s. Huge, mean reptile. London in flames, etc.
daleuhlmann JohnNelson 12 months ago
Good choice, John.
scottieO JohnNelson 12 months ago
Howdy. Best I can do for ya. 🙂
MADave 12 months ago
Hi all good news and bad news, bad news first I will not be going to my sister's in New Hampshire due to inclement weather we are expecting snow yes you heard me snow with rain tonight and now for the good news I will be here with y'all for Herman, Grandpa and the gang tomorrow night!
CarrieLynnCastro MADave 12 months ago
Hi 🙋‍♀️ MADave what
Snow 😨 wow!
We are going to be
98* today have the
AC on 🌞
Have a nice day❄
MADave CarrieLynnCastro 12 months ago
Hey Carrie send some that weather here it’s been a real crummy spring we have not reached 65 degrees which I am thinking our summer will be hot and sticky but I hope not!
daleuhlmann MADave 12 months ago
We've been getting a little wet and sleet today--yuck!
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