The Name That's Known is Fire-Stone- When Perseus Faces a Dragon and a Mythological Menace- It's the "Son of Hercules Against the Medusa"-Tonight!

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Since tonight’s movie is running just a stone’s throw from the Fourth of July-  we’re lighting the fuse on a sword and sandal epic with a monster whose gaze casts all who face it in stone! No real live nephew of your Uncle Sam- it’s a “Son of Hercules Against the Medusa”- or "Medusa Against the Son of Hercules"- either way, boy- are they against each other!

The honorary son ( we’ll explain that on the show) is amiable and honest young Perseus, who is one with nature and  lives a simple , virtuous life. At the other end of the scale, we have the royal family of Argos, lorded over by the evil  King Acrisio and his equally evil son Galenore. They are determined to conquer the neighboring land of Seriphos- and have blocked their trade route that cuts through Argos, hitting them in their mythological pocketbooks, while decimating their army by use of living weapons of legend- a fire-breathing dragon and the Medusa, a bizarre creature whose gaze turns living things into stone! Danae, Acrisio's queen, married the evil one when her husband was killed, making the sacrifice to protect her people, and leaving herself doomed to a most unhappy life. She prays to the gods that her son will return- predicting that her boy is not dead, but alive, and his return will be the salvation of her people. She tells her prediction to Galenore- and tells him the telltale sign that will let him know that it is her son- and that he will slay him!

Across the border in Seriphos, things are seeming bleak- the King’s own son has fallen victim to the Medusa- and the only deal for peace between his land and Argos is delivered by an emissary- allow Andromeda, his beautiful red-headed daughter, to become the bride of Galenore ! The King, having already lost one child, is not in favor of losing another. However, lovely Andromeda is a modern woman (even back then) and feels she should have some say in the matter. She agrees to at least meet Galenore, and then decide. Not exactly “the Bachelorette”, but…

While out riding on the royal estate, Andromeda has actually met  Perseus, and playfully flirted with him, with the young man totally unaware of who she is and her royal status!  The truth  comes out during Galenore’s visit, when he and Perseus meet- and immediately become rivals for the now-revealed princess' affection. The rivalry escalates to full-on war between the two men’s countries, as Perseus  must endure hand to hand combat against Galenore , whose men resort to  kidnapping and treachery. Perseus  has to survive the gauntlet of an evil army and the monsters of Argos in order to protect Seriphos and save the woman he loves!

We'll give you some background on this 1963 film’s actual mythological connections, as well as its connections to more recent films, introduce you to some of the cast, and talk  about the special effects master involved in creating the movie's monsters, whose work you are most likely familiar with. We round out the program with the Sven drawing game "Too Drawn Out", as well as a musical interlude with Doug Graves, and some mythology talk from Boddy Sorrell ( just a note- in this encore presentation, he makes a mention of a Kate Spade purse. We discussed removing it, in view of her recent tragic suicide, but, since it’s just the brand name of the item, decided to leave it in. No doubt we will get a small volley of complaints by viewers offended by it.) We'll also explain those origins of the "Son of Hercules" name- it’d be nice if our blog commenters might hold off on the whole story until it airs.

“Son of Hercules Against the Medusa”  graces your after-holiday weekend tonight on MeTV at  8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check time and channel in your area in your local listings -or at Chicago viewers can latch onto another showing of “Leech Woman”( featuring our visit with “Supernatural “ alum Mark Sheppard, which we’ve gotten some nice compliments on) at 11 am on WCIU, the U. During the evening network program, MeTV invites you to join in on live-Tweeting along with the other Sven fans- using the hashtag #svengoolie.  Once again, the volume of tweets has us trending high nationally during the show!

Next week, it’s a double –header of Sven appearances- first, next Friday night in Crestwood,IL- I visit the Windy City Thunderbolts game. Be aware that the team’s special game-worn Sven jerseys will be auctioned off, signed by the players, to benefit Make-A-Wish! Then, Sunday, at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles. IL - I’ve been asked to join Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon to perform the “Svengoolie stomp” with him in concert, as he and other great groups perform. You’ll find more info under the “appearances” tab here on our site.

Join us for mythological mayhem tonight on MeTV!