The Space Isn't Just Between Their Ears When "Abbottt and Costello Go to Mars"- Tonight!

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As we celebrate our 7th Rondo win as favorite horror host, as we’ve completed 7 years on national TV- let’s head to 7th heaven tonight on MeTV- actually, into the heavens to a planet with heavenly females - uh- that may not be the one in the title- time to go into orbit as “Abbott and Costello Go to Mars”!

This 1953 chapter  in the comedy duo’s resume enters the space age! Lou has had the lifelong dream of being able to fly- but seems incapable of even keeping a toy plane aloft. This results in him ending up on a truck bound for a secret government base, with obviously lax security. Bud  is hard at work there, unloading shipments. This is definitely trouble for Lou- but- fortunately, a scientist is expected to arrive at the base,and- naturally- Lou is mistaken for him! The real scientist arrives, there’s a confusing confrontation- and eventually, the real scientist joins a committee deciding exactly what the destination of the latest rocket should be. This decision is ultimately made for them- because Bud and Lou are loading the ship with supplies, and-surprise! They accidentally launch the rocket ( no experience necessary, I guess…)!

The spaceship goes hurtling around New York City before it finally heads out into the cosmos. Bud and Lou, through their usual dumb luck, get the rocket to touch down on what they think is another planet. They set off to explore Mars- not realizing they are actually back home on earth, in an area where a certain festive pre-Lenten celebration is taking place- and they mistake the many costumed people for alien lifeforms. As they explore the wonders of this world ( complete with a politically incorrect costume or two long the way), a couple escapees from the local prison stumble on their space ship- and, in true criminal fashion, heist space suits and weaponry to aid them in an advanced form of robbery!

The authorities search for the duo who pulled off the robbery, with the description of them being in space suits. Needless to say, Bud and Lou, who are still in their space suits, must escape the police dragnet to return to their ship- where the real robbers have holed up! Unbelievably, the rocket is “accidentally” launched again-  but this time, it breaks free from earth’s gravity and really does head out into outer space! Bud and Lou go back and forth with the robbers as they enter various conditions in space, and finally land on a distant planet...but, it’s not Mars!

This is Venus, populated by a race of beautiful women who consider men their mortal enemy. Their lovely queen has banned males for many years, but, somehow, Bud and Lou- (especially Lou)-  find a way into the women’s good graces -while the criminals plan to take control- and anything else they can lay their hands on.  Can Lou side with the fantastic females- will they fully accept him- or will he and the other men just reinforce all the reasons why the Venus women banned males in the first place? And- will they ever make it to Mars- or, at least, back to Earth?

Bud and Lou , having pretty much exhausted meeting the Universal monsters , take a crack at science fiction, as movie audiences tastes were changing. We'll introduced you to the galaxy of stars in our  cast- including one female guard , pretty much just making a cameo, who later became a star of note!  Of course, there’s a meteor storm of Sven space shtick coming at you as well!

“Abbott and Costello Go to Mars” takes off tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for local time and channel in your local listings or at In Chicago, local viewers will get a second trip to the Caribbean to witness  "Dinosaurus!" at 11 am on  WCIU, the U!

Speaking of our local channels- you can see the Sven alter ego Rich Koz chatting with host George Blaise about career, Chicago TV, and more on “26 N. Halsted”- Saturday 6:30 am on the U ( if you’re reading this early enough)- and Sunday  at 10 am on our UToo channel.

Also, I’ll be appearing tonight in Milwaukee at the Midwest Gaming Classic- at the Wisconsin Center. As always, doing autographs and taking photos with you, as well as helping host the cosplay costume contest. All the information  is under the “appearances” tab here on our site.

And- yes- I want to thank everybody who saw fit to vote for me in the Rondo awards- I did indeed earn my 7th Rondo as “favorite horror host”- surprisingly, even getting more votes than the wonderful and iconic Elvira. You guys honor me all the time with your support- and I thank you.

Okay- tune in tonight to see how Bud and Lou fare on a certain planet- then- tune in NEXT week- you compare how a familiar trio of knuckleheads handle the same situation!