The Young and the Wrestlers- "Mighty Joe Young" Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we bring you the first major accomplishment of famed stop-motion animation genius Ray Harryhausen ( though there were things about it that he wasn’t quite fond of!)- in the amazing tale of a gorilla, raised by a loving young girl in Africa, who becomes a show business success in America by entertaining crowds with feats of strength and face-offs with professional wrestlers- but finds heartbreak attached to that fame- when we meet “Mighty Joe Young”!

This classic film from 1949 begins with a charming visit to the African ranch of John Young – where his little daughter Jill sees a baby gorilla being carried by some local tribesmen and makes a deal with them to make it her own- naming him Joe, and giving him her last name. Her father John doesn’t seem quite thrilled about her new pet, knowing he will grow into a large and powerful animal!

From there, we move forward in time twenty years- and head to an office in America- where brash show biz mogul Max O’Hare is trying to come up with something new and different to wow the public- and, thanks to a visit from Gregg, a rodeo star looking for work, decides to bring cowboys to darkest Africa to capture wild animals there for his new nightclub! The crazy scheme actually seems to be working, as the wranglers obtain fierce beasts, and all seems well- until a huge gorilla invades O’Hara’s camp- and destructively frees one of the beasts!

Gregg and the cowboys set out to stop the simian invader- and aren’t having much success. Max himself gets involved, keeping his men from shooting the big ape in hope of finding a way to bring it back alive- only to be caught himself by his quarry! It looks like he’s in mortal danger- when a lovely young woman shows up, admonishes the beast, and gets it to let go of Max! Angry with the interlopers to her territory, she instructs the ape to leave with her- and Max, a bit rumpled but okay, decides he may have just discovered his next big attraction!

Gregg finds the ranch where the young woman lives, and on slightly better terms, introduces himself to her. She is actually little Jill, now grown up, and owner of the ranch since her father has passed. The gorilla, of course, is Joe- the baby ape she has raised since childhood, which she considers her only friend- and who responds to the tune of “Beautiful Dreamer”! Thanks to Gregg’s friendly ways, she finally has a chat with Max- who convinces her that she and Joe will find great fame and fortune in the exciting land of Hollywood- in spite of Gregg voicing some concerns about whether that will be true.

Sure enough, when Max opens his African-themed nightclub, crowds are amazed by the performance of Joe, accompanied by Jill- and the success Max predicted becomes a reality! However, neither Jill nor Joe is very happy about being in the public eye- and Joe being in what amounts to a cell when he isn’t appearing on stage. Jill wants them to return home, but Max convince her to hang on for just a little while- which expands to more and more weeks! Their unhappiness grows- and when a horrific incident brings out Joe’s savage nature- there’s pandemonium that puts Joe’s very life at stake!

This film, from the same people who brought us the original “King Kong”, stars young Terry Moore as Jill, Robert Armstrong ( in much the same role he played in “Kong”) as Max O’Hara, and Ben Johnson as Gregg, along with many familiar actors we’ll tell you about. We’ll briefly talk about how Ray Harryhausen got his big break, being appointed by “Kong” animator Willis O’Brien to handle most of the animation- and tell why Ray wasn’t fond of the story. We’ll add in a song, and a pitch for a sure fix-it for gorilla destruction. Due to some content and the film’s length, we had to do a little careful editing- but we wanted to be able to bring this film to you!

“Mighty Joe Young” makes his appearance tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. The live-Tweeting during the show last week again had us among the highest trending subjects during that rime on Twitter- and MeTV invites you to join in, always adding the hashtag #svengoolie. This morning, our Chicago area viewers can again enjoy “Devil Doll” on our main local station, CW 26, at 11 am.

Watch for some new Sven merchandise to appear- most appropriately- next weekend on Halloween!

Join us tonight as we introduce Mr. Joseph Young of Africa to everyone- from Hollywood to Berwyn!

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The1Butler 4 months ago
Carol burnett! Bride of Frankenstein with Vincent price very funny 😃
MADave 4 months ago
Hmmm Lyle Wagoner not bad as Dracula?
The1Butler MADave 4 months ago
I wish I would have seen the whole skit .
Islander 4 months ago
Good luck to tonight's first blogger contestants. I'll have to wait until morning to see who wins because I'm hitting it early tonight. Being that it's A Svengoolie Halloween Saturday, first place should get something special. Maybe a trophy plus a snickers bar.
PatS Islander 4 months ago
How about a peanut butter bat?
Mikeyyy 4 months ago
Happy Friday my friends! Looking forward to spending my halloween night with people that I can be myself around....
deadringer42 4 months ago
Went for a lighter fair tonight, watching Disney's Haunted Mansion.
🎶🎶Grimm grinning ghosts come out to play🎶🎶
The1Butler 4 months ago

Happy Halloween Eve 🎃🎩🦇
Klaatu The1Butler 4 months ago
Ahhh, those were the good ‘ol days. Love the poster.
The1Butler Klaatu 4 months ago
Creepy cool ! We have some haunted thing at a ski lodge here , certain death I'm not going .👽
Islander The1Butler 4 months ago
Only a buck a seat ? I'll take three.
The1Butler Islander 4 months ago
20 at the ski lodge!
MADave 4 months ago
Just curious does anybody know what the P in Jack Pierce’s name stood for?
Jack MADave 4 months ago
I haven’t found anything definite, but given his birth name was Janus Piccoula, it may stand for _Piccoula_.
MADave Jack 4 months ago
Ok Jack thanks
Klaatu Jack 4 months ago
Would he be related to Piccoula Pete? He’s famous on 4th of July
SOBX Klaatu 4 months ago
Jack 4 months ago
I just found a nominee for CatBat’s Halloween Playlist: Tenacious
D covering “The Time Warp”! Be warned, it was to benefit Rock the Vote (Rock-y the Vote, get it?), so it may be construed to be political in nature, and Jack Black appears in a sequined tube-top.
PatS 4 months ago
Fellow Svensters: I'm glad so many bloggers got goodie boxes. Also glad people are sharing the goodies with photos. Just want to say my bit, that some folks might feel left out. Some of us have been here longer and know each others better, but it doesn't make us superior. Dare I say, BLOG LIVES MATTER? Wish we could afford to send everybody some tangible reward for their participation in blog life.
Islander 4 months ago
Kodak Kid, thank you for the Halloween gift box and card from the Big Blogcast we missed this year. Much appreciated.
AlisonZenicki 4 months ago
Hello, Alison here !! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a GREAT Job You're doing !! Keep Up The Great Work !!!! We Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Watching The Scary Movies Here In Pa. On The MeTv Channel. Please, Please, Please Stay On The Air For A Long, Long Time Showing Us The Great Scary Movies !! LOBE You & Stay Safe , You & Your Family !!!!! And Happy Halloween !!!! 10/30/2020
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Jack Islander 4 months ago
Still, sleeping a coffin has got to count for something.
Oscar Islander 4 months ago
He's got his trusty shield tho!
Katink Islander 4 months ago
Maybe they can source some boneless rubber chickens? (Or maybe the silicates could debone the rubber chickens.)
MADave AlisonZenicki 4 months ago
Come aboard we’re expecting you.....oops sorry wrong show
Oscar 4 months ago
I just read that MeTv is bringing back Saturday morning cartoons
PatS Oscar 4 months ago
Yay-yuh!! They even got a cartoon geek as host. Looking forward to it (even though I work Saturday mornings).
MADave Oscar 4 months ago
That’ll be cool I’ll feel like a kid again
Oscar MADave 4 months ago
Get the bowl of cereal ready!
TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Do you want to talk about scary? I mean REALLY scary! We have received our first shipment of EASTER candy.

I know holidays are getting rushed more nowadays, but it’s 5 freaking months away. We haven’t even officially gotten Halloween of this year behind us.
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daDoctah PatS 4 months ago
I know this isn't about Easter, but candy corn's main constituent is carnuba wax. The same stuff they put on your car at the car wash to make it shiny.
Katink TheKodakKid 4 months ago
So where is the Valentine candy hiding?💕💕💕
Jack Carl_N_Brown 4 months ago
The Wikipedia article on Peeps® addresses their “alleged indestructibility.”

Also, if you’re going to stock up on survival foods, consider Cheetos, a favorite among cavers because of their high caloric value and that they can be used as candles.
Lynn PatS 4 months ago
And have you ever bought it early and tasted it when the appropriate season arrived?
MADave 4 months ago
Happy Halloween or is it Merry Christmas? It's snowing here in Massachusetts since 9 or so this morning it's a light snow but nothing to build Sven snowmen with talk to you later after hours when I get home from work have a great day
CarrieCastro 4 months ago
TheKodakKid Thank
you a very nice 😱
surprise and Catbat
and Dale, Bill K and
Dr Claton sorry I 🤔
think I misspelled.
So fun I love it 🍁
Happy Halloween!
CarrieCastro 4 months ago
Happy Halloween
Eve 🎩everyone!
Have a nice Friday
see you later 👾
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