There's Double Trouble When We Face the "Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll"-Tonight!

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Let’s finish off June with a “two-fer”- two distinct personalities for the price of one! We saw his offspring earlier this year- but tonight, we have the original- in a Hammer production in glorious color- as we witness  a man whose personalities go to both ends of the spectrum-  from studious to devious- when we are introduced to the “Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll”!

We enter Henry Jekyll’s laboratory- where he maintains an almost hermit-like existence, in spite of the fact that he has a lovely wife who deserves some attention! He immerses himself in his study of the nature of man, ignoring poor Kitty. He is convinced that man has developed into a being of reason and compassion- yet feels there is still the potential for man to go in the opposite direction, and give way to his baser instincts. His mentor, Professor Ernst, tries to dissuade him from cutting himself off from life in this strange pursuit, but Jekyll ignores him, and works on a formula that will prove his theory.

Meanwhile, Jekyll’s  best friend Paul Allen- a high-living gambler with low values- relies on his pal Henry to bail him out monetarily every time his debts increase- while Kitty has begun to rely on Paul to bail her out from her hubby’s lack of affection!

While his wife is gadding about with his buddy, Jekyll finally tries his serum out on himself- and is transformed, both physically and mentally! His new personality certainly won’t abide by his old self’s lifestyle- and heads out for some entertainment. He just so happens to drop in at a club where Kitty and Allan are canoodling- and this realization sparks some new schemes in the nasty mind of Edward Hyde! Some confrontations in the club show us what evil deeds Hyde is capable of-  bad enough that, when he reverts to his Henry persona, he feels like he should never use his serum again.

All that changes when , after attempting to make things better with Kitty- she rejects him- driving him back to his personality-changing potion.  Hyde starts hanging around with Paul at seamy places-  where he sets his sights on a sensual snake dancer-  and then decides that he should aim for- Kitty!  He tries to use the leverage of Paul’s need for funds to convince him to –ahem-  give Kitty up to him! When  Paul- even with his lack of morals- refuses, Hyde sets out on a path of heartless revenge- even as the personality-changing potion begins to have unexpected side effects!

This 1960 version of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale may be more palatable to some than the “Son of Dr. Jekyll” film we ran a while back- it takes a slightly different track from a lot of versions by having Jekyll transform , not into a burly, almost monster-like hulk-  but a rather handsome fellow! We’ll tell you about the cast, bring you a new song, suggest a nasty nightspot for your entertainment- and- have a chat with comics artist George Perez- whose work on “The Avengers”, “Wonder Woman”, and other  famous characters  have made him a legendary name!

“Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll”  will come face-to-face with you tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central- if you’re unsure of the time and channel in your area, please check  your local listings or at . You can join the army of viewers who live- Tweet during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie  - whose comments have us among the top trending topics  nationally  every week!  In the Chicago viewing area, “Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” will rerun at 11 am this morning on WCIU, the U. That beast may have come from 20,000 fathoms- but were are very proud to report that it brought us over ONE MILLION viewers last Saturday night on MeTV! Thanks for bringing us to a new high!

Speaking of which, our one week Sven anniversary sale was also the most successful sale in our store’s history. And- there’s more to come- be watching for your Sven newsletter on July 1st  for word on something special!

But tonight- it’s transformative terror of the two-faced variety on MeTV!

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ElizabethFinkler 10 months ago
Paul Massie is in one of my favorite courtroom dramas, the 1961 film “Libel” starring Dirk Bogarde in a fascinating dual role.
LeeJones 10 months ago
Love me some William Castle.
Lynn 10 months ago
Another good ride! All okay here. Best to all.
Oscar Lynn 10 months ago
Stay safe Lynn
Lynn Oscar 10 months ago
Thank you so much, Oscar. We are fine. Just a little shaken (pun not intended).
Lynn Oscar 10 months ago
Is everything okay with you?
Oscar Lynn 10 months ago
Yes everything is fine...just a bit rattled
Lynn Oscar 10 months ago
I'm glad you're okay.
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
As we prepare to bid farewell to Robert Louis Stevenson's Dynamic Duo, I'd like to pose to this observation about Frederic March's portrayal. It's an impressive performance, to be sure, but, despite his having won an Oscar, it seems somewhat dated to me. His Jekyll is too stagey and theatrical at times, as if he's playing to spectators in the back row, and, as Hyde, occasionally mugs outrageously. This was very early in his film career, and he would soon learn to tone it down for the camera. I thought his second Oscar, for 1946's THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES, was much better deserved.

Despite the short shift often given to Spencer Tracy's portrayal, I think it's been unfairly underrated through the years. I actually prefer it to March's performance.
PatS daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Bugs me that both films had to come up with a lady as embodiment of Hyde's depraved tastes. And both named her "Champagne Ivy." Graggggh -- the original song is "Champagne Charlie."
daleuhlmann PatS 10 months ago
That, and Jekyll's engagement (in the book he is a bachelor). I suspect that his fiancee and Ivy, "good girl" and "bad girl," respectively) were meant to reflect the two opposite sides of Jekyll's personality).
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Should have been "short shrift."
brandly PatS 10 months ago
This comment has been removed.
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
I've been watching M*A*S*H on Me TV tonight, and I've always been struck by how comparatively weak most of the first-season episodes were before the show started hitting its stride. The program at first seemed to have been imitating HOGAN'S HEROES and other previous military sitcoms like YOU'LL NEVER GET RICH too much. Also, the show was cluttered by too many characters and situations from director Robert Altman's movie, and needed to find its own voice and approach, including doing away with the hat that Donald Sutherland had worn as Hawkeye in the film. Moreover, the early episodes had a lot of sexist humor, including objectification of the nurses and locker room gags about their lingerie, as well as excessive drinking and partying on the part of the doctors.
Both of these elements, at Alan Alda's insistence, when he assumed more creative control, would later be toned down.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 10 months ago
And Radar, during this first season, was like he was in the movie--rather squirrely and sneaky, as well as not above peeking into the nurses' showers and sharing a martini with Hawkeye and Trapper. Later, Gary Burghoff persuaded the writers to make Radar more innocent and naive, so that he would appeal more to viewers.
SOBX daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Then MASH became preachy and less funny season to season.
daleuhlmann SOBX 10 months ago
Well, I'd say that pretty much began to happen following the 1978-1979 season, and very pronounced during the last three seasons.
1MikeM daleuhlmann 10 months ago
In that first season, characters started to disappear like Spearchucker Jones, Ugly John and Ho-Jon.
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 10 months ago
That's true, Mike M. These extra characters were all holdovers from the movie. By the second season, the Swamp would be far less crowded.
DrClayton 10 months ago
Did Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde have the same set of teeth, and did they see the same dentist as Mr. Sardonicus?
daleuhlmann DrClayton 10 months ago
Both I think made the London "No Cavities Club."
PatS DrClayton 10 months ago
Since he eats nothing but soup, Sardonicus must have good tooth condition. Except it's impossible to floss.
MADave 10 months ago
Hey gang I just googled the banana splits and I found out it’s going to be a movie this year but here’s the catch, it’s going to be a horror film that’s right you heard me, a horror film and once a saw the trailer I thought “this movie should’ve never been made”
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daleuhlmann Islander 10 months ago
My question, too.
Islander daleuhlmann 10 months ago
I watched the preview clip for the horror movie and still have no idea what it's about.
PatS Islander 10 months ago
Next -- Bananas In Pajamas in a haunted house? Dora the Explorer on Spook Island? Elmo the Vampire?
roypwebber MADave 10 months ago
A bad decision, like Tim Burton making a comedic DARK SHADOWS movie. THE BANANA SPLITS was damn silly but fun - loved the "Danger Island" serial short with a young (Jan) Michael Vincent.
Carl_N_Brown 10 months ago
If some of the horror stories about bad outcomes of lotto winners' misadventures with their sudden wealth are not enough to deter you, tomorrow's morality tale about the menace of lotto obsession should be a warning to you all.

Just say no to lotto!

(The more of you who resist the temptation, the better odds I have of winning.)
JournalJeff2 Carl_N_Brown 10 months ago
Carl, you shouldn`t be greedy. Just watch Mr. Sardonicus to find out why! (tongue in cheek) LOL
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 10 months ago
In fact, this movie could have been retitled, "My Name Is Earl, and I'm a Ghoul."
JournalJeff2 daleuhlmann 10 months ago
I do not recall this movie being set in Cleveland.
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 10 months ago
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 10 months ago
I most certainly am doing my part to boost your odds.
Lynn 10 months ago
Friday. Friday? Friday! I can't get it out of my head that today must be Monday. Good thing, though. I can hardly wait for tomorrow's show! Bring on the weekend!
JournalJeff2 10 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Eve!
WOW it is hot here in Wisconsin (don`t get to say that much).
More storms coming tonight.
The greedy grinning man is headed our way. Maybe we should do a punishment poll on the blog. Which reminds me, I gotta go get a lottery ticket. See you later.
Jack JournalJeff2 10 months ago
Do Wisconsin lottery tickets have cows on them? Or mebbe a cheese scratch-off?
JournalJeff2 Jack 10 months ago
They did have a cow scratch-off game, but ended it recently. No cheese scratch-off, yet. Probably still trying to figure out how to get the cheese smell on the tickets.
PatS JournalJeff2 10 months ago
Which suggests a weird question -- did the cow scratch-offs have a scent? And what?

(I was also wondering what the rubber chicken auto air fresheners smelled like. Chicken soup? Rubber? Chicken coop? Nope... the labels say "bubble gum" fragrance.)
JournalJeff2 PatS 10 months ago
No scent on the cow tickets. If you re-arrange the letters:
I got no cents from the cow tickets. (scent...cents) I`m tired.
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Question: If Mr. Hyde were ever slapped in the face, would Jekyll feel it? In the Stevenson book, Jekyll can remember everything Hyde says and does, and vice versa. What about physical sensations, though? I'd think so, because Jekyll evidently enjoys unleashing his primitive and sensual urges as Hyde, but what about other physical experiences? For instance, when Hyde was knocked unconscious in the film, do you suppose Jekyll came to with a headache or a concussion?
Lynn daleuhlmann 10 months ago
I'm going to suppose that he would. HOWEVER, I can rarely think of any instances in fiction where any character suffers from the injuries they sustain for any realistic length of time. So I can hardly expect anything more realistic from an alter ego. I know it advances the plot, but it doesn't wonder me (yeah, there goes my Pennsylvania Dutch) that so many young people think that their bodies are indestructible.
daleuhlmann Lynn 10 months ago
How true, Lynn!
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 10 months ago
The ones that draw doctors up a wall are those scenes where a character who suffers a gunshot wound to the shoulder or arm gets to walk around with merely a sling, and later, presumably, enjoy full use again of the arm. In real life, the victim could bleed to death, or suffer severe structural damage to the limb, or permanently lose its use. We never see, either, prolonged rehab or lifelong pain and arthritis as the result of such a wound.
Catbat daleuhlmann 10 months ago
That's cause they used leeches
Lynn Catbat 10 months ago
Oh, well that explains it!😏
daleuhlmann Catbat 10 months ago
Yes, medical science being what it was (LOL).
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
During Hollywood's "Disaster" cycle of the 1970's, producer-director Irwin Allen had big hits with THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE and THE TOWERING INFERNO. He also released a movie in 1974 called EARTHQUAKE, starring Charlton Hestin in a process called Sensurround. It was a little stretch, though, to accept Loren Greene and Ava Gardner as father and daughter in the movie. 1968's BANDOLERO, IMO, similarly stretched credibity by casting Dean Martin and James Stewart as brothers fighting over Raquel Welch.
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roypwebber 1MikeM 10 months ago
I thought ROLLERCOASTER was a very good movie but it gained notoriety because a stuntman was killed during the early car derailment sequence.
daleuhlmann roypwebber 10 months ago
That's exactly right, Roy, about Ava Gardner's actually being younger than Lorne Greene. And I too thought that Roller Coaster had a surprisingly decent plot for that kind of film.
PatS daleuhlmann 10 months ago
At least EARTHQUAKE had a John Williams score. (He also did THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE and THE TOWERING INFERNO.)
CarrieLynnCastro 10 months ago
Good Morning 🐳
Hi Lynn I hope you are okay from yesterdays "Earthquake" and Oscar

Oh my did I feel it I sure did so unexpected 🤖

I was sitting at my dinning room table on the cell taking with my brother and grandbaby
when I started to feel my chair shaking and very heavy table and then everything in the house shaking 🤤

I started yelling we are having a Earthquake!
It was a strong shaking
I got up looking for my grandkids and Jess...
they were at the back
patio and I said did you feel the Earthquake and they said what 🤔 no!
We just had a strong EQ
no they did not feel a thing 🤦‍♀️ how was that

As I was talking to them
I was still feeling some shaking😮

We live so far away and to feel it so strong I thought oh oh LA or San
Francisco I thought this was a big one and it was. My son did not feel it he was at the store!
So he looked up and said were it was from.
Not until this morning
did I see the damage😯

They have had some
big aftershocks and that are still very strong...
5.4! They had one this morning!

We have felt the Northridge Earthquake
and I believe that was
a 7 something in LA we lived a hour way well that was the most 🤢frightening experience
we every had my son at the time was 12 years scared for a while!

Well they do happene
at least it did not hit during the Night that
is the most scariest
experience too...we have
gone through few of those too 🌃 yikes!

Well I guess 4th of July
came in with a big bang
well that's natures way of releasing the earth's
stress 💥🌎💥

If you have never been through one I share with
you it's very scary 😱

So many aftershocks from this one...we are headed out there to Disneyland surprise🎡
for the grandkids on
Monday 🚗 so I think we will be feeling some of these aftershocks these
can go on for a year I heard 🙄

So anyway have a nice
nice day 🌊⛵🌊 we shell sail on through Summer
Take care!

Monday is just our travel day to LA 🌴😎🌴
Staying a week and excited!

Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 10 months ago
Yes, they are having many aftershocks. Out of the many they have had only a couple of them have been noticeable out my way, and just barely so. I imagine that the most likely thing is that you will not be bothered by them at Disneyland. They did close the rides (other attractions were open) down for a couple of hours after the initial quake, until the situation could be assessed. I hope that you will enjoy your visit!
Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 10 months ago
Of course, I'm not a seismologist, and I don't play one on television!
daleuhlmann Lynn 10 months ago
But did you spend a night at a Holiday Inn?
Lynn daleuhlmann 10 months ago
In which decade?
daleuhlmann Lynn 10 months ago
Jack 10 months ago
Does _Escape from New York_ count as a movie with a snake and a lady?If it helps, the title in Germany was _Die Klapperschlange_, “The Rattlesnake.”
daleuhlmann Jack 10 months ago
Ah, yes, Kurt Russell as Snake. And what a lady with that Snake: Adrienne Barbeau!
Catbat Jack 10 months ago
Snake I thought you were dead
1MikeM Catbat 10 months ago
"The name's Plissken."
Jack daleuhlmann 10 months ago
You, me, and Ranger Doug.
daleuhlmann Jack 10 months ago
The Terrific Trio, Jack! 😄
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Since we've been posting so much about snakes this week, here's a publicity shot of Erika Remberg in the 1960 British horror favorite CIRCUS OF HORRORS. Her character meets her end when this same snake in the film turns nasty. Incidentally, this movie was not done by Hammer, but by a studio called Anglo Amalgamated. This same studio produced one of Larry the Train Guy's favorite horror films, HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM, which was released in this country by American International Pictures.
Catbat daleuhlmann 10 months ago
How about Sssssss?
Lynn Catbat 10 months ago
daleuhlmann Catbat 10 months ago
Most aSsssssuredly, dear!
daDoctah daleuhlmann 10 months ago
I'd have to suspend disbelief to accept that that snake "turns nasty"; he seems quite charming and affectionate. (You do know pythons like to cuddle, right? Being cold-blooded, they want some of your body heat.)

On the other hand, it's possible that calling a snake "charming" has some unsettling subtext:

PatS daDoctah 10 months ago
Nice song! I thought I knew a lot of Oscar Brown, Jr. but this is a new one on me. He does great things with old legends like the "Signifyin' Monkey."
daleuhlmann daDoctah 10 months ago
Well, that was according to the movie, Da doctah.
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Paul Allen's final words in TTFODJ:. "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?"
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daleuhlmann Jack 10 months ago
Yes, that's right, Jack. You might say that Cleopatra was done in by a dirty asp in the grass.
Jack daleuhlmann 10 months ago
I was contemplating a still of Theda Bara’s Cleopatra (1917) with a snake headress and snake-themed bra-top, but this was way before the Hays Code and it was way skimpier than Princess Leia’s bronze bikini.
daleuhlmann Jack 10 months ago
It certainly was, Jack.
brandly Jack 10 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Catbat 10 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
Make sure to stock up on toothpaste and dental floss for tomorrow. And by all means hang on to those lottery tickets!
daleuhlmann Catbat 10 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve, dear!
Lynn Catbat 10 months ago
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