There's No Crying in Furball! Or- IS There? "Cry of the Werewolf" -Tonight!

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Saturday night on MeTV- Nina Foch, having survived playing a victim of the “Return of the Vampire” last week-  moves up to the starring role –that of a different supernatural creature- out to protect her family’s secrets  in the 1944 chiller “Cry of the Werewolf”!

We take you to a museum of the supernatural, located in an old  New Orleans mansion- as we join a tour group being lectured on the various exhibits of vampirism, voodoo, and lycanthropy. The last is especially noted because the building was previously the home of Marie La Tour- a woman reputed to be a werewolf- who killed her husband in the mansion, then fled- never to be seen again! The museum is run by Dr. Charles Morris, whose research has uncovered amazing facts about the house and the La Tour family, which he plans to reveal to the world in a manuscript. He has called his son Bob to come home from Europe, so he can tell him about what he has discovered before he tells the rest of the world. He sends winsome assistant Ilsa to meet Bob’s plane- leaving him to do some final investigation.

However, the museum ‘s janitor- Jahn- has gotten wind of the doctor’s plans, and heads out to meet with the leader of his gypsies to sound the alarm. The beautiful head of the clan- Princess Celeste- takes matters into her own hands (or, maybe paws)- and visits the museum – with dire consequences!

Bob comes home to discover his father’s fate- and he and Ilsa find the doctor’s revelatory manuscript charred in the fireplace! They know he wouldn’t have burned it- and set out to try to restore the ashen document. They enlist the “help” of some local police who think they know it all, and jump to the conclusion that Ilsa is their main suspect! Even though their own specialist is saying that they should be looking for some kind of animal- these “Barney Fifes” refuse to even consider werewolves as culprits- while Bob, finding connections to the old country ( where, coincidentally, both Ilsa and Jahn are revealed to have come from)- pursues the truth- and ends up attracting the attention of Princess Celeste-  who is actually the daughter of Marie La Tour- who hatches an evil scheme to keep her family secrets from the world!

This film was, in its original concept, going to be a sequel to “Return of the Vampire”- but, obviously, switched from that to the werewolf idea- most likely to take advantage of the success of the movie “The Cat People”. An interesting feature of this film is that the form of the werewolf, in this case, is an actual wolf, not the more humanoid type like the Larry Talbot version. We’ll introduce you to the cast,  get warmed up for our annual visit to Elgin’s “Nightmare on Chicago Street” with a couple segments highlighting last year’s festivities, promote a way to trace your werewolf ancestry, bring you a new song, and – invite you to again play our drawing game –“Too Drawn Out”!

"Cry of the Werewolf” will be heard (and seen!) on Me-TV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central- and please feel free to check your local listings or at   for channel and time in your area. You can join the many Sven fans who live-Tweet on Twitter during the show, using the hashtag  #svengoolie  . For Chicago viewers who want one more look at “Return of the Vampire” – it airs again this morning on WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

Our Halloween season tour continues this afternoon, as we visit Chicago’s famous Halloween headquarters, Fantasy Costumes, on Milwaukee avenue from 2 to 4 pm. Please get there early- we HAVE to end our signing at 4, since we will then head to Valparaiso, to the already sold –out ( sorry) Chicago Street Theatre event!  And- you can hear me late night tonight with my friend Dave Plier on WGN radio (720 AM)- sometime after 2 am! Make sure you touch base with the “appearances” tab here on our site- lots of appearances, both in person and in media, still coming up.

Check your news stand for Mad Magazine #4 , featuring the big Svengoolie satire! We’ve heard it won’t be out ‘til next week in most comic book shops, while it is already out in other stores. And- PLEASE order the limited edition MeTV Sven costume shirt-that looks just like my outfit- NOW if you want to get it in time for Halloween! Don’t get shut out!

See you tonight on MeTV- where you will believe a woman can cry- as a werewolf!

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Carl_N_Brown 8 months ago
I have Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock set up to record so I can watch them tomorrow ... if I have everything set up right (with me, no guarantee, but I can learn, the hard way, by mistakes).
Matt 8 months ago
HAPPY HAPPY Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!
scottieO 8 months ago
One more song with a crying wolf.
DrClayton scottieO 8 months ago
He needs some beef chow mein...
DrClayton scottieO 8 months ago
And a piña colada.
scottieO DrClayton 8 months ago
But his hair was perfect.
DrClayton scottieO 8 months ago
The Wolf Hunger Games..
scottieO DrClayton 8 months ago
"Why's the rum gone?"
scottieO DrClayton 8 months ago
Never feed them after midnight.
DrClayton scottieO 8 months ago
Don't give him any water!
daleuhlmann 8 months ago
In recognition of the Denair Gaslight Theater's presentation of Orson Welles' production of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, we have this classic music video.
CarrieLynnCastro 8 months ago
Good night to all☄🌒☄
A very pleasant day with our son great lunch 😋
My husband not feeling well
bad upset stomach 🤔
Took something for it and wait and see if he feels better🙄

Maybe I will stay up for Perry Mason hope I make it
always fall asleep 😨📺😩
Okay my friends have a nice evening ☄🌌☄
See you tomorrow morning,☕🍩☕
Catbat 8 months ago
daleuhlmann Catbat 8 months ago
Have a good time, dear. I wish I could attend this great show with you.
CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 8 months ago
Have a nice time👽
Lynn Catbat 8 months ago
Sounds like great fun!
Catbat 8 months ago
Got my MAD Magazine SVEN issue today! Corner was bent. Believe I will send it back.
CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 8 months ago
🙈oh oh!!!
DrClayton Catbat 8 months ago
Badly bent?
DrClayton DrClayton 8 months ago
Hmmm...Ricky Scaggs turned into Fats Domino! Somebody fed him after midnight!
Catbat 8 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Evening All!
Going to see /hear War of the Worlds tonight! Gaslight Theatre! Radio style
CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 8 months ago
I love War of the Worlds
Catbat I have not heard that in is H.G
Wells🤔 right or I'm I off a bit? Enjoy your 👽evening!
Carl_N_Brown Catbat 8 months ago
The classic Orson Welles radio script? Mercury Theatre, Halloween 1939? (people who tuned in late thot it twas an actual newscast)

(All we get is sports, top 40, talk radio. No Martian invasions. Darn it.)
Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory Hosts a show mon thru fri nites on Extra-Terrestrials UFO’s Myths sightings and the paranormal, he took over from Art Bell in 2012
Great Shows and Callers
Check your dials on the radio and see if ya can pull him in
It’ll be well worth it if you are into that kind of stuff
I call on occasion
Good luck
BigBlueNYC1958 8 months ago
With the 40th. Anniversary of the Iconic
Horror Slash Slasher Film “HALL🎃WEEN”
and the new one opening here are a few nuggets;
The Movie’ Producer was Irwin Yablans of
Brooklyn NY
He employed John Carpenter as Director
The Budget was $300,000
Donald Pleasence’ tab $25,000
4 weeks to Shoot
The average age on set was 25 !
Jamie Leigh’ (18) scream was put side by side with Mom Janet’ “Psycho”
Opening Nite was slow but after the 3rd Nite word Spread and it was selling out theatres on a nightly basis
Well Gonna See the new one Sunday
Great Reviews, can’t wait
1MikeM BigBlueNYC1958 8 months ago
BigBlueNYC1958, thanks for that information about Halloween. This new one looks really good. This is a sequel to the original 1978 film. In the original film they tried to get Peter Cushing to play Dr. Loomis but Cushing's agent said "Peter Cushing wouldn't want to be in your low budget horror movie!" So they tried to get Christopher Lee and he turned down the part. Many years later Christopher Lee saw John Carpenter and Debra Hill at some party and Lee told them 'Turning down the part of Dr. Loomis in Halloween was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my life."
BigBlueNYC1958 1MikeM 8 months ago
Who Knew ?
BigBlueNYC1958 1MikeM 8 months ago
Donald Pleasence made a career of the Halloween series
1MikeM BigBlueNYC1958 8 months ago
Indeed he did!
1MikeM BigBlueNYC1958 8 months ago
Donald Pleasence had a daughter who was in a rock band and when Pleasence told his daughter about this Halloween movie that is being directed by this guy John Carpenter she said she knew who he was. She told him that she likes the music that he did for the movie Assault on Precinct 13.
MADave 8 months ago
Hope everyone bought their Megamillions for tonight's 1 billion (yes I said billion) dollars for grabs good luck to everyone who had a ticket!
Catbat MADave 8 months ago
I got mine
DrClayton Catbat 8 months ago
Who was it said lotteries are a tax on people who are bad at math?
scottieO DrClayton 8 months ago
It all ends up with the government in the end.
daleuhlmann 8 months ago
I'd like to remind everybody that "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" at 12:30 pm, on Me TV, on THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Rod Serling, along with Claude Akins and Jack Weston, will be waiting for you!
Thanks for the tip, I will most certainly tune in to that episode
Yep, this is one of the most well remembered of all T Z episodes.
Ravenwoman 8 months ago
Good night all and sweet dreams! 😘🗽💓😁

Ravenwoman 8 months ago
Sorry, feel the need to show my quarter of Scottish heritage.

Oscar 8 months ago
Hope everyone is having a great friday!
CarrieLynnCastro Oscar 8 months ago
Hi Oscar 🍃🎃🍃
Hope you had a nice Friday also 😊
Lynn Oscar 8 months ago
Hey, Oscar! Good to hear from you.
MADave 8 months ago
My Shaggy Rogers costume is just about complete all I need is the wig and as soon as I get it done I'll send it to Sven so everyone can see it or I'll try to post it here?
CarrieLynnCastro MADave 8 months ago
That would great hope you post it 😉 here too!
Ravenwoman 8 months ago
Time for a nap! 😴💤💤💤 Here's to the sweetest dreams of them all! 💋💓🗽🤣

Bill_K 8 months ago

Happy Birthday.....and HELLO!
TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Carroll Spinney retired this week at 84. He’s worked his current job for almost 50 years, and is one of the last of the original group still at work.

You probably won’t recognize his name. His face won’t ring any bells either. His natural speaking voice might sound a little familiar.

Since 1969, Spinney has been a resident of “Sesame Street” where he has given life to Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. It’s taking two people to replace him. Matt Vogel (his apprentice since 1996) will take over as Big Bird. Eric Jacobson, already a puppeteer on the show, will take over Oscar.

In honor of his retirement, and all the joy he has brought to countless children over the last year, I couldn’t think of a better send off.

daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 8 months ago
An interesting side story, here, Kodak, is that the Trashmen ripped off the Rivingtons' earlier hits "Surfing Bird," and "Papa Oo Mow Mow" for this song of theirs. They paid a price, though, since the Rivingtons successfully won a plagiarism suit against them. Here's the Rivingtons' version of "The Bird Is the Word."
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Here's the Rivingtons' "Papa Oom Mow Mow."
MADave TheKodakKid 8 months ago
You should have posted 2 popular Sesame songs the first being I Love Trash sung by Oscar and the second being Abby Kdef Gnop qrstuwxyz
scottieO daleuhlmann 8 months ago
Lawsuit is the word.
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