“Thing That Couldn’t Die”- AND Mick Foley- TONIGHT!

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It's one of our favorite "THINGS" and one of our favorite RING veterans tonight, as we present  a '50s chiller where mind control emanates from -the "Thing That Couldn't Die"!

In this 1958 Universal entry, a lovely young woman named Jessica has her own unique powers- and  she is using a divining rod in connection with her gift, while ranch guests Gordon, Linda and her artist boyfriend Hank watch. Jessica is trying to help her aunt Flavia locate some water for her ranch when she is lead to a spot where "something evil" is buried! Her aunt has her ranch hands dig there anyway. Jessica reveals she can find many things, including hinting where Linda might find a lost watch.The watch is indeed there- along with some sort of ancient necklace that Gordon gives to Jessica- more about that later.

The ranch hands continue to dig on into the evening- and finally hit...something. It turns out to be an old chest, which Flavia has hands Big Mike and sleazy Boyd carry into the house, after Gordon warns her  not to open it,which might decrease its value, while he goes to fetch an archeologist. The shifty Boyd endeavors to get the box open anyway, without the aunt's knowledge, figuring if he convinces the slow-thinking Mike to use his strength to get it open- then seal it back up- who would ever know if whatever treasure there is inside might be diminished by Boyd's light fingers?

While Boyd skulks around the ranch, Mike opens the chest-only to find a living human head inside -that mind-controls the  actions of the slow-witted big man! The head- which belonged to an evil sailor of yore- starts to cause murder and mayhem- and realizes that only Jessica's psychic powers can help to locate where his long-lost body is- for, once his head is rejoined with his body, there will be no stopping him! However, that random necklace that Gordon found and gave to Jessica turns out to be a protective talisman- can the evil head use his mind control on those surrounding her to finally get to utilize her gift- and become a powerful menace to all?

We've had several requests for this movie, and this is the first time I've shown it since I ran it years ago at another station!We've got a lot to add to this movie- including my own interview with the head in the box (aided- or annoyed- by a similar individual)- some ideas for spin-offs of this movie as typical Me-TV western shows, and a new product based on something in the film- and- later on, we're happy to bring you a fun conversation with a noted best-selling author, stand-up comic, WWE Hall of Famer, and ultimate fan of Santa  Claus- the always entertaining  Mick Foley!

You can see it all in "Thing That Couldn't Die"- airing on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, or please check for the time we run in your area. in Chicago, viewers can get another look at "Werewolf of London" -including our special visit with some creature and horror make-up experts- at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

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