This House Party Sucks- "House of Dracula" Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, the welcome mat is out again at to our house- there's already quite a crowd in attendance, though Count Dracula himself doesn’t take up much room, since he appears in the slender form of John Carradine! Other houseguests include Larry Talbot-the Wolf Man- as well as a tragic doctor, and even the Frankenstein Monster! The vampire count has a sinister agenda, as he flips this house- both the sanitarium and laboratory wings- into bat wings as the “House of Dracula”!

 Doctor  Edlemann is a generous good Samaritan, working to help those with medical problems and malformed bodies- including his dedicated lovely nurse Nina, who has a hunched back. He is experimenting on a cure for these malformations, using a rare plant that he hopes to grow in abundance. One night- he is startled by the appearance of an unexpected visitor who claims to be the Baron Latos. The baron suffers from a strange blood affliction –one that even this learned doctor has never seen before! Fascinated by such an unknown ailment, the doctor is willing to accept this new challenge and do his best to help defeat it. He is unaware that the condition is actually vampirism- and unaware that the patient is actually Count Dracula!

Visitors without an appointment seem to be arriving more and more- the next is a somewhat agitated gentleman (dressed kind of like a move gangster)- Larry Talbot-sporting a dapper moustache ! He demands that the doctor's other assistant/receptionist, the lovely Milizia, let him see the doctor immediately, while hinting that he must see him before the upcoming full moon. Milizia insists that the doctor is unavailable- and Talbot exits the place in a flurry of panic!

A little later, the doctor IS available when the police call to ask for his help with a "mad man" they have incarcerated. The prisoner  in the lockup is none other than Talbot himself- and the problem he was seeking help for becomes evident when, as the full moon rises- he transforms into the savage Wolf Man! The kind-hearted doctor takes pity on Talbot, and believes that his new serum, using the rare plant, could be used to cure to the cause of the brooding beast man’s frightening transformation.

The doctor's well-meant work is thrown into jeopardy when the Count sets out to make Milizia his latest bride- while Talbot's despairing suicidal tendencies lead to the discovery of the comatose Frankenstein Monster in a sea-side cave. The doctor realizes that the cave maintains the perfect conditions to grow more of the plant needed for the doctor's cure! Dracula, of course, has no regard for the doctor's humanitarian acts-and , while trying to fulfill his own agenda, coldly brings about a sinister change in the formerly benign medical man- resulting in new terror-  murder- and the frightful restoration of the Monster's power!

Considered a sequel to “House of Frankenstein”- this house party pretty much posted the "condemned" sign on Universal’s classic monster franchise- until years later , when all the monsters were again in one place for “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”. This movie brings back Carradine in the role he played in "House of Frankenstein", as well as another major player from that film, Lon Chaney Jr., once again playing the role he owned- Larry Talbot. The Frankenstein Monster, again ready for re-energizing ( he’s more rechargeable than my cellphone), is Glenn Strange. We'll give you the inside info on the cast, plus the usual Sven entertainment – including some very special footage from a live performance at the famed Arcada Theatre, featuring Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon in concert- along with a special guest cameo by yours truly! This past Monday, as I posted earlier, was the 60th anniversary of the release of Freddy’s first hit- “Tallahassee Lassie”! This amazing rock and roll icon shows he’s still got it in the segments we’ll show you tonight!

"House of Dracula" is ready for a walk-through tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, for information on where and when to find it in in your area, check your local listings, or .remember to join the many people on Twitter live –Tweeting during the show, and make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie . We have consistently been trending nationally near the top of the leading topics each week! In the Chicago area this morning, we have an encore of the Vincent Price classic “House of Wax" on our sister station, the U, WCIU, at 11 am.

You can meet me today from 1 to 3 pm at the “Discover Tinley Park Expo” in Tinley Park, IL.  You’ll find information under the “appearances” tab on this site. And- you only have a little over a week to cast your favorites for your favorites in the realm of sci fi and horror at  You’ll find me listed under “favorite horror host”. Make sure you keep checking back with us in the future weeks- some great things are planned!

But tonight- you’re welcome at our house for wall-to-wall horror in the "House of Dracula"!

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NeganRules 13 months ago
evening group I had an electrician over today to install a pulled outlet that was resessed does this look safe ?
scottieO NeganRules 13 months ago
That's just shocking.
MADave 13 months ago
Would it be considered cheating if I left the blog open before it changes tonight?
Catbat MADave 13 months ago
No but good luck. When the blog rolls over you still have to open it. I think. At least I do
MADave Catbat 13 months ago
Ok thanks Catbat good luck to you as well!
scottieO MADave 13 months ago
As long as there's no foreign interference, ha.
Catbat MADave 13 months ago
Thanks. I'm not that worried about it . I've got what I want to post thought about. Haha
DrClayton 13 months ago
Catbat DrClayton 13 months ago
I wish
scottieO DrClayton 13 months ago
It says "Safe!" That's good enough for me.
1MikeM scottieO 13 months ago
Yes indeed!
1MikeM DrClayton 13 months ago
scottieO 1MikeM 13 months ago
The glowing just makes it easier for your friends to find you when you play hide n' seek.
daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Hey, group! Let's all remember to pronounce Jekyll's name as "Jeekyll," and with stress on the last four letters, so that it sounds like "kill," as Stevenson had intended.
daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Of course, a REALLY scary movie would be THE SON OF DR. CLAYTON, or THE SON OF DR. ED!🤐
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Even scarier, “The Son of Dr. Clayton and Dr. Ed”! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 13 months ago
Ripping! Ripping!🤣
Catbat TheKodakKid 13 months ago
DrClayton Catbat 13 months ago
Everybody's a comedian...
scottieO TheKodakKid 13 months ago
Oh My! (LOL)
scottieO 13 months ago
Caution: I break for Rubber Chickens.
TheKodakKid scottieO 13 months ago
Don’t they have one of those signs up in Sven’s studio?
Catbat scottieO 13 months ago
I want one
scottieO TheKodakKid 13 months ago
That's a good trivia question.
1MikeM 13 months ago
I sure would like to see Young Dr. Jekyll Meets Frankenstein.
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 13 months ago
No problem, Mike M. Just watch ENSIGN PULVER again.😉
1MikeM daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Dale, yes I will. (Ha-ha!)
MADave 13 months ago
Dr. Balinkoff: scientist? Yes! Mad? No!
My favorite one liner from the late Vito Scotti guest starring on the 2nd season (I beleive) of Gilligan”s Island
scottieO 13 months ago
Bugs Bunny vs. Son of Dr. Jekyll
scottieO scottieO 13 months ago
Bugs Bunny vs. Son of Dr. Jekyll (part two)
daleuhlmann scottieO 13 months ago
I remrmber these--ha-ha!🤣😃
scottieO 13 months ago
Almost time to bring out my mad scientist Chem Set.
I have this complete set. I got it from a friend who was a professor in NYC.
1MikeM scottieO 13 months ago
scottieO, awesome!
scottieO 1MikeM 13 months ago
It's all Greek to me, ha.
I should look at the manuals again sometime.
Catbat scottieO 13 months ago
Can you make him faster, better stronger?
Catbat Catbat 13 months ago
At least more evil?
scottieO Catbat 13 months ago
We have the technology!
Lynn scottieO 13 months ago
Oh, that is way too cool, Scottie!
Catbat 13 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
This week went by fast.
I bought new tires for my Jeep. Look. "So much tread " Haha 😂
scottieO Catbat 13 months ago
"Don’t Tread on Me"
daleuhlmann Catbat 13 months ago
Beautiful, dear! Remember this tip, though, in an emergency.
scottieO 13 months ago
I just couldn't get enough of Dracula so I
watched a documentary from the library.
"The Bloods and the Crypts: House of Dracula"
Is it time for "Son of Dr. Jekyll" yet?
Catbat scottieO 13 months ago
Changes are a comin
daleuhlmann scottieO 13 months ago
scottieO daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Only Mrs. Dr. Jekyll knows.
daleuhlmann scottieO 13 months ago
DrClayton 13 months ago
Will we be seeing HOUSE OF WAX FANGS & LIPS anytime soon?
daleuhlmann DrClayton 13 months ago
You wax silly today, Dr. Clayton!☺
Ravenwoman 13 months ago
Carolyn - We hope you had a great birthday, dear! We wish you many more and I baked you a cake for the occasion! 🤪😘💗🗽

Ravenwoman 13 months ago
Good morning, folks. Yesss, we made it to Friday! Sorry to hear about your Halloween post, dear. LOL! 🙄 Gobble, gobble! 🦃

Here's a song for you to make you feel a bit better;

Raycav00 13 months ago
I guess it was just not blog friendly
But geeesh if you can’t post a Halloween comment or pic on a Horror Board then what can you put up ?
Ravenwoman Raycav00 13 months ago
Even Dracula went to the beach! 🧛‍♂️🏖 Looks as if he's well done and crispy. 😜

PatS Raycav00 13 months ago
Agreed, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the deletions. Whassup, Admin? Action, please!!
PatS Raycav00 13 months ago
Occurs to me it might have something to do with a "moving" site -- the countdown is always changing -- rather than content.
MADave Raycav00 13 months ago
Maybe it as taken down because it’s too early or it just seemed to go “poof” like other blogs have been lately?
scottieO Raycav00 13 months ago
I clicked on your name and it is still amongst your posts.
Raycav00 13 months ago
geez my Halloween countdown post went POOF💨 gone !
I guess I’m just another victim of the Black Hole that is gobbling up comments.
Ravenwoman Raycav00 13 months ago

Ravenwoman Ravenwoman 13 months ago
JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Good Morning & Happy Friday!
Carolyn says, "Thank you!"
Have a Great Day & Take Care!
CarrieLynnCastro 13 months ago
Happy Friday 🤠
This week really flew
by really 🌬🎏🌬

One more day🎩 and
It's Sven Day 🤖 we are
almost there a good movie 😱

Mother Nature is 🤤
struggling wants it be spring but winter keeps
pulling her back❄🐦❄
Sorry if your going through that 🌨
I hope it will get better soon for everyone hang
In there 🐝🦋🐝

Have a nice Friday🤓

Catbat 13 months ago
Journal Jeff please wish Carolyn a very Happy 🎂 Birthday from me 🎈 Hope you guys had a Great day. 😊
JournalJeff2 Catbat 13 months ago
I did and she said, Thank You!
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