This Week’s Rotten (Egg) Relative: “Dracula’s Daughter”- Tonight!

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Easter Weekend  in our "Rotten Relatives Reunion" month has a bewitching bad egg who was hatched in Transylvania- "Dracula's Daughter"!

This sequel to Bela Lugosi's original "Dracula" begins almost exactly at the point where the first movie ends- as police arrive to find Professor Van Helsing having just staked the Count (no, Bela does not appear- it would seem a dummy plays the part of the "late" Dracula). The vampire hunter is brought in for murder, and the count's body transferred to a police morgue.

Van Helsing feels , rather than a lawyer, he should enlist the aid of one of his favorite students- psychiatrist Dr. Garth. While waiting for authorities to arrive at the morgue, Dracula's body is taken by the Countess Zaleska- in reality the daughter of the Count, and also a vampire- aided by her sinister man-servant Sandor. When the Countess ends up being introduced to London society, under the guise of being a great artist, she meets  Dr. Garth, who raises her interest when he speaks of being able to possibly cure people with "obsessive cravings"- perhaps he can cure her family curse as well? Meanwhile, she still is on the hunt for victims...

As the Countess struggles with her cravings, Dr. Garth and his assistant Janet are both pulled into her struggle- but- is Drac's daughter still seeking a cure- or aiming for a companion to  join her in her vampiric life?

This 1936 sequel to the 1931 film is an interesting addition to the Dracula saga- and sort of departs from the logic of Drac's reappearances down the line. Gloria Holden certainly has an otherworldly air to her performance- we'll talk about her, and her fellow cast members, and more- plus, have a few interesting visitors- including another Drac relative (in a favorite Sven segment)- and, a rather seasonal visitor who is also a favorite.

"Dracula's Daughter" comes hopping down the bloody trail on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern and pacific, 9 pm central, and please check for the timeslot in your NECK of the woods ( I know- between the Easter and vampire puns, we aren't putting all our eggs in one bask- oh, you get the idea...) In Chicago, our WCIU viewers get another visit with "Son of Frankenstein" at 11 am on "the U"!

I do want to thank our viewers all over the country- the Sven show is getting great ratings across the nation! Thanks also to those who made up the packed house  at the Squared Circle last weekend- we had our Me-TV cameras there, to witness wrestling icon Jim Cornette taking on the "Svengoolie Burger Challenge", so you'll be seeing all the excitement down the line on our show! Thanks,as always, to my dear friend, Lisa Marie Varon for having us at her restaurant, which is getting rave reviews from wrestling fans and lovers of fun and good food.

Next weekend- we return to the C2E2 convention at McCormick Place in Chicago- you'll find all the information under our "appearances" tab here on our site-  and, we're busily booking more appearances for the summer- including a very exciting addition to one of our yearly events- more on that a couple very special things are being planned for me for fall! Details as they are revealed...

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Enjoy  Easter, for those who observe it- and enjoy tonight's "Rotten Relative"- who might be biting the necks of more than chocolate bunnies!