Tired of Making Christmas Cookies? Learn " How to Make a Monster"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we continue our month of Fabulous 50s Fright Films with one our viewers were happy to see- suitable as an encore, since it’s the American International film that gave an encore to the studio’s Teenage Frankenstein and Teenage Werewolf! Rather than in a laboratory, it’s in the make-up chair that a master of creature creations brings his monsters to life- when heartless studio heads decide to show him the door. It’s the tutorial of terror known as “How to Make a Monster”!

This 1958 favorite begins with renowned horror make-up artist Pete finishing applying the Teenage Werewolf make-up to a young actor ( who, in this case , is NOT Michael Landon, who played the part in the original film)! Pete and his faithful assistant Rivero are proud of the job they’ve done- as is the director of a new film pitting the teen wolf man against the Teenage Frankenstein        ( who IS played by the young actor from the original AI film, Gary Conway). Pete’s proud moment is short-lived- when the studio’s new bosses invade his make-up room- and rather bluntly inform him that his skills will no longer be needed at the studio! They feel that monster films are worn out, and audiences would rather have laughs, music, and pretty women instead! As is often the case in entertainment, it’s management not caring what the audience really wants, but what they think they SHOULD want!

Angered that his 25 legendary years as head make-up artist at the studio mean nothing to this new regime, Pete comes up with a surprisingly sinister plan- he will use his monster creations, the very ones new management disdains, to get revenge! By mixing a special ingredient into the make-up that numbs the actor’s will and leaves him susceptible to follow every command Pete gives him- Pete creates monsters that will carry out the same mayhem they have previously done on the screen- but for real this time- against the arrogant men who want to end his career!

The police are baffled by these horrific crimes- while assistant Rivero, who still has a sense of right and wrong yet remains loyal to his boss, worries about his involvement in Pete’s scheme-and the young actors being used as Pete’s pawns start to get confused about periods of time in which they seem to have “blacked out” while in make-up. Will Pete be successful in carrying out his revenge by using his “children”- the monsters he has brought to life on the screen- to bring down the studio he helped make a success?

This is another one of those 1950s horror films that are fondly remembered by horror fans- featuring two famed American International monsters ( from “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and “I Was a Teenage Frankenstein”- two movies we would love to be able to show that are being withheld by the person who currently owns the rights to them). You’ll see some familiar faces, both regulars and guest stars, from MeTV shows- and we will reveal a common thread among them-while revisiting the familiar make-up of the teen monsters. We’ll talk about some trivia relating to the film, and have plenty of Sven shtick, including a new song, and – I take pen in hand to make my own monster!

“How to Make a Monster” begins at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time tonight- and, during the show, you can live-Tweet along with other thousands of other viewers on Twitter- just use the hashtag #svengoolie . Our “Chicago area only” encore of “The Crawling Eye” will be within sight at 11 am on CW26.

The Sven bobbleheads, though our inventory was in the thousands, sold out quickly! We appreciate that so many of our loyal fans moved fast to claim theirs! Many other Sven items are still available in our store- and the Sventa Claus Holiday Shoppe.

We are certainly disappointed that we are not attending the C2E2 convention in Chicago this weekend- many of our friends are appearing, so make sure you tell them Sven says hello and wishes he could be there. Hoping that 2022 will get us back into the public sooner than later!

Meanwhile, join us tonight on MeTV- when the lines between horror fantasy and reality get blurred by a malevolent make-up man and his monsters!

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vettenoir 7 months ago
Getting my Post button finger warmed up. Don't want to cramp up at the last second 🥴
Drang vettenoir 7 months ago
Don't forget to lubricate your internet connection!
vettenoir Drang 7 months ago
MrsG 7 months ago
Who could it be now 🎶
I’m polishing a trophy for first Blogger to welcome THE UNDEAD !
Katink MrsG 7 months ago
Last week, I came in second, which was a first for me since I have a tough time breaking into the top 5. Trying to be the UnAsleep until after the blog turns over 😴😴😴
MrsG Katink 7 months ago
And You are the cutest Christmas tree I have ever seen !
Katink MrsG 7 months ago
Thanks, MrsG! It's a good excuse to have tinsel in my hair 😉
MrsG Katink 7 months ago
It’s sparkle season my Svenette !
TheKodakKid 7 months ago
I’m off today (for clarification: not at the salt mine, as opposed to the type of off I am every day). However, I am going to have to take myself out of the running for first blogger tonight. Not because they found extremely high levels of betamethasone in my system (same level as when I finished third at Kentucky Derby). But because I have to get up at the ungodly hour of 6:15 to have breakfast with one of my best friends, before packing up, and heading back to Tennessee, so that I’m home in time to watch The Big Broadcast with you all tomorrow night.
abc123 7 months ago
My verse for this movie when it was shown 04/3/2021:
According to an internet list
This movie stars a witch
We will even see Satan
Proving she is at least a pagan
Thereman 7 months ago
OKAY ✅ I’m just back from an evening of rehearsing Handels MESSIAH, and I’m finding lots of wonderful and very sweet birthday. I can’t begin to express my gratitude, however, I was posting on the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, December 16, 1770. As I explained earlier, I had wanted to post this stuff yesterday, but Regina and I were dashing about greater Cleveland, so I didn’t have the chance. To be perfectly clear, my birthday is not until 2/11. While I’m all in favor of partying early and often, right this minute I’m way sore from playing a LONG Handel Oratorio, and I honestly don’t want to think about getting any older than my sore back feels at the moment! LOL 😂
But I sincerely thank and appreciate all of you wonderful folks!
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Thereman MrsG 7 months ago
Thanks MrsG! You are correct! Right now, I’m going to rest up and do the last concert for this year. We didn’t get to play MESSIAH last year, and I’ve forgotten a bunch of those murderously hard passages, but it’s ALL GOOD 👍🏻
Thereman Lynn 7 months ago
Thanks Lynn! One thing at a time, one day at a time. About all I can handle!
Drang Thereman 7 months ago
Multi-tasking is highly overrated!
MrsG Thereman 7 months ago
Awesome !
Wish I could hear it !
Loved Beethoven’s piece you recommended ( , , , , opus 132 )
~ now You need a lullaby ~ ~ ~
Zzzz ~_~ Zzzz
vettenoir 7 months ago
Happy Birthday Thereman!
Thereman vettenoir 7 months ago
Please see my post below. I thank you sincerely, but I was writing about Beethovens bday! Wait til 2/11!
Katink 7 months ago
Happy birthday, Dear Thereman 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶
Thereman Katink 7 months ago
See the above note, por favor!
Katink Thereman 7 months ago
We like you so much that we will celebrate you when we think of LvB 🎂
Thereman Katink 7 months ago
I’m truly honored! Now stay unasleep and get numero uno!
MADave 7 months ago
Just got back from a dinner out and wouldn't you know it, they were out of prime rib 😭
Drang MADave 7 months ago
I hate when that happens.
MADave 7 months ago
HBD Thereman and many happy returns
Thereman MADave 7 months ago
Thanks Dave! I was writing about Beethoven! Hold the thought til 2/11!
Bugs_Bunny4_Life 7 months ago
Happy Birthday dear Thereman! Eat plenty of chocolate, drink plenty of champagne, and have a blast!
Thereman Bugs_Bunny4_Life 7 months ago
That all sounds great, but the actual date is 2/11! Many thanks regardless!
Aceman2 7 months ago
Happy Birthday Thereman!
Thereman Aceman2 7 months ago
I’m not sure how this got started, but this isn’t my birthday 🥳 But the thought is wonderful and greatly appreciated!
Kergooliewyn Thereman 7 months ago
Boy do we feel silly. We'll be known as the blog who cried Birthday! ☺
Kergooliewyn 7 months ago
I'm a little giddy. ( no not from clinking!) I love this time of year. The lights, the sounds, I love the smell of pine.
I dont believe I have ever seen tomorrow's movie. Looking forward to it.
Kergooliewyn 7 months ago
Hey, I see Shayla dropped in. Hey Shayla! WuzUp! 👋
KeithJ 7 months ago

Happy Birthday Thereman!
Thereman KeithJ 7 months ago
I actually had lunch with Stevie and Richard Perry in LA a bunch of years ago. What a great memory! Sorry to say, not sure if I caused the confusion, but mine isn’t til 2/11. I thank you nonetheless, and it would have been a riot to teach you music appreciation. Heck, probably still would be
KeithJ 7 months ago
Not to drop spoilers, but James Arness does not play Satan in this film.
Lynn 7 months ago
Happy Birthday, Thereman! I see we got the gifts. Thanks! 🎂🎈🎉
1MikeM 7 months ago
Happy Birthday Thereman and have a great day!!!
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