Tonight- a Science Fiction Classic- Prepare to Land on the "Forbidden Planet"!

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Tonight on MeTV, we are honored to bring you an important science fiction film from the 1950s that had great influence on many future productions- and provided us with one of the most iconic mechanical characters in history! It’s a mission to where some men have gone before- and a new expedition wants to find out why they haven’t heard anything from them- as they try to uncover the secrets of the “Forbidden Planet”!

We join the starship C-57D – a top of the line craft in the 23rd century- as it heads to the far away planet Altair IV , where an initial expedition was sent 20 years previously and never heard from again. As they prepare to land, a radio warning comes from the surface- warning them NOT to set down, since their safety on the planet can’t be guaranteed. Regardless, Commander John Adams and his crew touch down- and are met by a unique robot beyond any scientific creation they’ve ever seen. The robot- Robby- brings them to the compound of one of the previous expedition’s scientists, Dr. Morbius- where the doctor reveals to Adams, his lieutenant Jerry Farman, and ship’s doctor ‘Doc” Ostrow the fate of that earlier group- they were all killed by a strange “planetary force” which he does not explain. For some reason, only Morbius, his late wife, and their daughter Altaira were immune to this force and survived. Morbius wants to send them on their way back home, but the crew must wait for further commands from Earth before they  can leave. Meanwhile, we get our first look at that daughter- a gorgeous blonde knockout that immediate creates some rivalry between the men!  She’ s never been among young men before, and finds them fascinating- but also confusing!

When the men return to their ship that night, there is some sabotage done to their equipment by an unseen invader. Adams wonders if this might be tied in to that “force” that was mentioned- or if somehow Morbius found a way to sneak Robby in to do his dirty work. But- how could the hulking robot get onto the ship without someone seeing him?

Going to the compound to confront Morbius, Adams has a tender moment with Altaira- which is almost ruined when a previously tame pet suddenly attacks! Still looking for answers, and invading Morbius’ office, they finally get some astonishing answers from the scientist- about  the planet’s original highly advanced race, the Krell! He explains their fate, and demonstrates some of the amazing machines within their huge atomic complex- including a machine that can boost one’s intelligence- but causes great strain on the typical human mind. While Adams argues that all this scientific wonder should be turned over to earth- Morbius refuses, for he feels humanity is just not ready for it, in his estimation!

Meanwhile, a force field is set up around the Earth spacecraft- but it seems to have no effect on the invisible intruder! Morbius warns the crew that he has had premonitions of  further attacks-much like what wiped out his companions-  and Adams must find out what the force is- before his crew meets the same fate!

This incredible full-color 1956 classic stars Leslie Nielsen before he became a dead-pan comic actor;  Walter Pidgeon as Morbius; and the lovely Anne Francis as Altaira- along with a lot of familiar actors, many of whom we will  talk about. We’ll also reveal who provided the voice of the iconic Robby the Robot, who went on to appear in several other productions- as well as revealing who did several of the animated special effects. Please, blog commenters- no spoilers!

One thing we didn’t have time to mention- the film does not have a music score, per se- it’s all electronic sounds  composed by Bebe and Louis Barron. It was the first completely electronic score to appear in any film!

This movie is far longer than the usual amount of time we have for both our movie and our Sven segments- so, in order to cut less of the movie, we have minimized the Sven content in this show. We regret having to edit such a great film- but didn’t want to pass up the chance to show it for you. We’ve been very careful in our editing to maintain the integrity of the film.

“Forbidden Planet” airs tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. You can check for time and channel where you are in your local listings, or at . You can also live-Tweet along with other viewers during the show on Twitter- just remember to use the hashtag # svengoolie . Our Chicago area viewers can watch the giant-sized encore of “Village of the Giants” at 11 am on Chicago’s WCIU.

Next weekend will be a very special one, with me celebrating my 40 years as Svengoolie at the big Flashback Weekend horror convention in Rosemont, IL.  There’s a live on-stage interview  discussing my career that’s open to everyone on Friday night- and, on Saturday, along with my other activities, a special meet-and-greet with me and other featured stars appearing at the convention for those with VIP tickets only ! I’m also doing a limited number of professionally shot photo ops – with a very special background- on both days. Find more information under the “appearances” tab on our website!

But tonight- thrill to a science fiction film that set a precedent for many to come- on MeTV!

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DanaRac 15 months ago
Forbidden Planet, is just me but does that “strange planetary force” monster look exactly like the “hideous Beast” in the 1991 Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? Like Robby the Robot, did the beast go “on to appear in several other productions”? :)

This show reminds me of the old Friday night Shock Theater, came on a 11 pm in the 60s, they packaged up about 52 of the golden age horror shows to rebroadcast on the local TV stations, so one each Friday night for a year.

I believe they would even ship some free props to the stations to use, the local stations talent would host the show in some character, with suitable scenery, music, so each station was different.

Sure miss viewing in total black and white, sitting on the floor, trying to stay awake. I usually didn’t make it.

Good these old classics are available over the air, no need for cable. They are just a joy to watch.

Some of the digital cleaning up of films, I’m not sure about, always though the newer Young Frankenstein filmed in black and white suffered from a bit too much high resolution, need a softer touch, filter, just too crisp harsh, focused looking.

Still it’s fun to watch.

One day, I’m going to catch that Svengoolie “Action figure”, no it’s not a doll, in stock in “his” store.
ChrisNKrissiPatterson 16 months ago
Hey guys I miss the show but I love svengoolie!!! and glad I finally found him I find him refreshingly funny.. kind of lame sometimes but that's what I like!!!! Funnyness without a bunch of dirtiness
ChrisNKrissiPatterson 15 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Matt 16 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!!!
scottieO Matt 16 months ago
Hi Matt! Sorry you missed "Forbidden Planet", what a bummer.
Hope you never have to miss another Sven show.
Matt scottieO 16 months ago
God I hope not Scottie. That was at the top of the suck chart.
scottieO 16 months ago
Commander Adams and his crew had a real tough time because they didn't realize Dr. Morbius had two children, Altaira and ID, his brainchild.
DrClayton 16 months ago

Jack DrClayton 16 months ago
Fun fact: Samuel Beckett would drive young André the Giant to school, with André riding in the bed of Beckett's pickup truck, because he was too big for the bus.
MADave DrClayton 16 months ago
Almost looks like the guy who played Henry on Punky Brewster
scottieO 16 months ago
"Forbidden Planet" was such a fun show that I watched it again this week. I wish I lived in the Chicago area, I'd watch it a third time.
One thing I missed the first time was just before they left the Altair system and went into warp they transported the Krell into the engine room of the Klingon's, where they will be no tribble at all.
Catbat scottieO 16 months ago
Haha 😂
WILLOUGHBY 16 months ago
How popular is Svengoolie at the Star Trek convention in Vegas? Well I’m wearing my Sven shirt and the dozens of Trekkies who take selfies with Willoughby, all say they watch the show! We should crash this party next year by holding TBBV here. Warp factor three, Mr. Kerwyn.
Jack WILLOUGHBY 16 months ago
Admit it, grasshopper, it's tiny _Fantastic Voyage_ Raquel Welch, and tiny Donald Pleasance is in there with her!
daleuhlmann WILLOUGHBY 16 months ago
"She was mighty good with mustard."
PatS WILLOUGHBY 16 months ago
I think we agreed TBB V would be at Flashback. But maybe a heads up about TBB VI? Vegas is a lot closer to the Westies. And I have no doubt Trekkers will still be around.
WILLOUGHBY 16 months ago
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Jack scottieO 16 months ago
How odd... I no longer feel like sending Spiro Agnew's body to kidnap Mary Ann!
Jack WILLOUGHBY 16 months ago
"I'd... I'd... dress up like a French governess from a Hammer movie and spank Sven with a rolled up issue of _Famous Monsters of Filmland_!"
Jack scottieO 16 months ago
"Mmm! My favorite! Flaked plomeek!"
scottieO Jack 16 months ago
My favorite drink
Lynn 16 months ago
Best wishes to everyone going to see Sven at Flashback Weekend - enjoy!
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
I know this article is almost two years old, but what the author, Diane Werts, has to say about the many hats worn by our favorite TV horror movie host is still relevant and spot-on. Here's the URL for the online article. I think you'll enjoy reading it.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Great article! The highlights about Sven are still correct today. At my house Svengoolie has made his mark. When Saturday 8pm approaches, my wife and both sons (when they visit) all announce “Everyone leave dad alone! He’s gotta watch his show.” 😁
Lynn daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Yes, that is a goodie.
daleuhlmann Lynn 16 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it, Lynn.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 16 months ago
Ha-ha! Great, Klatu!
Lynn daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Yes, I enjoyed it when it came out, and it does hold up, as many of the older articles and podcasts do.
CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Happy Friday 🤠
A new day and mine started 😍 well a message from my granddaughter 👧
going back to college soon 2nd year 📚 in Missouri. She is a 😷
pre-med student and has already worked on cadavers 😨 ooo yikes!

She takes after me a creepy girl 😱 After her
4 years and graduates she is off to the Navy
so proud of 🇺🇸

We raised her for 10 years 👨‍👩‍👧 and miss her
so much she is doing great just wish she wasn't so far🙁 Hope
to see her sometime
soon🎉 working on it!

So Sven we are all almost there with you for a good time🎩
📺 Great line up and looking forward to all the fun this month 🤖

Sometimes the smallest of things can change a
sad you Liliana 👧

Have a nice Friday🍒
We are getting hot again for the weekend and then a cool down 🎏🌬

Today 98* 😎 going out for shopping and lunch with my cousin early this morning 👩

Enjoy your day 🏖
Congratulations to your granddaughter, Carrie!🙂
Oscar CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Hey Carrie, glad you are in such good spirit, have a great Friday!
Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Good for Liliana, and good for you, Carrie!!!😎
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Good Friday Morning!
August already, Summer is flying by.
One good thing about August. We get 5 Svengoolie movies!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!
Catbat 16 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All! Beautiful morning here. I love to get up early, before the rest of the house gets up. High of 83 today with a gentle cool breeze. Purrfect
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MADave daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Fred McFeely Rogers 1928-2003 the man, the legend
JournalJeff2 MADave 16 months ago
Tom Hanks will be playing him in the up-coming movie.
MADave JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Yes I know looking forward to seeing it in November and the Addams family in October
Carl_N_Brown 16 months ago
Yes we have repeats. Even Village of the Darnned 1960 is a Sven repeat from Oct 1995. Please fellow posters. Not everyone has seen all the movies even though some of us may have. Background good. Plot spoilers bad. Like at the end of Village when RAF airdrops nanny Mary Poppins to chastise The Village Children into being proper British girls and boys. No plot twist reveals! And during the movie, Easties. Always be mindful that people in later time zones haven't seen the program yet.
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 16 months ago
And Westies. please be mindful that WICU Chicago viewers will be seeing this week's show next week, so post responsibly and courteously.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 16 months ago
...And then Captain Britain and his sister Psylocke fly in to fight over the children's mutant allegiance with Emma Frost. In the course of the battle we learn the darned kids are the offspring of Magneto--the hair should've been a giveaway.
roypwebber Carl_N_Brown 16 months ago
Good point Carl_N_Brown. But to cite a movie Sven ran in 1995 (or 1985) for the local Chicago market doesn't apply to the rest of the country. I opined already about this feature in this thread but what I said certainly isn't a "spoiler" (more like a morsel to whet one's appetite lol).
PatS 16 months ago
Carrie -- I hope you or Jess *did* bring the gas problem to the attention of the heater installers. What some folks call a "teachable moment." Much better if Marvin the Martian is disappointed -- "Where's the kaboom?"

You have your creepy garden -- Larry and I have a Jungle Alley. I spent a couple hours after dinner tonight trying to clip and pull weeds, many taller than me (okay, I'm just 5'0"). Pulling into our parking spot was kinda like the Jungle Ride at Disneyland... Luckily the most obnoxious ones have shallow roots -- YANK!!!
Islander 16 months ago
Just got home from work and found newsletter waiting. Good lineup this month. Has straight jacket played before ? Either way that's two new flicks to watch this month. Actually three including House of Wax which I missed last time around.
daleuhlmann Islander 16 months ago
STRAIGHT JACKET was on earlier, too, but worth seeing again, as will be HOUSE OF WAX.
Islander daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Ok Dale I googled it. Forgot about choppin Joan. I guess it's back to two that will be new for me.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Oops, that should have been "Strait Jacket."
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Want to talk about horrors?
Wisconsin state fair opened today. New food item, BUG TACO. Yes, crickets, grasshoppers and worms are the meat in a taco. I suppose if you are going to have the mustard ice cream for dessert it makes sense. We have strange people here. I now know what I will have for dinner the next time Sven shows one of them bug movies.
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DrClayton JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Now they need a BUG DOG to replace the CORN DOG... (or CORNFIELD DOG...)
Carl_N_Brown JournalJeff2 16 months ago
When I think "people eating bugs" I think THEM!, THE DEADLY MANTIS, BEGINNING OF THE END, THE BLACK SCORPION, ...
Jack LarryTheTrainGuy 16 months ago
roypwebber Carl_N_Brown 16 months ago
...and don't forget THE NAKED JUNGLE! A million little bites will eat a man too lol!
Geo 16 months ago
Ordered the second of the Svengoolie anniversary shirts. I am looking forward to getting all four.
abc123 Geo 16 months ago
retired one of my favorite shirts the other day. a new red shirt to replace an old red shirt is cool...
Jack abc123 16 months ago
Red shirts so rarely get a chance to retire and draw on that Star Fleet pension!
CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Hi 🤓
Great line up for this month 📺🍿 I love it!
Thanks for the 😱newsletter Sven oh happy days 🤖

Wow almost BBC have a great time Sven friends
do the stomp dance and enjoy🎉

Ooo maybe some day
the BBC will be here
in Ca. 😉 that would be
fun 😎

Okay westies how about a get togther someday for us a good thought 😁

What do you think 💝

We can discuss it make it where it's not to far from each other to
meet 🤔

Have a great afternoon
and keep cool 🎏 🌬
Let's see what Friday brings...already changes
of plans this weekend
😨 oh darn!!!

See you later 👻

MADave 16 months ago
I’m thinking about purchasing hammer horror does anybody have any ideas which one I should start with?
daDoctah MADave 16 months ago
There's a couple of box sets out there, one with five movies, one with six, and another with eight. The smaller sets are called "Hammer Films Collection" and include some suspense things that aren't strictly horror; the big one is "Hammer Horror Series" and includes a lot of their versions of the A-list monsters. There's also a set that's more of a documentary, with "best scenes" from the whole run.

And of course you're going to want to pick up TWINS OF EVIL as a standalone.
MADave daDoctah 16 months ago
Thanks daDoctah I’ll keep an eye out
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