Tonight- Can We Reschedule the Gunfight from High Noon to MIdnight- Due to the "Curse of the Undead" ?

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MeTV viewers know that, among our classic TV shows, we have a great many Westerns- especially on Saturdays- and tonight, you can find that genre has moseyed on into our program as well- as we head west to witness the eerie tale of a gunslinger who’s as quick with his fangs as he is with his shooting iron-with the frontier about to experience the "Curse of the Undead"!

The wild west seems to be getting strangely wilder, with the numerous deaths of young women wasting away at the hands of some mysterious unknown illness. Old Doc Carter is puzzled ,never having seen such an odd malady or knowing what causes it. He and his daughter Delores do their best to help save their lives, but- to no avail. It falls to handsome young preacher Dan to console the grieving families the best he can. While mourning one victim, he notices some strange puncture wounds on her neck, and wonders how this relates to the unknown illness.

Our kindly old medical man Doc, meanwhile, has even more trouble plaguing him- he has a no-good rattlesnake of a neighbor named Buffer, who is angling to procure the doctor’s land, legally whatever way he can. Fed up with Buffer’s schemes, the doc's hot-tempered young son Tim wants to defend his family's land and their honor by standing up to the brutish thug. His dad would rather have cooler heads prevail, and tries to get him to cool down. He implores the local lawman to talk to the treacherous bully in an attempt to keep Tim safe by keeping Buffer at bay.

Unfortunately, this accomplishes nothing- and when more tragedy befalls the Carter family- Tim can take no more. In the tradition of the old west ( at least, movie-wise) he decides to challenge Buffer- with additional sad results-resulting in his sister Delores getting her turn to have had enough. She makes it known to the entire town that she intends to recruit a gunslinger to solve the problem of Buffer- once and for all.

Before long, a mysterious gunman in black answers the call- and drops by the Carter ranch while preacher Dan is visiting. He seems to have a bad reaction to the cross pin the preacher wears… a not-so-subtle hint for most horror movie fans. The gunman, one Drake Robey, lets Delores know that he'll take the job she offers- and it don't take him long to put enough of a fright into Buffer that, amazingly, the bully actually petitions the sheriff to protect HIM!

Meanwhile, Robey has developed an interest in Delores- and, in order to stay near her, takes a job working for her-at night. The reason he states for preferring the night shift is that the sunlight hurts his eyes (and most likely doesn't do much for his skin either...) Meanwhile, Preacher Dan stumbles on some interesting history of the Carter land- including a stunning connection to Robey in the history that defies logic- but ends up confirmed by a visit to the family crypt! It’s up to Dan to convince the dubious Delores of the truth about the gunman- and confront Robey, who's still intent on facing off with Buffer - and even Dan, if he must! The question is- can anyone defeat a gunslinger -who is already dead?!

This unusual vampire film from 1959 takes advantage of the popularity in that era of both westerns AND vampire stories ,in a unique hybrid. We'll introduce you to a cast that includes “Rawhide’s” Eric Fleming, horror veteran John Hoyt, and Michael Pate as the mysterious man in black. Plus- we've filled the corral with Sven shtick that'll keep you laughing until at least High Noon tomorrow!

"Curse of the Undead" rides again on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- if you’re not sure if the  time and channel in your area, check your local listings, or get the info at   Sven viewers will again be live- Tweeting during the show on Twitter, so feel free to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie .Chicago area viewers get a second look at "How to Make a Monster" at 11 am today on our main local station, CW26. Too bad Paul Brinegar from that movie couldn’t have stayed over for this week’s film and been reunited with his “Rawhide” co-star Fleming!

Let me thank everyone who was kind enough to extend their good wishes on the anniversary of me beginning my Sven career! I’m happy to have such longevity and the support of so many great viewers. And- we wish all the fathers among you a happy Father’s Day tomorrow!

But, tonight- I'm callin' you out- to face me on MeTV- and make sure you're packing plenty of garlic!

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1MikeM 1 month ago episode of Rawhide a day helps keep the gunslinger vampire away...and you can take dat to da bank!
PatS 1 month ago
I think it's significant that TIME WALKER decided to link this movie yarn with King Tutankhamen. Maybe because of the big international tour of the artifact exhibit, 1972-1981? The writers could have made it a vague "undiscovered tomb" but I suspect they wanted to link into the Tut-mania of the time. By the way, a new exhibit (Treasures of the Golden Pharoah) began traveling in 2019 and was supposed to continue into 2023, commemorating the original discovery in 1922. Chalk up another cancellation to the pandemic. It was cancelled, but a new exhibit (Ramses and the Pharoahs' Gold) may begin in November 2021. Paris, London, Houston, San Francisco and Boston. Still in planning stages.
Drang PatS 1 month ago
Never saw the exhibit when it was touring, but on a one day pass while in Egypt for an exercise a bunch of us did tour the Museum of Antiquities. We thought it odd that the museum guards had AK47s, until we realized how much gold (not to mention priceless relics of more mundane materials) were in there.
gabste PatS 1 month ago
I saw it at the Met years ago
gabste KeithJ 1 month ago
Steve 😂
Katink KeithJ 1 month ago
Funky Tut!
daleuhlmann PatS 1 month ago
I think that's definitely the reason for setting it at the King Tut excavation site.
Jack PatS 30 days ago
_The Treasures of Tutankhamun_ tour ended in 1981 after one of the gilt goddesses that had protected Tut’s funeral shrine was broken at a museum in the German leg of the tour. This brought a travel ban starting in 1982 that wasn’t lifted until 2005.
Cessna1960 1 month ago
well I have to step away for some self maintenance on my human robot components, but should be back after a the meantime, somebody cue up "Mike and the Mechanics Silent Running" .....gonna pull a MacArthur, I shall Return !👽
CrazyK 1 month ago
This guy better hurry up if he wants to make it to the new blog on time! 😂
gabste CrazyK 1 month ago
Lol 😂
CrazyK gabste 1 month ago
Hi Gabste, nice to see you!
gabste CrazyK 1 month ago
Hello CrazyK ! Nice to see you ! I'm so busy in the summertime doing beach stuff !
Cessna1960 1 month ago
one of my favorite quotes from The X-Files: (agent Fox Mulder) " They're here , aren't they ? " -------(clandestine informant Deepthroat) " Mr. Mulder, THEY have been here for a very long, long, time"
KeithJ Cessna1960 1 month ago
Trust no one, Mr Mulder.
Cessna1960 KeithJ 1 month ago
and don't forget the masking tape X in the window
KeithJ Cessna1960 1 month ago
And shine the lamp on it!
KeithJ Cessna1960 1 month ago
Then calmly wait for the morning paper with what info you need to get to the next clue....
Cessna1960 KeithJ 1 month ago
I remember Scully asking Mulder if he believed in God , or something similar......Mulder replied ----"Oh I don't have a problem with God Scully, its all his little side projects he didn't bother to tell anyone about" !!
Cessna1960 1 month ago
I managed to have my nephews DVD of "SHIN GODZILLA" from 2016......turns out it won the Japanese equivalent of best picture is a dark , heavily GOOD EFFECTS laden version produced by Toho studios, and features the same music as the 1954 is mostly all Japanese language with English subtitles, but I would not recommend it to young children.....
abc123 Cessna1960 1 month ago
I for one was bummed when they decided to do a little more world building before making Shin 2.
Cessna1960 abc123 1 month ago
yeah me too
Cessna1960 1 month ago
I know it is from the 80s , but a good Halloween movie for Sven to air would be "Spaced Invaders" is a hilarious movie and has pretty good effects....Douglas Barr from the "Fall Guy" TV series is in it along with veteran actor Royal Dano....
Bill_K Cessna1960 1 month ago
Great Movie!
gabste Cessna1960 1 month ago
I remember that !
Islander 1 month ago
Ok kiddies, you need about 90 comments in the next two hours to establish a new blog record. Get hopping !
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gabste Drang 1 month ago
Maybe !
gabste Cessna1960 1 month ago
You're great and we all love you !!🤗
gabste Drang 1 month ago
Hello Drang 🤗
CrazyK 1 month ago
MrsG, what are you making for the Svengoolie Show tomorrow? I’m making something super easy for a change, Quesadillas, just flour tortillas stuffed w/cheese and bacon (I think I saw kind of a bacon theme on the blog today) and some other good stuff, I’ll just grill one side only to melt the cheese and leave the other side white(ish) and slice it in crazy diagonal strips about the width of bandages and then stuff a couple black olives in for the eyes and it will look like a mummy’s face, done! 😋 😂
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gabste Katink 1 month ago
Oooo prosciuitto !!
CrazyK gabste 1 month ago
Yes !!! 🙂
CrazyK Katink 1 month ago
That sounds real nice! 👍 🙂
Katink CrazyK 1 month ago
I'll post pictures if it looks nice. May be baking instead of grilling if it rains, though.
Drang 1 month ago
really looking forward to tomorrow night.
We've been watching on an old 21" CRT TV, and the image has been going bad. Then we got a note from the satellite service that our old standard def', analog box was being pulled from service and did we want an upgrade, for free. (Or lose some channels...)
And then Prime Day hit.
Got the new 50" smart TV set up last night. (Tomcat objects, his nice warm bed is gone! 😾) We opted for a sat' box w/DVR, which requires a visit from a tech, so that'll go in tomorrow.

Now, if only I had been able to talk Mrs. Drang into a portable air conditioner. 100 degrees is excessive anywhere, but we may set records this weekend for the Puget Sound region... ☀☀☀
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Cessna1960 Drang 1 month ago
Drang Cessna1960 1 month ago
OTOH, if you have a smart phone, which are available pretty darned cheap, there's your SA.
And, no, FEMA does not pass put free cell phone, or cars, or cash cards. That was an experiment after Katrina, and set records for government program fraud.
Drang Drang 1 month ago
Although if you search "Major South American River Online Sales" for "portable television" you can indeed find 10" portable flat screens.
gabste Drang 1 month ago
Me too ! Never saw this one !
MrsG 1 month ago
Off-topic alert :
Apologies but we share a lot and I am having a hard time letting this day go by without acknowledging the absolute horror for many people in Miami ~
Just a moment to extend love and concern ~
Thank You good People !
CrazyK MrsG 1 month ago
I did hear about that, it’s so sad.
gabste MrsG 1 month ago
God Bless all those families.
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Sven has had a Night Walker a couple of times on his show, and, several times the Creature has "Walked Among Us," but he has never had a "Time Walker."
MrsG daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Even the occasional street WALKER !
🙊 🤔 🙈
CrazyK MrsG 1 month ago
Haha! I remember that movie!
Islander daleuhlmann 1 month ago

Would this be one of his walkers you are referring to ?
KeithJ Islander 1 month ago

Or this?
PatS daleuhlmann 1 month ago
According to web, this Mummy/walker doesn't shamble or step-drag. He can mo-o-o-ove! Sometimes gliding?
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
Hey, group, the Pentagon today held a news conference about 147 UFOs it has been investigating. They reported that they could explain only ONE OF those sightings!
1MikeM daleuhlmann 1 month ago
"El sol salio anoche y me canto"
gabste daleuhlmann 1 month ago
They are out there !
1MikeM daleuhlmann 30 days ago
Keep watching the skies!
CrazyK 1 month ago
Time Walker’s brother’s name might be Jay.
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MrsG CrazyK 1 month ago
Very ingenious oh witty one ~ that just may win you the WITTY AWARD of the WEEK ~ now let’s see you shoot for 1st Blogger tonight !
CrazyK MrsG 1 month ago
You get the Witty Award of the Week for the street walker! Hilarious and true! 😂
I don’t remember the name of the movie, I would have to look back at Sven’s Newsletters.
MADave JournalJeff3 1 month ago
Child's name is moon Moon Walker
JohnBlair 1 month ago
Heat, fuel and oxygen... daY!!!
Drang JohnBlair 1 month ago

(Also available in a search for "Triangle of Fire: A treatise on the harbor/coastal artillery defenses of Puget Sound, pre-WWII, and a Franco-German crime movie from 1932.)
KeithJ 1 month ago

This should be Sven's house (cave?) Band. Here Come The Mummies!
Carl_N_Brown KeithJ 1 month ago
Hey, hey, they're The Mummies ....
Klaatu 1 month ago
If the mummy in Time Walker is wearing a Texas cowboy hat, then I’ll know where the idea for Walker, Texas Ranger came from🤔
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KeithJ 1MikeM 1 month ago
Chuck Norris and Superman once arm wrestled; the loser had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.
abc123 KeithJ 1 month ago
Superman (Feb.1938) is only two years older than Chuck Norris (Mar.1940).
gabste Drang 1 month ago
Chuck !
abc123 1 month ago
decided to upgrade my mummy-dogs to mummy-sausages. Pepper Jack and Garlic Sausages, dough wraps AND bacon wraps.
Klaatu abc123 1 month ago
EVERYTHING is better wrapped in bacon. The ultimate is bacon wrapped in bacon👍
Drang abc123 1 month ago
Candied bacon for desert?
Katink abc123 1 month ago
Wow, abc123! That sounds sooooo good!
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