Tonight- Classic 1950s Sci Fi Returns- Because “It Came from Outer Space”!

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Tonight on Me-TV, company's coming- some visitors who try to blend in by being just like us- literally! A frantic local resident sees what's really going on- but can't seem to  get his neighbors to believe that  some among them aren't acting like themselves- because-they AREN'T !  Don't be confused- it's all because  “It Came from Outer Space”!

Penned by Waukegan Illinois'  master of science fiction,Ray Bradbury, this is the story of the normally peaceful  desert town of Sand Rock, Arizona. One clear night, author John Putnam is showing his girlfriend Ellen  the wonders of the starry night- perfect for romance- until they're startled by a bright object streaking across the sky-and striking the ground in the distance!  John, being an amateur astronomer, lets his curiosity get the best of him- and gets a copter ride to the point of impact- where he heads down into the crater created by the object's impact. Expecting to see the remains  of a smouldering meteor- he's taken aback by the sight of a strange spherical metallic object- with a hatch in it! He's almost sure that he sees something  about to emerge from inside the object when another odd event occurs- an unexpected avalanche that nearly buries him, and covers up whatever it is he saw!

Back at the top of the crater, John begins  to try to explain what he saw- only to be met by disbelief- even from his skeptical girlfriend! Though she stands by her man, and will aid him in trying to get the facts about what's now buried  down there, she can't really help him convince the local authorities that there's something unusual out in the desert. John soon won't have to do further convincing- when the two of them get a fleeting glimpse of  some sort of creature- then find  some unexplainable glittering slime trails on the ground. What's more- some of their local friends are inexplicably missing- and, when they abruptly re-appear-  they just don't seem to be their normal selves! When the authorities finally do realize something is amiss-  and want to do something about it- John must try to convince them that taking the wrong action could mean the end for all of them! Will they discover what's really in the crater- and- will their fear of what it might be lead to their own destruction?

Our friend Nick Digilio of WGN Radio has told us that, when he interviewed  John Carpenter, he related that , as a youngster in 1957, this movie frightened him so badly that he ran from the theater in fright- but that it was the beginning of his interest in creating his own scary movies! As we've pointed out- this was originally a 3-D film- but you won't need glasses for our 2-D presentation of it. We’ll introduce you to our cast, featuring Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush, as well as a recognizable face from”Gilligan’s Island”- and, naturally, plenty of Sven antics to break the tension. And, don't worry- we aren't adding a bunch of "Svensurround" to this classic. Don't get your Sven hoodie in a bunch.

"It Came from Outer Space" comes to you tonight on MeTV at our new time- 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- or check for time and channel in your local, listings, or at If we are pre-empted in your area, please contact your LOCAL MeTV station- the station, not the cable or dish provider- and let them know you want to see our show. In Chicago, at 11 am on WCIU, viewers will get turned to stone once again by "Medusa Against the Son of Hercules"( well, it will only seem like it, actually...)

Thanks for the overwhelming response to the arrival of the Svengoolie action figure- without any on-air promotion, almost the entire stock has been sold! There are still some left from this original run, but if you want one now- I'd advise you not to wait to order! I believe they will be running an ad for it this week, which can only increase the demand- so, a word to the wise is sufficient!

This Tuesday just after 11 am central time- I'll be dropping in on my friends Bill and Wendy on WGN radio (720 AM) to chat with them about the action figure and more. If you miss the live broadcast, they usually will post it as a podcast at . And- we start off our Halloween season public appearance tour next week on  Sunday,September 24th, when  we hit the Randolph Street Market- a great fun event- a European-style indoor/outdoor market- with lots of vendors, selling everything from antiques ,collectibles, and vinyl to vintage and contemporary fashions,jewelry, art, plus music, food and drink- and lots more! It's like a huge festival, and you never know what you'll find- but you will find ME there that day, from 1 to 3 pm. There is an entry fee for the market, but, I'll be signing and posing for photos with you for free. It's guaranteed to be a great beginning for our Halloween season- watch for more events to be posted soon under the "appearances" tab on our site!

But tonight-  make sure you join us for chilling sci fi, right after "Wonder Woman" and before "Batman" - on Super Sci Fi Saturday Night!