Tonight on MeTV- YOU Will Decide Which is the Wolf- When "The Beast Must Die"!

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Tonight on MeTV- YOU are challenged to play detective- and decide which of a group of party guests is actually cursed with lycanthropy- as their host demands to find the answer and make sure- “The Beast Must Die”!

This unusual 1974 British film begins with security being tested at the remote mansion of wealthy hunter Tom Newcliffe- for a very specific reason. He has invited a select group of people to join him at the time of the full moon- because he suspects that one of them is a werewolf! Naturally, the guests’ reactions to that range from amused to outraged- as he describes his reasons to suspect each one of them. His lovely wife Caroline does not seem very thrilled by this accusation-but that doesn’t stop him from coming up with various tests that might reveal who has the ability to become a wolf.

The guests do not realize that they are constantly being watched by a battery of security cameras, watched over by Tom’s security chief Pavel- who personally doesn’t believe in werewolves, unlike his employer.

Among the guests are a former diplomat, a pianist and his student ( who is now his wife), an artist who has a questionable past- as have the other guests- and an archeology professor who has a keen interest in lycanthropy.

When Tom’s various tests do not appear to be bringing him any results, there is proof that someone there is indeed a werewolf- as its first victim is found! The suspicion intensifies, and more various reasons to suspect each guest surface- as Tim becomes obsessed with being the first hunter to kill a werewolf!

This movie, from the Amicus film studio, is unusual for a few reasons- one significant one being that there comes a time in the film- labeled “The Werewolf Break”- that the viewer is asked to make a decision about which character is the actual werewolf! We’ll tell you about the cast, including horror legend Peter Cushing as the authority on werewolves- show you a way to lose weight and get fit- and bring you a new song.

“The Beast Must Die” will be on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern, 7 central time- if you are unsure of the time or channel in your area, please check your local listings, or at . Twitter remains abuzz during our show, as viewers live-Tweet during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie – and often put us among the top trending national topics. In our Chicago viewing area, on our main local station, CW 26, we will have an encore run of another British movie “Shadow of the Cat” at 11 am.

Thank you for spreading the word on my nominations for the Rondo awards! We appreciate that so many of you have told us that you have taken the time to cast a ballot- and are grateful if you decided to vote for me, especially those who have written me into the last category for the  “Monster Kid Hall of Fame”. There is still time to vote- you will find the ballot at  - and again, we encourage you to vote for your true favorites in all categories! Make sure you read and follow all the rules- or your vote will not count!

Join us tonight and test your own skills as a werewolf hunter- see if you can find the werewolf- before it finds you!

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CrazyK 17 days ago
“Potato, potato, potato”
FKrueger CrazyK 17 days ago
That's the sound of a HD
CrazyK FKrueger 17 days ago
Ha! You got it bro!!! 😎
Idling at the starting line waiting for the race to start!! 👍
Catbat CrazyK 17 days ago
Hash hash hash 😂
CrazyK Catbat 17 days ago
That’s the sound a “chopper” makes! 😂
abc123 17 days ago
20 minutes to new blog. Lets work together apart to dethrone the current first post master, who shall not be named, due to superstitions...
Drang 17 days ago
Birthday Dinner Report: You may recall that our Anniversary Dinner a few weeks ago did not go as planed. Well, Mrs. Drang decided to give them a second chance for my birthday... partially, no doubt, because they gave us coupons for $50...

Prime Rib Dinner for two, includes salad and a shared desert. French 75 for her, Irish Mule for me. 2 glasses if malbec.
And a server that was attentive and prompt.
Definitely worth it.
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Aceman2 Katink 17 days ago
That's a nice new avatar.
Katink CrazyK 17 days ago
I finally figured out how to change it to something other than the ones offered! (Technology is not my first language. . . .)
Katink Aceman2 17 days ago
Thank you, Aceman! Not quite as regal as Merlin, but it works, so far. 😄
CrazyK Katink 17 days ago
That’s very cool 😎
Aceman2 17 days ago
FKreuger needs to be stopped.
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CrazyK FKrueger 17 days ago
Haha! Now I’m glad I don’t win, I got no pressure, no expectations and no questions like that to ask myself! 🤣🤣🤣
FKrueger Aceman2 17 days ago
Not to be picky but the name is spelled Krueger. As a note in Germany it's pronounced Cree-ger not like those movies where they say kru-ger. Now you know the rest of the story.
Katink FKrueger 17 days ago
Up in northern WI, many people also pronounce it the German way.
Aceman2 FKrueger 17 days ago
You have my deepest apologies. The sad part is that I went to the oldest post on the blog which I new would be yours just so I could get the correct spelling!
Thereman 17 days ago
MUSIC DIRECTOR: You know this werewolf movie we're making, "Beast Must Die?"
MUSIC DIRECTOR: One of the characters is a concert pianist. What piece should we have him play?
COMPOSER: It's werewolf movie. Why not the "Moonlight" sonata by Beethoven?
And so it is that Piano Man Jan, whose gal can probably already attest to his wolfish behavior, gives us the second composer for TBMD: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770- 1827)
CrazyK 17 days ago
MrsG, here is a pic I took this morning about 10:30 of our Lil ol’
old school movie theater.
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CrazyK Katink 17 days ago
Thanks! Absolutely! That’s great thinking with the yogurt! I often times use it in place of sour cream like on a baked potato or other things because it’s healthier. And sometimes I mix Tabasco or other “hot” sauce in it to “kick it up a notch!” Let me know at some point what you ended up doing, hopefully w/a pic! 🙂
Jack Katink 17 days ago
Just make sure it’s live cultures! Also bottled conditioned beer—that is, additionally fermented in the bottle—like many Belgian beers, have live yeast cultures. I think this may also include Berliner Weissen. You can also opt for Klingon cuisine...
CrazyK Jack 17 days ago
Ha! You’re right Jack! And you just reminded me I made a post last week that said
“the yeast must die” but now
for this week’s movie
“the yeast must live!”
Katink CrazyK 17 days ago
So sourdough bread would qualify? (Or does baking render it dead?)
CharlesRocks 17 days ago
For all you Saturday morning fans, The Pink Panther is joining the schedule with a 30min block starting May 15th at 7:30am.
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Katink CharlesRocks 17 days ago
Do you think we will get to see The Ant and the Aardvark? Loved them.
MADave CharlesRocks 17 days ago
Is that 7:30 eastern?
CrazyK Katink 17 days ago
Hopefully! But I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing Alien Ant Farm! 😂
JournalJeff3 17 days ago
Happy Friday!
An undead movie on Saturday?
Easter on Sunday!
Way to go Svengoolie. BTW Happy 10th on being national!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
Thereman 17 days ago
May not be the last one of the week, but I was surprised to find that this beast has an appreciation for classic movies...
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Thereman Thereman 17 days ago
Besides, I do more baking than grilling.
CrazyK Thereman 17 days ago
That’s cool 😎
Wake & Bake? 🤣🤣🤣
Thereman CrazyK 17 days ago
My credit card expired on that program decades ago!
CrazyK Thereman 17 days ago
daleuhlmann 17 days ago

Hey, group, what brand of soft drink does the undead favor? Why 7 Up, the Uncola, of course!
Slayur daleuhlmann 17 days ago
Man, I haven't seen that commercial in eons. At one of the tv stations I worked at, an old-timer used to record all these commercials on a one-inch spotreel. Actually there were like 10 of them he had filled up going back to the 50's, he had worked there since he was a kid! Late at night when everything had settled down, we used to watch them and this spot was on one of them.
daleuhlmann Slayur 17 days ago
Great!--a true blast from the past!
Jack daleuhlmann 17 days ago
That makes sense—Geoffrey Holder not only was the Uncola Nut Guy in that long-running ad campaign, he played Baron Samedi in _Live and Let Die_…Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-haaaah!
(On a related note, Yaphet Koto, Kananga/Mr. Big in _Live and Let Die_, died recently 15 March. He did his horror/sci-fi turn in _Alien_, _The Running Man_, and an episode of _Night Gallery_.)
daleuhlmann Jack 17 days ago
Oh, that's right! Thanks, Jack!
k 17 days ago
Only 30 hours to go! Looking forward to the movie, the entertainment of the blog, and learning new bits of film trivia. Now, back to work..💀
Klaatu 17 days ago
Im listening to some classic ‘80’s songs right now and should I sue the group Simple Minds for copyright infringement on my title of the same name?🤪.
CrazyK Klaatu 17 days ago
Yup, you are back. 😂
MrsG Klaatu 17 days ago
Aw IDK Klaatu , there never seems to be enough of us !
Jack MrsG 17 days ago
’Til we outnumber them!
Lynn 17 days ago
Happy 10th anniversary on MeTV, Sven!

By my calendar, anyway, I believe this is the day. But you know this bunch, a month-long celebration is in order!

I'm so very glad that Sven went national. Thank you, Chicago, for sharing him with us all!🎉
MrsG Lynn 17 days ago
I concur me Lassie ~
A very happy 10th to Sven and Crew ~ wishes for 10+ many more with much love , respect and gratitude !
Makes me wish I’da been from Chicago but so tickled to be on the CRAZY TRAIN now !
The1Butler MrsG 17 days ago
Yeah what she said ! 👍🏻
MrsG CrazyK 17 days ago
WOW now there’s a young bloke , isn’t ‘ee ? !
MrsG The1Butler 17 days ago
teehee , a bit of a Chatty Cathy today aren’t I ? !
Catbat MrsG 17 days ago
That's a Good thing!
daleuhlmann 17 days ago
Marlene Clark, who was in THE BEAST MUST DIE, had also appeared in at least two other horror films (one of which I'd mentioned earlier, NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMAN). Another, released one year before TBMD, was GANJA AND HESS, an erotic chiller in which she co-starred with Duane Hardman, who had played the tragically fated hero in the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. In GANJA AND HESS, he plays an anthropologist who has been turned into a vampire and who soon recruits his lover (Clark) into the ranks of the undead.
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MrsG CrazyK 17 days ago
I’m rooting for you ! I’ll probably be in zsu zsu land !
CrazyK MrsG 17 days ago
Aw! Hopefully one day you try and I’ll root for you! 😃
MrsG CrazyK 17 days ago
You are the best CrazyK ~ ya never know , I might surprise you !
daleuhlmann Jack 17 days ago
Yes, I have seen it--very stylish, and well worth taking a look at.
MrsG 17 days ago
Random GF thoughts ~
~ Love to picture everyone now from the big blogcast photo in TN ~ 10-Q for that !
~ Katink , love to picture you with your grandpap in the cool photo you shared ~ nice curly red hair !
~ CrazyK , for some dingdong reason , when you describe your small town and theater , I picture that scene in BACK TO THE FUTURE !
I know , NUTS huh ? But love YINZ one and all !
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CrazyK Jack 17 days ago
Thanks Jack! I will definitely keep that in mind. I been super bummed this week because I just found out a few days ago that Rick, my mechanic, passed away suddenly! He worked on my vehicles for about 20 years and was an ace mechanic. He was also a super cool dude! He would do any work for me that needed special tools to do it.
MrsG CrazyK 17 days ago
So sorry to hear that CrazyK ~ big loss for you and all who loves him ~ must be many since he sounds like one of the good guys going way too young . Your vehicles will miss his TLC too !
Jack CrazyK 17 days ago
We lost a mechanic like that. Jeff was great—he even worked on our Renault! His last shop was a converted U-toTe’m, so there were plenty of bays in front, and he built shelves behind the glass cooler doors so he could see all his tools.
CrazyK Jack 17 days ago
Wow. So sorry to hear that.
Sounds like he had a really nice shop!
His ideas w/the shelves and glass doors was awesome!
CarrieCastro 17 days ago
Good morning 🌞🐦

Good Friday 🕊
We are so Blessed
to be Sven Blogging
Friends 💝

Ooo 👻 so ready for
the show 📺🍿🤓
Saturday Night 😱

It will be 88* 😎 today
yikes will be a great
day to work in my 🐛Creepy Garden 👩‍🌾

See you later have a great day 🎏

MrsG 17 days ago
BLESS UP good people ~ the UNDEAD will be sneaking up on us before you know it !
And a very good GOOD FRIDAY to ALL !
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The1Butler Klaatu 17 days ago
I was told i walk like frankinstien in the morning, pretty much correct .
MrsG The1Butler 17 days ago
Oh cheeeeze , now I’ll picture you doing the MONSTER MASH !
Katink CrazyK 17 days ago
And I get up with bed-head. 😨
CrazyK Katink 17 days ago
Bed-head! That’s a good one!
I think it might be similar to helmet-hair! 😂
Thereman 17 days ago
Happy Good Friday and Eve of Sventurday to all! Composer Miklos Rosza was asked to name the ten best film scores of all time. He told the reporter that he would not include any of his own scores. When he was asked, "Not even KING OF KINGS?," Rosza laughed and said, "I just heard that score again. That's some good music." Since it is Good Friday, and KOK got mentioned on the blog earlier this week, take 2 1/2 minutes and revisit the title theme. It just might be the music you would hear if you actually encountered the main character, and it's also a case of triumph of title score over film, IMHO. Okay, the opinion is seldom TOO humble...
Thereman Thereman 17 days ago
Eek! should read "score over film."
Aceman2 17 days ago
Sounds like an interesting double feature
Jack Aceman2 17 days ago
Interesting that the copy touts the violence. One couldn’t get away with that now, except mebbe in a tongue-in-cheek way.
Carl_N_Brown Aceman2 17 days ago
Those movies included props developed by Paul Blaisdale (in VOODOO WOMAN, his costume from THE SHE CREATURE; in THE UNDEAD, his flying fingers from from IT CONQUERORED THE WORLD). I sing the praises of the unsung Blaisdale; if Ray Harryhausen wouldn't work on your film for $400, Blaisdale would for the fun of it.
MrsG Jack 17 days ago
And WOW the VAVAVAVOOM factor taboot !
Jack MrsG 17 days ago
Nowadays, they could show the sex and violence (and sexy violence and violent sex) in promotionals, but actually using the V-word or any synonym? No way! I’ll have to look up trailers for Peckinpah movies….
Aceman2 MrsG 17 days ago
I had not noticed the VAVAVAVOOM factor until you pointed it out. My engine doesn’t fire up like it use to.
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