Tonight- We Remember Julie Adams With an Encore of " Creature from the Black Lagoon"!

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Tonight on MeTV- we are pleased to dedicate our program to the memory of a wonderful lady- a fine actress with a great career- and one of the most memorable features of this evening’s film. We honor the memory of Julie Adams, who passed away earlier this month- as we bring you the film she is arguably best known for- “Creature from the Black Lagoon”!

 Our story begins when we find Dr. Maia along the banks of the Amazon River, conducting a geological expedition- and astounded by finding an unusual fossil- a large webbed claw. Never having seen anything like it, he thinks it may be a missing link in the evolutionary development of sea creatures becoming land dwellers! Leaving his two native assistants at his camp, he travels to Brazil to consult with his former student Dr. Reed , a California ichthyologist doing research there.

Reed can't identify the fossil either- and suggests a return to the Amazon, in hopes of finding more of the fossil. Amazingly, with little argument, his boss ,Dr. Williams, agrees that such an expedition would be worth the effort and expense- not so much thinking what it could mean to science- but about the money further discovery of additional skeletal proof might bring. His approval hinges on him being along on the expedition, with Maia, Reed, and Reed’s beautiful girlfriend and assistant Kay (played by the late Miss Adams).

They return and head down the Amazon aboard the Rita, a ramshackle steamer, under the command of the eccentric Captain Lucas, who is well versed in the local waterways and lore. They arrive at Maia’s campsite, only to find the base torn apart, and his men - dead! While the idea that this was a jaguar attack is mentioned-  it doesn’t seem like anybody is really believing that was the case.

They continue to search for the fossil proof they seek, but time passes -and they haven't found any further fossils. A new theory emerges-any additional fossil remains could have been swept down river with the passage of time!  Reluctantly, Captain Lucas agrees to guide them down a remote tributary that flows into an ominous area known as the “Black Lagoon”-a beautiful place with a legendary reputation-; anyone who has dared to go there- has never returned!

They enter the lagoon, totally unaware that the creature whose fossilized remains they hope to find is actually alive and well- and stalking them! They put down anchor, and  the menfolk go diving in search of fossils- while Kay, wearing the most famous one-piece white bathing suit in filmdom, takes an invigorating and joyful dip ( at times, represented by her stunt double)-  unaware that the Gill Man is right below her, following her closely and even reaching out to touch her!

Once everyone is back aboard the boat, something gets caught in the ship's net- tearing it apart, and leaving behind an ominous claw stuck in the netting! The expedition party is shocked to realize that the fabled Gill Man still exists, and appears to be the attacker at the campsite- and now- it’s aiming for them!

There are more savage attacks, and they decide it would be prudent to leave the lagoon immediately- but Williams, unwilling to give up his dreams of a big money windfall, demands that they stay- and attempt to capture the Creature, regardless of the dangers! It becomes a battle between them and the creature evolution could not change- will they be victorious, or just end up among those who have never returned from the Black Lagoon?!

This 1954 film established the Gill Man as the last of the great Universal monsters, and we’ll tell you about his background and the movie’s cast, while providing a Sven song, a commercial for a scent sent from the Amazon, and more. Because the show was already recorded when we got word of Julie Adams’ passing, we could not add an additional segment about her- but were allowed a few moments of the network’s time to honor her with a brief announcement. Having personally had the chance to meet Julie and chat with her, I can say that she was a very warm and wonderful person- whose career spanned decades on TV and in movies- and should be remembered. Yes, we did run this a few months ago- and it will get another run later this year- but the timing of this run could not have been more perfect.

"Creature from the Black Lagoon" is back tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for time and channel in your local listings and or . Chicago area viewers get an encore look at some other beautiful women- and a couple reluctant astronauts- in “Abbott and Costello Go to Mars” at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Please be aware – the supply of the new Sven action figures is getting close to the end- if you’re interested, you might want to get to the “store” tab here on our site as soon as possible before they are sold out!

Tonight- join us to honor a fine actress – who will always be remembered as the Gill Man’s favorite leading lady- on MeTV!

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Catbat 26 months ago
Sven sorry but you jumped the shark on the new merch. This I am not buying. I been asking for years tank tops,baseball hats,coffee mugs etc.
Carl_N_Brown Catbat 26 months ago
The monster set is for collectors.
The shirts and hoodies are for fans.
Yes, tank tops (A shirts) I'd buy.
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
Yep I know what you mean. I have a Mummy action figure that looks very similar that my Uncle got for me in the 70's. I still have it
PatS 26 months ago
Re strait jackets -- there *is* a line in "Marching Off to Bedlam" that goes --

Please don't make the straps too snug
I've always been a fragile bug!

I s'pose someone will post Patsy Cline's "Crazy" sooner or later. Nope, that's not my satire song. You'll see...

As for asylum-theme snacks, no, I will not eat "bats." Unless you know where I can find some nice chocolate ones. I think the Peeps people made sugar-foam bats back at Halloween.
Catbat 26 months ago
Hello NY! Testing , testing
Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
Not sure I'll stay up til midnite. On late nite TV one summer in the 1960s I remember watching THE UNKNOWN TERROR (1957) which included a killer fungus in a jungle cave. It looked like soap suds, but it was a killer fungus. Oeeee. Scareeee. I had the window open with a screen for ventilation. After the movie was over, I could hear the folks in the rental house one lot over talking about the movie, cooling on their front porch, while I drifted off to sleep. Over a half a century ago. I had shared a fun experience with people I did not know, and who may or may not have known me. But we shared something together. That is what Svengoolie night is to me. Love you all. And Sven. And Kervin. And Tombstone. And Doug Graves. And the gal who gets hit by the asteroid and meteorite.
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
Carl: An urban legend at the time claimed that a child died of fright in a theatre overseas while watching THE CREEPING UNKNOWN. To give the film's producers credit, they had the good taste not to include that totally fictitious story in their promiting of the film.
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
Should have been "promoting."
MADave 26 months ago
Before I head off to sand land I just wanted to say that I saw the new svengoolie and monsters action figure set it’s really nice but pricey so guess who’s not buying it? Goodnight all and good luck to the first blogger later tonight or early tomorrow
PatS MADave 26 months ago
Thanks for bring it to our attention. But... Dracula? Looks more like an Undead Elvis. Why is the Mummy wearing camo? Other reactions welcome.
dh 26 months ago
Have a good night all. zzzzz
Trout 26 months ago
Hi Gang, first check-in since last Sat. Although the STRAIGHT-JACKET genre isn't really my thing, I'll be watching anyway, because I'm a fan of Svengoolie! Heck, I dunno, "Maybe I'm Crazy". 🐔🐟😎
dh Trout 26 months ago
Hi there- catch you later!
Catbat Trout 26 months ago
Oh Trout come play with us. You can play by by yourself anytime 💗🐟
Trout Catbat 26 months ago
have you been hacking into my nest again, 🐱‍👤🦇? 😄
Catbat Trout 26 months ago
Maybe. Why ? Is that a problem?
MADave 26 months ago
I didn’t know Gilligan can sing?
dh MADave 26 months ago
He did okay considering.
Now we have Gomer Pyle S1E1
MADave dh 26 months ago
dh 26 months ago
Now things have gone to the dogs in Mayberry. woof woof
dh 26 months ago
Aunt Bee is having a total meltdown.
dh 26 months ago
Hey Dale- thanks for the answer to my question. Wait until I tell Mr. dh- he thought I was making that up.
daleuhlmann dh 26 months ago
You're welcome, dh!
JournalJeff2 26 months ago
I was trying to find a strait jacket song, but all the ones I found have swearing and adult themes, I liked them, but not for the blog!
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LarryTheTrainGuy daDoctah 26 months ago
How's this too
LarryTheTrainGuy dh 26 months ago
And this too
The1Butler JournalJeff2 26 months ago
That's ok , I love both of me !
EdWilliams 26 months ago
I wish Sven would show monster movies like the classics more instead of stuff like Straight Jacket I mean c'mon man now my Saturday night will be boring
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Catbat Catbat 26 months ago
I am so sorry. Dale just pointed out wrong movie.It was Cult of the Cobra. Any who I was home in time for Sven. Haha
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
So sorry about your brother
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
It was, Carl. Both were filmed on location in Brazil by director Curt Sidomak. When she was on the Merv Griffin Show once and discussing her films, Beverly Garland called it "a real stinker." She also demonstrated, per Merv's request, her "Scream Queen" scream that day.
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
By "it," I was referring to CURUCU, not LOVE SLAVES. Leonard Maltin, in his TV MOVIE AND VIDEO GUIDE, called CURUCU a real disappoinrment to 1950's monster-loving kids.
JournalJeff2 26 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Eve!
dh JournalJeff2 26 months ago
Hi Jeff Happy to you :)
JournalJeff2 dh 26 months ago
Thanks Take Care!
Matt 26 months ago
Thank God it's Friday !!!!!

Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!!!
dh Matt 26 months ago
Yes has been a crap week. Glad you made it to Friday!
Matt dh 26 months ago
Ughhh you too dh ??? Man what was in the air this week ?

Yes, Glad you made it too.
dh Matt 26 months ago
In our air, they did some heavy chemical cleaning in our office building that put me into moderate anaphalaxis. I have a rescue kit & I used it. Went to doctor this a.m. Feeling icky but better. Oh, and some family hoop-de-doo. Good thing I have a Sven family!
I will try & be on the point tomorrow! Maybe I will not be able to get thru the whole movie because I am a chicken, but I will be looking for you even if I have my hands over my eyes!
Lynn Matt 26 months ago
Indeed, Matt. A bit of a rough week for me, but I think that it ended well. Best to us all!
Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
Like everyone else here, I look forward to tomorrow's Svengoolie presentation of classic cutting edge entertainment.
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Carl_N_Brown Catbat 26 months ago
I fondly remember "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte", a bittersweet tale of lost love.
dh Ravenwoman 26 months ago
I will make Mr. dh watch it & tell me when the Sven bits are on. This has worked well in the past, and he is pretty bulletproof.
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 26 months ago
Yes, sharp-edged entertainnment!
Catbat dh 26 months ago
Love It! Great double bill with Hush,Hush Sweet Charlotte.Sweet Dreams
Ravenwoman 26 months ago
Tonight's dinner will consist of boneless, skinless (Kerwyn!)🐔organic chicken breasts (cubed) marinated all day (India style spices) with Bombay potatoes, Vidalia onions and baby sweet carrots. Paired with fresh spinach in extra-virgin olive oil and fresh sauteed garlic. 😋 Cluck, cluck, cluck! 🤤🍷😜👅😘
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dh Ravenwoman 26 months ago
Well, hope you soon get through that flu- bleh.
I used to use a pressure cooker all the time. Most of the new ones are teflon coated, which is deadly to birds. Maybe I can find an all stainless steel model.
Ravenwoman dh 26 months ago
Oh! I didn't know that. I properly dispose of my appliances when they are old. I think mine is stainless steel, it weighs a ton and was pricey.
daDoctah PatS 26 months ago
Bombay Potatoes: potatoes dropped on a target from an airplane.
Carl_N_Brown daDoctah 26 months ago
Uh. For cooking, I think it's "Bombay potatoes", not "bomb bay potatoes".

Oh. When I toured battleship USS Alabama, I recall they had a potato locker on the starboard side of the funnel. I think in combat it served as sacrificial armour for the funnel.
Ravenwoman 26 months ago
My take on tomorrow nights movie;

Catbat 26 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
dh Catbat 26 months ago
Happy Sven eve to you. Maybe I will call you later on or tomorrow
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