Unleashing the Darker Nature of Man- You Can't Hyde From the "Two Faces of Jekyll"-Tonight!

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Being two-faced is never a good thing for any person- and tonight’s movie proves it! We bring you a tale from classic literature of a man burning the candle at both ends to try to prove that man has two natures- one noble, one beyond the restrictions of society- who tragically succeeds in proving his point- leading to deadly consequences for all who encounter the “Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll”!

Henry Jekyll labors for hours each day and night in his laboratory-keeping an almost hermit-like existence, ignoring his lovely wife Kitty while experimenting regarding the nature of man. His theory is that, although man has developed into a being of reason and compassion- there is still the potential for man to give way to his baser instincts and go in the opposite direction. Although his mentor, Professor Ernst, tries to dissuade him from this strange pursuit, and to give equal time to his wife and normal day to day life, Jekyll ignores him. He works hours on end on a formula that he feels will finally prove his theory.

Enter Jekyll’s “best friend” Paul Allen- with friends like him, one doesn’t need enemies. Paul is a high-living gambler with low values, who. every time his debts increase, relies on Henry to bail him out monetarily . Unbeknownst to Henry, his neglected wife Kitty has begun to rely on Paul- conversely-  to bail her out from her life of zero affection from her spouse!

While Kitty and Paul carry on their affair and go out on the town, Jekyll thinks he has perfected his serum, and tries it out on himself. It causes him to transform, both physically and mentally! His new personality is the exact opposite of the cloistered scientist who prefers solitude- and he now craves action and human (perhaps almost inhuman) interaction. He is directed to a seamy nightclub where Kitty and Allen just happen to be getting coosome - and,realizing the truth, the nasty mind of Edward Hyde begins to formulate some new and frightening schemes! In mere moments, Hyde sparks some confrontations in the club, revealing the evil Hyde is capable of- and, when he reverts to his original Henry persona, the brutality of what he has done convinces him that perhaps he should never use his serum again.

But that is not to be- after he attempts to reconcile with Kitty, only to be rejected, he is driven to, once again, use his personality-changing potion. In his Hyde persona, he cultivates a friendship of convenience with Paul, who is a conduit to all sorts of nasty places. At the club, he sets his sights on an exotic and sensual snake dancer- but then decides his next conquest in his Hyde identity should be none other than his own wife- Kitty! He attempts to use the leverage of Paul’s need for funds as a way to convince him to stand aside and let Hyde claim Kitty as his own! Even with his obvious lack of morals, Paul is angered and refuses- spurring  Hyde to set out on a path of heartless revenge- although the personality-changing potion he takes begins to have unexpected sinister side effects!

This full color Hammer Studios version of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale – released in 1961- is different from many versions of the story- because, in this one, Jekyll transforms into a handsome heart-breaker, and not a burly monstrous near-Neanderthal. We’ll introduce you to the cast, bring a  new nasty nightspot to your attention- and- reprise our chat with legendary comics artist George Perez- who has worked on “The Avengers,“Wonder Woman”, and  the recently- adapted for the CW epic adventure “Crisis on Infinite Earths”!

 Come face-to-face with the “Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll”  tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central- if you’re unsure of the time and channel in your area, please check your local listings or at . Feel free to join the viewers who live-Tweet during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie - whose comments have us among the top trending topics nationally every week! In the Chicago viewing area, “Valley of the Dragons” will make an encore at 11 am this morning the U.

Many thanks to our fans and friends who joined us last weekend at the Comic Collector in Riverside and at the Christmas Mystic Market in Lyons, Il. Sventa Claus found very few of the visitors to be naughty- and a majority to be very nice! Look for Svengoolie appearances to start up again in the new year.

But tonight- it’s double danger when one man unleashes two-faced terror!

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MADave 5 months ago
I have Mike&Ike jellybeans for tomorrow night
Jack MADave 5 months ago
For the werewolf transformation you can roll them around in your pants pockets…the pocket of a wool shirt or sweater would be even better!
MADave Jack 5 months ago
I'll make sure it's not one of my ugly sweaters haha!
Matt 5 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !
Can't wait for the Woofman !

"Ya gotta hep me !"
JournalJeff2 5 months ago
Good Svengoolie Eve!
I always enjoy visits from my old friend, Larry Talbot.
Take care!!
Lynn JournalJeff2 5 months ago
You also, Journal Jeff!
Catbat 5 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
Sven is near and Sventa Claus will fly soon. So y'all best be good. 🎅 Haha a balmy 38 today!
Lynn Catbat 5 months ago
Sounds perfect, Catbat!
MADave Catbat 5 months ago
Catbat thanks for the awesome Christmas card you and Dale sent it kinda reminded me of he old coca cola Santa !
CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Good morning⛄
Hope all is well in
Sven land 👻🎩👻

"The Wolfman" that
will keep us all warm and fury 🕸🐺🕸
Good movie to watch
on a chilly Saturday night 📺🍿😱
It's Friday yay for us🎉

Oh brother we did not find our outdoor 😉Christmas lights 💡
working on it in a box somewhere🎄📦🎄

A few more Christmas
cards to be sent out
I need one more gift
and I'm done 🎉🎁🎉
Going out today and lunch with Jess🎅🤶

Yesterday was making tamales all day 🤗 with
my cousin 💓 and my mom. A tradition in
Hispanic familys
usually just women of the👩‍💼👵family's it's a
party of grandmother's and sisters and aunts
and cousins all together
sharing story's and laughter 😄💝😃
More help if done on weekends but too close to Christmas so we had to do it yesterday 😉
But it was still fun just us 3 👵🙆‍♀️👩
Tamales are gifts for
the rest of the family
or friends to share so
you make 30 dozen or more of Tamales 😨 ha ha lots of work but so good😋 I came home with my share Jess ate
3 for dinner 😁
I thought to share our
Christmas tradition this
is our our Christmas lunch or dinner plus sides, ham and also a few of homemade sweets empanadas, I can't spell all the sweets 😉 One is you fry a flour
tortilla to a crisp and
sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on it...😋
There is others many other deserts oh one is called flan 🍮 looks something like that⤴️

I do not really make those deserts but I
do bake cookies and
bake sweet breads...
🍒🍌🍞🍎🥕 to give to my family or neighbors

Have a great day be
at Love and Peace everyone ❄❤❄
I know sometimes Holidays are not all
happy because life
happens 💔
But take care be well
and thank you all for being part of our Sven
Family 💝🎩💝

Thanks Sven for giving
us laughter and great movies 📺🍿 and new friendships 🤖❤👻

See you later🎄🤓🎄

Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Oh! Tamales! Wonderful! Have a great lunch today.
Jack CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Hooray! It’s tamale season!
Terrific tamales!
Mmmm. Some tamales and a big bowl of chili.
MrsIslander 5 months ago
Svengoolie Eve!!! Almost time to clear the airwaves. Hope everyone is having a great week.
daleuhlmann MrsIslander 5 months ago
Ha-ha, Mrs. Islander!
Love that❄🎅❄
Lynn MrsIslander 5 months ago
Oh, that is wonderful! "Snow good!"
TheKodakKid MrsIslander 5 months ago
Wow, when did you have enough snow for Islander to make a snowman?
What? That’s not Islander? The resemblance is uncanny.
Catbat MrsIslander 5 months ago
Love it!
JournalJeff2 MrsIslander 5 months ago
The Snow Bride of Frankenstein
StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
A few days ago, you were thinking of horror while visiting your in-laws.
Like I keep saying,
You've added some interest to the Mid-Week Blog & Chronicle.
- Steph :-)
You meant subtracted ?
No, you add a touch of variety.
You're the top commenter, dude. Your Christmas tree pic got 10 likes.
- Steph
DrClayton 5 months ago
Ahhhh... Sven Eve! My fur stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

Morning, Woofies! Woof!
TheKodakKid DrClayton 5 months ago
I tried hanging my fishnets by the chimney one year, but stuff kept falling out of them.
Lynn DrClayton 5 months ago
Fifteen minutes to go to Sven Eve here on the left coast. Not that I'm counting, or anything...
DrClayton TheKodakKid 5 months ago
You need the fur acccessory!
DrClayton TheKodakKid 5 months ago
p.s. My lump of coal *never* falls out...
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 5 months ago
Yes, but apparently you didn't hang them "with care."
StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
Checking in. 2S2B.
(Too Sick, Too Busy).
Got out my tree, Santa Clause, and Snowman Herman Lou. Will put a candle and blue lights in other window.
Santa was broken, couldn't stand up. I fixed him, but now must sew up his backside.
- Steph
1MikeM 5 months ago
Included in the cast of THE WOLFMAN is Moose, the German Shepherd. He was also "Bruno" in FRANKENSTIEN MEETS THE WOLFMAN. That was during the scene at Maleva's gypsy camp.
DrClayton 1MikeM 5 months ago
That Bruno is a two-face!
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 5 months ago
Some pics of Lon, Jr. and his beloved pooch. Let's all say, "Aw!"
1MikeM daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Thanks Dale. Nice pics!
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 5 months ago
Thanks, Mike!
MADave 5 months ago
Goodnight gang it’s almost time to sink our teeth into Lon Chaney Jr.
MADave 5 months ago
Bill K thanks so.much for the beautiful Christmas card just received today
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
In addition to depicting Hyde as a human being, the Stevenson book, as Jack had mentioned, had described Hyde as "shrunken" and "dwarfish," because of that "under-developed" side of Jekyll's identity. His most distinguishing trait, though, is the expression of depravity and evil in his face that everybody instantly recognizes. They all refer to it as "The mark of Satan," to which they react with feelings of nausea and hatred. Stevenson implies each person is reacting to his or her own repressed, evil side that one instantly recognizes in Hyde's face.
Like I said last weekend,
- Steph
Klaatu 5 months ago
The Wolfman...a great movie to enhance throwing a few logs on the fire with some popcorn and a nice dram of Islay Scotch Whisky.
DrClayton Klaatu 5 months ago
The1Butler 5 months ago
Merry Christmas !!🎄
This is a test , only a test
In case of a real Christmas be happy and joyful ! Ho Ho Ho !
Catbat The1Butler 5 months ago
Just remember Sventa Claus is watching you 🎅
MachineryPete10 5 months ago
Speaking of Killer Snowmen
Hey, are you new, or from a long time ago?
Nice meeting you!
- Steph
I’m from the Land that time forgot.
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
As Bill K had mentioned last week, Universal never filmed an official version of the Stevenson novella (at least until ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE), but that several of the studio's 1940s' characters did incorporate its concept of duality. The most obvious example would be Lon Chaney, Jr.'s Larry Talbot. At least two others would be Stanley Ridges in BLACK FRIDAY and Onslow Stevens in HOUSE OF DRACULA.
Jack 5 months ago
Snow and a werewolf movie? Hmmmm…..
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Jack daleuhlmann 5 months ago
There you go: In freezing weather spray wolfsbane with holy water. That’s bound to be a multipotent monster repellent!
daleuhlmann Jack 5 months ago
"New and improved."
1MikeM Jack 5 months ago
"The horror! The horror!"
DrClayton Jack 5 months ago
"Even a snowman who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night..."
MADave 5 months ago
Hi gang I had a fun time at the Christmas party I read the story of Alfie the Christmas tree but I had some help because I forgot my reading glasses and I also sang it's in everyone of us and had everyone join in afterward if someone can post that here for me please it would be greatfully appreciated thanks!
Catbat MADave 5 months ago
I'm so glad you had fun. I knew you would. As per your request
daleuhlmann MADave 5 months ago
Glad you had such a good time, Dave
gabste 5 months ago
Dear Svengoolie board, You guys have fun or a howl of a time watching The Wolfman Saturday. My mother passed away early this morning. So I won't be around for a few weeks. I just want to tell everyone on this board that you are my cherished friends. Thank you Sven for all you do to make our Saturday nights a fun evening. I will be back when I can. Just wanted to let you all know of my absence. Love, gabste
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The1Butler gabste 5 months ago
Sorry for your loss so close to Christmas 😔
Both my mother and father passed this year , we must carry on for them !
Islander gabste 5 months ago
Ironically , I'm in Ohio for a funeral right now and just checked the blog. Very sorry for your loss gabste.
StephanieStepStone gabste 5 months ago

- Steph
MadameYes gabste 5 months ago
Gabste, I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family have my deepest condolences.
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