WARNING- Keep Your (Social) Distance from -"Gargoyles"- Tonight!

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Perhaps the desert might be a good place for social distancing- but you’d definitely want to keep your distance from some legendary demons on the prowl out there! Tonight on MeTV, we bring back a favorite "made for TV" movie of the early 70s – the story of an anthropologist author and his daughter, whose skeptical research into so-called mythical creatures becomes a confrontation, when they discover the existence of - "Gargoyles"!

We arrive at an airport in the American southwest, where Dr. Mercer Boley, writer and investigator/debunker of demonology meets up with his lovely daughter Diana, who serves as photographer on his projects. Ready to research his latest book, they set out-but have a bit of confusion about their route. They end up at a local “tourist trap”- a curio shop where, just for the heck of it, they check out the inventory, in case by some miracle there are any real artifacts. Uncle Willie, the grizzled old proprietor, takes note that the pair are showing little regard for his stock and definitely are not taking his artifacts seriously- so he tries to impress them by revealing the bona fide items he keeps in the back of the shop. He shows them a display of a skeleton of –well, some sort of creature- which the doctor thinks is just a combination of various animal bones, kind of like a display of a jackalope would be. Daughter Diana, however, noting Willie’s serious demeanor, tends to think there's some truth to it all, and not just some ballyhoo to hoax suckers. Willie tells them about the history of the area and what he’s found, but as day gives way to night, and he describes some ancient Indian beliefs, a strong windstorm unexplainably rises- at least, they think it’s a windstorm! The mayhem causes a huge destructive fire, bad news for Willie-and dad and daughter barely escape, dragging with them with the skull of that odd display of the creature’s skeleton. They haven’t reached safety, though- as they drive away, their car is attacked and battered by shadowy figures!

They finally escape the onslaught, and manage to limp their car to a gas station. The attendant is shocked by the amount of damage their vehicle has sustained- and since it’ll take a while to fix it all up, they head to the adjoining motel, run by a boozy woman who obviously has not just fallen off the wagon, but must’ve been run over by it!! When day breaks, Dad and Diana go to report the previous night’s mishaps to the police- who are currently busy apprehending a pack of local young men on motorbikes ( watch for one of the squad cars to miraculously change from a Chevy to a Ford in the proceedings!). The officers believe these no-good punks are responsible for the tragic conflagration at the old museum, but Doctor Boley and his daughter know better. However, they don’t think they can reveal the truth of what they experienced- they just don't think the cops will buy their story- at least not yet.

Back at the motel that night- Diana and Dad get some unexpected visitors- actual gargoyles, seemingly in search of the skull taken from the museum! After some confrontation, the gargoyles escape, but one is killed- and Doc takes it back to their room ( eww!), suspecting that the gargoyles were behind the museum incident- and that the skull may have belonged to one of their ancestors!

The next day, Diana goes to the police department- hoping to convince the cops that the boys they've locked up are not to blame-but the police and even the guys she's trying to help laugh off her story of the odd creatures.

She returns to the motel after dark- but so do the gargoyles, intent on reclaiming their dead comrade’s body-and more! Diana ends up captured by the gargoyles, who reveal to her what their true plans are- and it’s up the doctor- and anyone he can convince that the gargoyles are real- to save his daughter- and stop the weird creatures before they begin their plan to defeat the human race!

This 1972 movie’s cast includes big screen star Cornell Wilde, the lovely Jennifer Salt, the "Dark Shadows" TV show's Grayson Hall, and a very young Scott Glenn- plus the late Bernie Casey as the head of the gargoyles. Along with information about the movie, we bring you a visit with lovely actress Brooke Theiss, a veteran of “Nightmare on Elm Street 4” and the sitcom ”Just the Ten of Us”, plus a takeoff on a popular 80s TV show, a song based on a tune by a friend (a talented musician whose group got its start in- BERWYN!) -and even more!

"Gargoyles" fly onto your screen tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check time and channel in your area in local listings or at . You can help us trend nationally as usual on Twitter by live-Tweeting during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers will get bugged one more time by “The Deadly Mantis"- at 11 am on the U.

Our store is working on something special- be watching for it!

Thanks to our loyal fans who join us every week- and all the new viewers who have found us and are now coming back! Stay safe and beware of the “Gargoyles” tonight!

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PatS 7 hours ago
Admin -- I think it would be appropriate for MeTV to take issue with Google ads posted on Svengoolie pages. They're irritating, of course -- I 'X' them every chance I get -- but more important, they often advertise goods and services that compete with MeTV. Such as Disney channel packages, or t-shirts. Thanks for passing this on to the people with power.
NoPersonalChicks 10 hours ago
A shot of the Tyrannosaurus from 'Dinosaurus!' was used in a 'Gilligan's Island' episode where Gilligan dreams the castaways are stone age cave dwellers on the island.
Catbat NoPersonalChicks 3 hours ago
Cool! I did not know that. Thanks
SvenAdministrator 10 hours ago
Sven and I disagree about repetitive posts- word-for-word posts put up every week. For now, we will let it go.
Jack 11 hours ago
As I was typing into the blog, I listened to the _Texas Standard_ on the radio. This little story about a pop-up drive-in caught my ear—mebbe it was hearing Vincent Price. 🎶Science fiction, double feature….
MADave 16 hours ago
WILD WILD WEST episode The night the wizard shook the earth, who was the little guy on that episode I think I've seen him in other shows?
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PatS MADave 7 hours ago
Dunn was also in the movie SHIP OF FOOLS, and even played an accountant heading west on 'Bonanza.' But I'm thinking he had the most fun doing Dr. Loveless on WWW.
Jack DrClayton 7 hours ago
The uniform trousers for that uniform are s’posed to be hemmed to 30.2 cm from the deck. I thought Kirk’s were a little low, but it looks proportional compared to the captain’s braid on his tunic.
PatS Jack 7 hours ago
Jack, looks to me like the pants are "bloused" like paratrooper uniforms. Hems are folded under a band (like a big rubber band or similar to hair loop). arranged loosely at the top of boots. The actual pants would be longer.
Jack PatS 5 hours ago
I had thought that until I got hold of the _Star Fleet Technical Manual_, which shows the trousers ending in an odd little flair midway down the calf. In actuality, costuming used a variety of patterns through the three seasons, and on any one episode, there was a mix-and-match aspect to dressing the secondaries and extras. The photos of authenticated TOS uniform trousers bear this out—including use of the notorious “sparkly fabric”—as well hems being cut between alterations. I found a quote from James Doohan at the Memory Alpha wiki that was helpful: "Personally, I didn't like the flare legs on the trousers. I didn't like the way they stuck out, I thought that they came on kind of fey. But after a while, it worked out, I got used to it. I think though, that it might have been just as good if they had just had a band of red down the trousers, you know, red for engineering, blue for scientific, green for command, and so on.” (_The World of Star Trek_, p. 95)
Catbat 17 hours ago
Happy Tuesday All! It's a beautiful day here. Might hit 90 degrees. Fine by me. I'm switchin out my dresser drawers today. Out with winter in with summer! 🏖️
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Jack DrClayton 7 hours ago
Oh no! Now we’ll have to post the video and they’ll start singing “Hooray for Captain Spaulding…."
daleuhlmann DrClayton 7 hours ago
How did he get into your summer drawers?
Catbat Jack 3 hours ago
Haha 😂👍Dale doesn't appreciate the humour in House of 1000 Corpses
Catbat NoPersonalChicks 3 hours ago
In California also 😂
Jack 17 hours ago
Two day ago, on 24 May—when I was under the kitchen sink like Dagwood Bumstead—was Bob Dylan’s 79th birthday. This birthday is apropos to last Saturday’s movie because Zimmie’s face was used as the model for the Archangel Michael, who stands atop the top of the northwest tower of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway...Don't just take my word for it, here’s sculptor Kristofer Leirdal speaking to Per Steinar Moen: "Jo, det er sant at jeg i sin tid skjelte til Bob Dylan og hans ansiktstrekk da jeg laget St. Mikael.” Well, there’s other prophets adorning the cathedral, why not Bob?

P.S.: When the sun hits it just right, the balance on Michael’s shield looks like two eighth notes ♫.
Catbat Jack 17 hours ago
That's really cool Jack. I did not know that. I'll pass it on to my Dad. Huge Dillion fans in my family. Thanks
PatS Jack 7 hours ago
How does it feel / to be on your own / a complete unknown / like a rolling gargoyle...
Catbat PatS 3 hours ago
Everybody must get stoned 😁
SvenAdministrator 19 hours ago
We have been lenient on some posts due to Memorial Day. We ask that all now follow the rules. No music videos, hopefully no off topic ( even when prefaced with “ I know this is against the rules”), and a little less sexual innuendo that certain posters continue to add during the movie. Also repetition of the same posts every week are not necessary.
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Catbat Islander 3 hours ago
Hehe !😄
Catbat gabste 3 hours ago
You better. My phone is clogged with saved emojis from you. 😂
JournalJeff2 21 hours ago
Happy Tuesday!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
Lucyc JournalJeff2 20 hours ago
You have a great day, too, JJ2.
gabste JournalJeff2 20 hours ago
Hubby and I say you too !
MADave JournalJeff2 20 hours ago
Thanks Jeff you 2
Lynn JournalJeff2 19 hours ago
The very same to you all!
Catbat JournalJeff2 17 hours ago
Back atcha Journal Jeff.
Carl_N_Brown 22 hours ago
This morning doing the word jumble puzzle in the newspaper I had a BIG revelation about where I had prevously seen the Geico Zoltar fortuneteller.

What other connections are there between Geico ads and movies? Was Brad the offspring of CHRISTINE and THE CAR?
Lucyc Carl_N_Brown 20 hours ago
Hey, Carl.
Interesting observation, and I can see the connection with the two you mentioned. However, I come up totally blank when it comes to the others-like Mr. Liberty-bibberty.
Carl_N_Brown Lucyc 16 hours ago
Not Geico, Zoltar and Brad
are Liberty Mutual, my bad.

But to Lib-Bib: Without struggling actors we would not have many of our TV movies that show up on Sven and MeTV.

Liberty-Biberty struggling actor was perfectly typecast as a struggling actor. Tanner Novlan has appearing in "Roswell, New Mexico" on TV and in the movie MANEATER (2009). He could make a movie about being a struggling actor in Hollywood.
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 15 hours ago
How did I confuse Geico and LiMu? I guess because this Saturday's movie DINOSAURUS! stars a caveman?
daDoctah Carl_N_Brown 15 hours ago
Bradgirl (Midori Francis) made her feature-film debut in OCEAN'S 8 as "April". There's a LiMu/movie connection for you (and honestly, the only reason I made a point of seeing the film).

The women who looks with some suspicion on the emu and then rolls up her window in the current "Speed" LiMu ad is Kristen O'Meara, who has done little on the big-screen but has made a lot of one-off TV appearances. Her IMDb profile, though, says she was once a tour guide at Universal Studios, which I guess technically connects her to a *lot* of movies.
MADave 1 day ago
Good night to all my Sven friends and to those who served or are serving our country thank you!
gabste MADave 1 day ago
Goodnight MADave
daDoctah 1 day ago
Treading carefully because it may brush up against cornfieldery....

Watched a blaxploitation movie just now that I DVR'd almost a month ago on another channel. In the promo segment that aired after the movie, the hostess for their weekly cult movie slot mentioned that they attempted to recapture the spirit of basic cable late-night programming of the eighties (without mentioning any specific names) and "horror movie hosts like Elvira and Svengoolie".

Which also makes me wonder: how many Rondo awards has Elvira won?
Jack daDoctah 1 day ago
By my reckoning, it looks like Elvira only won Best Horror Host once at Rondo X, altho’ she’s been a regular runner-up, and has been the subject of a couple Best Interviews. She was inducted into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame for Rondo XVI. So far, Sven has yet to make it into the MKHOF, but a lot of those people are dead.

Inquiring minds want to know: what was the blaxploitation movie—_Blackula_?
daDoctah Jack 1 day ago
BLACK CAESAR, starring my favorite actor/director from the genre, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson.

Have also been watching a lot of grindhouse trailer compilations on YouTube. And in the comments sections of every single one of them, someone says "I bet Quentin Tarantino watched this for two straight hours without blinking."
PatS 1 day ago
I was thinking the music for GARGOYLES had a peculiarly 1970s sound. I find out (Wikipedia) that Robert Prince did scores for several other horror movies.

[He] wrote the music for TV movies such as Gargoyles (1972), The Return of Charlie Chan (1973), Scream, Pretty Peggy (1973), The Strange and Deadly Occurrence (1974), Where Have All The People Gone? (1974), The Dead Don't Die (1975) and Snowbeast (1977).

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s he composed background music for a variety of dramatic television series including episodes of The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible, Wonder Woman, Streets of San Francisco, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, and Rod Serling's Night Gallery.
gabste PatS 1 day ago
I love Night Gallery !
Islander gabste 1 day ago
Would be a nice addition to sci fi Saturday night.
gabste Islander 1 day ago
Yes !!!!!
Islander 1 day ago
Memorial Day weekend is winding down and the crowds are departing.
We are settling in to watch The Longest Day on dvd. Kind of our annual traditional here. We will return to our regularly scheduled viewing of our LOCAL ME TV AFFILIATE first thing tomorrow. Hope everyone had a safe weekend
gabste Islander 1 day ago
You too ! 😊
gabste 1 day ago
Happy Memorial Day to everyone and Sven I'd like to dedicate this post to my Father who was in the Korean War and older brother who had served in the Air Force. I miss them both. ❤❤
Catbat 1 day ago
Good Memorial Day Y'all 🇱🇷
I hope everyone has a good day and takes a minute or so to remember those we've lost. Enjoy your freedom. It was fought hard for.✝️
daleuhlmann Catbat 1 day ago
abc123 1 day ago
I was in one room and tv was in a different room, but did I hear Rick Koz doing a Flintstones promo?
Tygercat abc123 1 day ago
Yep. Promo for "Bedrock Hardware".
I had to listen to it twice before being certain.
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