We KIck Off Halloween Month with Peter Cushing Trapped with Deadly Man-Made Creatures on the "Island of Terror"!!

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Tonight on MeTV- we bring back a science fiction thriller that many of our viewers have asked for- with the great Peter Cushing heading to a remote island where dead bodies are turning up with unusual characteristics- relating more to what they DON'T have! The local authorities have no clue of what the cause is- unaware that a threat created by science could wipe out the entire population trapped on the “Island of Terror”!

Petrie’s Island ( no relation to Rob of the “Dick Van Dyke Show”) is  a  chunk of land completely cut off from the mainland, getting only occasional visits from supply boats- but it’s also the site of a special laboratory working to find a cure for one of man's most insidious diseases. It's already a risky proposition, but it’s made worse when the experimentation creates something just as horrid as the illness. The first indication of this occurs when a constable finds the body of a missing man that appears to have no skeletal system left in it! The island's resident doctor can't begin to figure out any logical reason why that would be- and leaves the island in search of someone who may be able to help- Dr. Stanley, a brilliant teacher and pathologist. Stanley himself, however, suggests that they consult with one Dr. West, a specialist whose knowledge of bones might offer some assistance. Talk about bad timing-when they arrive at his apartment, West is just getting rather comfortable with a leggy girlfriend! Despite the distraction, he finds the case just as baffling. His lady friend happens to be a wealthy heiress and offers her help in getting to Petrie's Island as quickly as possible, by means of her father's personal helicopter- but there is on one condition- SHE must accompany them! Having speed of transport is almost as tempting as the winsome lass, and they depart for the island.

They are dropped off on Petrie’s Island ,but the copter ends up being called away on business- meaning that our visiting party will have no way off the island for many days. When examining the victim’s body, bereft of bones, doesn't offer any new information- the suggestion of calling on a prominent disease-researching scientist at the special lab compound seems like a logical step in the search for answers. However, a visit to the site reveals shocking devastation- and similar victims- and even as more boneless bodies are being found, the discovery of the answer to what they are looking for brings unspeakable horror. The revelation of deadly creatures on the loose unlike anything ever encountered in nature- which have begun to multiply- threatens to destroy each and every living thing trapped on the island, with no means of escape!

The claustrophobic feel of this full-color 1966 British production, along with the horrifically relentless creatures, definitely will keep you on the edge of your seat! As Dr. Stanley, Peter Cushing is outstanding, as always, and we'll tell you about his fellow cast mates- plus, bring you your weekly dosage of Sven entertainment- including a product you may NOT want to have in your kitchen cabinet!

Your visit to the "Island of Terror" begins tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for time and channel in your local listings, or, at . The live-Tweeting during the program continues in great abundance on Twitter- just make sure to use the hashtag  #svengoolie .Our Chicago viewers get an encore look at Lon Chaney Jr. as the "Son of Dracula" at 11 am , back on our main local channel  CW 26 !

You may want to take a look at a new merchandise item available now under the "store" tab here on our site- the Svengoolie phone case! It comes in four different Sven designs, and is available for several different models of phones, including iPhones and Galaxy phones- with plans to add more! And- you should get them pretty fast upon ordering- so head to our store now!

I’m still showing up in the Dick Tracy newspaper strip as the mystery of supposed vampire attacks continues- look for today’s strip in your local newspaper- and catch me in full color again tomorrow!

Tonight, though- join us on an island that ends up being far from a paradise- where more than the wings are boneless!

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Cessna1960 4 months ago
As of just a few moments ago there are now over 450,000 without power in Louisiana and Texas as hurricane Delta is now well inland...Delta officially made landfall in Creole Louisiana a while ago...I know all the Sven fans will send up a prayer and well wishes for our Cajun cousins...I am just an hour and a half from the Gulf of Mexico myself and ready for hurricane season to END !!
The1Butler Cessna1960 4 months ago
May everyone float or have a boat .
deadringer42 4 months ago
Hogans heroes theme song, great song for pep band in high school, I remember playing back in the day.
Cessna1960 4 months ago
To anybody who hasn't seen it , scroll back and take a look at the pic DrClayton sent of that venomous caterpillar found in Virginia !!....imagine that thing growing to the size of the spider in Tarantula !! thank you , that's enough to send me into a full blown HeebeeJeebee attack which Xanax won't help !!...looking forward to watching Sven and the crew tomorrow night and chatting with all the other Sven-fans...a big thank you to all the folks at Svengoolie , MeTv and the other viewers who make newcomers feel welcome and at home!! God Bless you all and hope for everyone a good nights rest !!🍁🎃👽🇺🇸
Aceman2 Cessna1960 4 months ago
Thanks Mike. You as well
Cessna1960 Aceman2 4 months ago
Thanks Aceman2....I was surprised last week at how many "Mike's" there are in our Sven circle !!...
Matt 4 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !
Aceman2 Matt 4 months ago
You to Matt
MADave Matt 4 months ago
Hey Matt
Katink Matt 4 months ago
Back at you, Matt!
Cessna1960 4 months ago
Hello all !!....eagerly awaiting my Sven-fix tomorrow night....watching 1933s "The Ghoul" with Boris Karloff on another network followed by several other movies that Sven has also shown before....also praying for our Louisiana neighbors who are feeling the full force of hurricane Delta even as I type this...
Aceman2 4 months ago
Beautiful fall day here in Bucks County PA. This big boy decided to have his dinner in my back yard.

deadringer42 Aceman2 4 months ago
Saw 5 deer on the side of the highway this evening. Hunting season in near, they know where it is safe. Just glad I didn't see any silicas coming out of the woods.
The1Butler Aceman2 4 months ago
That's a big boy for sure !
DrClayton 4 months ago
Not to steal the Tarantula's thunder, but this is ripped from today's headlines:

Officials Issue Warning After Hairy, Venomous Caterpillar Is Spotted Multiple Times in Virginia
And no, this isn't a hairpiece:
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Jack DrClayton 4 months ago
Re: John "Trouble" Blair's earlier reference to Sir Mix-a-Lot with "I like big bugs and I can not lie," the genus of the puss caterpillar is Megalopyge. Jus' sayin'...
Islander DrClayton 4 months ago
Looks like a Tribble with ticks
Katink DrClayton 4 months ago
Yikes! Does it metamorhasize into anything? 🐦🦇🦋
Jack Katink 4 months ago
Oh, yes!
The1Butler 4 months ago
Movie theaters are allowed to open back up today here in the Mitten!
I think the last movie I went to see was the Joker ! The joker smokes alot , pu.
DrClayton The1Butler 4 months ago
Smokin' an' Jokin'....
Jack The1Butler 4 months ago
But nobody's goin' to the movies because it's Fall Salmon Season!
The1Butler Jack 4 months ago
I was thinking of fishing today but errands and it was very windy here today.
MADave 4 months ago
Hey Catbat another song for your halloween playlist I thought of is The Monster Swim by Bobby "Boris's Pickett it's a follow up to The Monster Mash
Klaatu MADave 4 months ago
And speaking of Boris, how about Boris The Spider by The Who?
JohnBlair 4 months ago
I like big bugs and I can not lie...
MADave 4 months ago
Hi gang plans have changed I'll be available tonight but I'm still not available for movie viewing tomorrow like I said before due to family and friends
TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Admittedly off topic. However, there has been a passing of note. Whitey Ford has passed away at 91.

A New York native who spent his entire career with the Yankees. He still holds several team records. Even more impressive, he still holds a number of World Series records as well.

Truly one of the greatest to play the game.
Bill_K TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Real name, Ed Ford, which is how he autographed baseballs to fans.

Most wins (10 tied with Gibson) and losses 8 in World Series History

Grew up in Astoria, Queens, NY.

No telling how much better the stats might have been had he not been drafted and missed the 1951 and 1952 seasons. Reported right after pitching most of the game clinching game 4 victory against the Phils in 1950.
Aceman2 TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Many players are referred to by sportswriters as "one of the greatest". In the case of Whitey Ford, this is simply fact. His numbers are staggering.

• Lifetime record of 236-107
• Career .690 winning percentage
• 156 complete games and 45 shutouts
• 1,956 strikeouts
• Career E.R.A. of 2.75
• 10 World Series victories
• 94 World Series strikeouts
• 10 All-Star game selections
• Pitched 33 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings in World Series play
Jack Aceman2 4 months ago
And a southpaw.
BelleLugosi 4 months ago
Aceman2 BelleLugosi 4 months ago
Don't worry; Am on the way. If only those puny beings wood get outta my way.

Klaatu Aceman2 4 months ago
Hmmm, that looks like any normal day on my street😵
MADave 4 months ago
Hello group I'm sorry to say I will not be in the race for first blogger this week due to spending time with family and friends I may pop in from time to time but we'll see! Enjoy the show and have a good holiday for those who celebrate.
PatS MADave 4 months ago
Family always important! No need to apologize, I think we all have real lives. Hope your mother is doing better. Check in when you can.
BelleLugosi MADave 4 months ago
Have a great weekend, Dave!
MADave PatS 4 months ago
Thanks Pat
MADave BelleLugosi 4 months ago
Thank you
Catbat 4 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
My Playlist is coming along fantastical. You are all coming up with really good stuff. Keep em coming. Please remember guys Don't post links. Just song and artist. I don't want anyone getting in trouble.
NoPersonalChicks Catbat 4 months ago
Midnight City - M83
Somewhat reminiscent of 'Village of the Damned'

Sympathy for the Devil - Stones
" I watched with glee, While your kings and queens
Fought for ten decades, For the gods they made
I shouted out, Who killed the Kennedys?
When after all, It was you and me"
Klaatu Catbat 4 months ago
Hey Cat! I posted two songs earlier with links☹️. I’m destined for the corn field. In case you haven’t heard it, look up “Horror Movies” sung by Bollock Brothers. It’s on YouTube. Fun song!
JohnBlair Catbat 4 months ago
but what if "trouble" is your middle NAME
Catbat JohnBlair 4 months ago
Shh, it's a secret
Catbat Klaatu 4 months ago
It is. Thank you. It is on my Playlist. Fun stuff
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve (otherwise known as Friday), group. To start the morning off right, here is another edition to Catbat's Hollywood Playlist: "The Lurch," by Ted Cassidy, with music by Gary Paxton.
Jack daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Autocorrect reminds me of fifth grade when I was in the middle of reading _The Lord of the Rings_. For spelling/vocabulary, a couple of sentences I wrote were about hobbits*. The teacher corrected it to "habits" even tho' that way made absolutely no sense.

*Oddly enough, _hobbit_ readily appeared among my phone's auto-complete suggestions.
Aceman2 4 months ago
Just turned Friday here in beautiful Yardley PA. Happy Sventurday Eve to all! Giving Henry the dog the day off and instead modelling my Halloween mask.
Klaatu 4 months ago
Here are two songs that get me in the mood for Halloween.
The first song is my preparation for Svengoolie. It’s Horror Movies sung by the Bollock Brothers:

The second is Radioactive Mama by Sheldon Allman:
DrClayton 4 months ago
I'm so excited, I've got my dancing shoes and fishnets out, practicing the Tarantella for Saturday!!
Jack DrClayton 4 months ago
More ladies than guys--isn't the way it always goes at dance class.
Carl_N_Brown Jack 4 months ago
Brings back 1960 memories of 6th grade recess: in bad weather PhysEd was often square dance lessons in the school auditorium.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 4 months ago
In the 1975-1976 school year, I folk danced with Wynona Judd. She was a brunette then and went by Christina.
MADave 4 months ago
Hi group I'm off from work tomorrow got a vacation day so I'm not due back until Tuesday and for those who celebrate happy columbus day weekend!
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