We Wish You a Merry ( Fill in the blank ) and a Happy New Year!

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All of us on the Sven crew and the Sven web folks want to wish you all very happy holidays, no matter which ones you celebrate. As always, I thank you for your continued support and all the kindness you have extended to me! Here’s hoping 2020 will bring us all happiness, health, and success (yes, and even a few new movies!)

My wish to you is that you get to spend the holidays with those who mean the most to you- and have great memories of those who are not able to be with you.

I’ll be with you ,as always, this Saturday night on MeTV!

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StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
Just so there won't be "Room 101" Comments.
Heartily enjoyed this particular thread.
- Steph
CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Happy Friday 👻
Christmas hang over
⛄😨🎄 ha ha!

Alright Sven tomorrow
🎩📺🍿👀 hope kids will
watch 👦👧👩‍⚕️...they have all colds but not too bad
and our son too 🤧

Not me or Jess 😉
well not yet!
They love watching
Sven too 🍫🍿🍬

See you later have a good day 👻🍭🤖
Sometimes the "older" folks are immune to stuff the kids get. Hope the dogs stay okay!
Steph :-)
PatS 5 months ago
Slightly belated, the spirit of "Jewish Christmas" as remembered from Dr. Demento --

StephanieStepStone PatS 5 months ago
'Dr. Demento' an Old Testament Prophet? What about the guy from
'King Biscuit Flower Hour?'
- Steph
CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
🎄😴🎄I hope everyone
had a nice Christmas Day ❄❤❄

We all had a nice one with our families our.
Grandkids will be here
with us until Jan. 4th
👦👧👩‍⚕️ The kids had a happy Christmas 🎅

I have been super busy
yikes on Christmas Day after all visiting I fell asleep 7:30 pm not normal for me 😪
This elf is still tired🤶

Best wishes to all🌠
and have a nice Friday

Good night to you all🌒
Time for me get some rest 😴
See you later⛄👻⛄

PatS CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Thanks for checking in, Carrie. Larry and I were thinking of you on The Day, hoping you were having a great time with your grandkids. We went to a small friends-gathering, bringing desserts, played music and ate ourselves three-cornered.
CarrieLynnCastro PatS 5 months ago
Thank you😇
Have a nice Friday and weekend⛄
DrClayton 5 months ago
Thank you, Sven, and best wishes to you and your crew for a very Happy New Year! New movies? Woo-hoo!
Klaatu 5 months ago
My neighbors always beat me by getting their yard decorations and lights up before me for every holiday, so...Happy Valentines Day/Happy Easter/Happy 4th and best of all, Happy Halloween!! I’ll put up everything at once and beat everyone to the punch😆😆
1MikeM Klaatu 5 months ago
Ah yes! That's the spirit!
Oscar 5 months ago
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!
Lynn Oscar 5 months ago
And you as well, Oscar!
daleuhlmann Oscar 5 months ago
And to you, too, Oscar!
StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
Today, day after Christmas, is
'Boxing Day' in British Countries.
Bosses and employees exchange positions for the day.
They exchange boxes of presents and 'goods' (probably means fresh fruit.)
'M*A*S*H' had an episode about Boxing Day, while Klinger was company clerk. Must check to see if it's showing tonight.
- Steph
Jack StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
I suspect Malvina Reynolds wasn’t thinking of Boxing Day when she wrote “Little Boxes.” I found two Boxing Days songs, one by an American group
one by a Dutch group.
Having escaped growing up Canadian, I have no idea whether post-Xmas blues is part of Boxing Day in its native countries.
PatS Jack 5 months ago
I would not expect "Boxing Day Blues" -- because 'in the olden days' Christmas meant just two things, church and family. Boxing Day was the day you could finally Go Out, visit neighbors, hand out presents, show off your new toys or clothes, catch up on gossip, etc.

Larry and I plan out "Jewish Christmas" for Friday -- Chinese restaurant and movie. Highly recommended to all our blog friends.
StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
Neighhor gave me
Second-Hand VHS 'Second-Hand Lions' Sis gave me books:
'Rose in Bloom,'
Louisa May Alcott.
Cynthia Voigt,
Last 2 books of 'The Kingdom' trilogy.
Herman Wouk,
'Marjorie Morningstar.'
Am expecting the last 3 books of
'The Borrowers.'
All I never read, unusual for me.
I re-read books dozens of times.
And yes, I have incredibly wide tastes in books.
Sis chooses books from a long list I send, depending on prices, and occasionally what she thinks is right or wrong for me, from Amazon Prime. Usually used.
But I once found a Scott Westerfeld online for $3.98, including free shipping. She got me one from Amazon Prime for $15.00.
But, gosh, she saves money with Amazon Prime!
- Steph
Back when Amazon Prime was $99.00, I was pricing cable, etc.
Cox Cable offered a fantastic deal:
Along with the price of their usual monthly deal, plus a one-time payment of $99.00, you could get a free year of--
Amazon Prime!
- Steph ;-)
1MikeM StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
Hey Steph, I was just watching Secondhand Lions a few weeks ago. Great movie!
StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
Mostly quiet. More calls and visits than expected, computer and phone problems, lots of time on Blog.
Still need to fix Turkey Pot Pie (you expected salty Turkey Spam?), Stovetop Stuffing, and real Yam (Sweet Potato Louisiana style).
Still not fixed gift bags for neighbors. But by New Year's Eve, the fruit will have rotted.
Guess Thursday, Boxing Day, won't be too late.
Watching 'Twilight Zone.'
Well, I was when I drafted this.
- Steph :-)
PatS StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
So make yourself a nize fruit salad! Feel all those good fruity vitamins dancing in your system!
StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
Jack, Deb, Pat, and all,
Albert Hague, the Holocaust survivor who played the music teacher in both the movie and tv versions of
'Fame,' composed the music for both the movie and tv versions of
'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' Therefore,

Kevin Bacon's co-star in "Footloose" was Lori Singer, who was in the tv show
'Fame' with
Albert Hague, who composed the music for
'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' starring
Boris Karloff, who has starred in
- Steph
scottieO 5 months ago
Hope everyone had a wonderful day. One of my great-nephews got a telescope, unfortunately no one, I mean nothing to test it out on. I over cooked the roast-beast just a tad.
DrClayton scottieO 5 months ago
You didn't help him "test the optics"?
Jack scottieO 5 months ago
I keep thinking there should a chest-burster involved!
Jack 5 months ago
FARMGAL56 Jack 5 months ago
A close friend of my family was a huge Leon Redbone fan. He is no longer with us, so thanks for stirring up some nice memories of him!
Jack 5 months ago
Holiday Wall of Sound
StephanieStepStone Jack 5 months ago
Daily Show, Wow!
Jon Stewart (in the horror movie
'The Faculty') is one of my faves.
I missed last 3 years of his time on 'DS' when I could afford neither cable nor internet.
(catching up with him on youtube, if I'm ever done on Sven Blog.)
In some towns, Christians and Santa-worshipping Pagans do leave their house at night to drive around seeing Christmas lights, commenting on those pretty blue lights and wondering what they mean.
Vid was pretty funny.
- Steph
StephanieStepStone 5 months ago

'Santa and his Reindeer Used to Live Right Here'
Benny Gunch and The Bunch.
Others in the Url include
Red Sovine
'Billy's Christmas,'
Joe Diffie,
'The Redneck Christmas,'
and an interview with Burt Ward.

StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
'The 12 Yats of Christmas'
New Orleans style.
Benny Gunch and the Bunch.
- Steph

CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
⛄Merry Christmas love to you all 🍭🎄🍭

Love to you, Jess, Tiny, your Mom, your brother, and Snoopy!
- Steph
Merry Christmas, Carrie, and to Jesse!
Klaatu 5 months ago
How my presents get honor of His Majesty:
scottieO 5 months ago
Yuletide Greetings To All You Great Folks
daleuhlmann scottieO 5 months ago
Merry Christmas, Scottie!
DrClayton scottieO 5 months ago
You'll log a YULE LOG!
scottieO 5 months ago
Thank you Sven and crew for the opportunity to celebrate the gifts you bring us all year long, here's to many more.
ScottieO, Jack,
I think Jack's mentioned before, Spock's popular, magnificent gesture is borrowed from a Jewish gesture for 'Peace.'
Say Hi to Deb for me. How are the knees?
All 3 of you (5 including the knees) enjoy dinner.
- Steph
Klaatu scottieO 5 months ago
Many years ago I bought the Star Trek tree ornament that is the Shuttle Craft that lights up and when activated its Spock saying just that: “Shuttle Craft to Enterprise, Shuttle Craft to Enterprise. Spock here. Live long and prosper.”
Jack StephanieStepStone 5 months ago
The gesture represents the letter _shin_ ש, used by the Kohanim in the Priestly Blessing to represent _Shaddai_, a name of You-know-wHo-WeH—at least that’s where Leonard Nimoy says he got it. It’s frequently carved into the grave markers of Kohanim.As the “Vulcan salute” the _shin_ could just as well stand for _shalom_, “peace."
StephanieStepStone, I think in one of the Star Trek anniversary specials Leonard Nimoy mentioned the origins of the hand sign.
scottieO Klaatu 5 months ago
Funny you should mention that, my niece gave me one of those today. I have not plugged it in to see if it works yet. My family has been giving me Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments for years. I have made my own by drilling holes in various ST SW items.
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