We're Facing a Big Problem- But So is Anyone Who Will Endure the "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman"- Tonight!

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Our Sven crew continues to work from home- necessitating some encore performances of shows- so, for tonight on MeTV, we chose a movie that viewers really enjoy seeing- not just for its wacky qualities, but also for some of the Sven segments it includes- and we’ve even added something new! It’s some big time fun that brings an unhappy wife into a close encounter of the alien kind- that leads to her going from being the object of people’s pity to becoming a big woman in town-literally- and out for vengeance against her sleazy hubby! Beware the beautiful behemoth -it’s the “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”!

As if we haven’t been constantly seeing them lately,this 1958 sci-fi favorite opens with a newscast- featuring reports of sightings of a fireball streaking across the sky over various locations. Its current trajectory would seemingly bring it directly over the California desert. This proves to be more than accurate, as our upset wife, driving on a desert road, not only spots it- but almost runs right into it! Said “fireball” is actually a satellite ( it’s referred to as such throughout the film, though it actually looks like a big white weather balloon) that has now touched down to earth. The lady, Nancy, can’t escape, since her car stalls, and as she exits her vehicle to try to escape, we see a giant hand reaching for her! She barely escapes on foot, shouting all the while for her husband Harry ( prepared to hear the name “Harry” shouted a lot).

Harry, meanwhile, is otherwise occupied- hanging out in a dive bar with a young floozy! It’s no surprise that the couple is deep in discussion about ways to eliminate Harry’s wife. Since Nancy has a penchant for the bottle, the idea of enlisting a doctor who once had her committed to a sanitarium do the same thing again seems like their scheme of choice.

Meanwhile, just outside the bar, the local cops run into the still-fleeing Nancy- who’s in a panic, and tells them her story of the satellite and a giant alien. The officers, though skeptical, bring Nancy out to the location where she was accosted by the alien- only to find nothing- no alien, no satellite-just Nancy’s abandoned car. The police suspect the whole thing is just a delusion that came out of a booze bottle, but Nancy maintains that the alien was real, and seemed to be reaching for the massive diamond she is wearing. The cops warn her of the dangers of flashing a big rock like that around, and consider the case closed.

Nancy returns home, only to, amazingly, find her hubby is actually there (and not at the bar, nor the hotel where he has his side gal Honey stashed). Nancy’s kindly butler, a longtime part of her family, tries to tend to her, but Harry sternly sends him away. After some nasty bickering, tipsy Nancy finally relents because, deep down inside, she still loves Harry. Harry pretends to return her affection, and “lovingly” urges her to sleep it off.

Honey puts heavy pressure on Harry to take care of the Nancy problem, since she’s tired of waiting around for him. Even without the internet, word of Nancy’s “delusion” spreads all over town- and the poor woman’s doctor is called in, as per the scheming couple’s plan. His examination shows that she is in very fragile condition, both physically and mentally. He provides the butler with medication and the warning to, above all, keep her away from the alcohol. He should have also told him to keep her away from Harry- because, again, she gets into an argument with her wayward hubby- and, after seeing an insensitive TV report making fun of her, demands that Harry accompany her out in the desert-  to look for the alien and prove she is telling the truth!

Unlike her earlier search with the police, this one proves frighteningly successful- and what occurs brings about incredible changes in Nancy- as well as tying in her diamond, radiation, and the giant alien being- leading to some of the most famous scenes from the movie- with 50 foot Nancy in search of- and bellowing for- “Harry”!

The low-level special effects notwithstanding, this is a fun (and funny) movie- with the eye candy of not only Allison Hayes as the gorgeous giant Nancy, but also the sultry “other woman” Honey- Yvette Vickers. We’ll run down the rest of the cast as well- and- we bring back some special content, including a two-part interview with the men who voiced “Pinky and The Brain” and scores of other characters- the great Rob Paulsen and Maurice LeMarche! At the door near the end of the show- we reprise the visit from famed late night and SNL character, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, brought to us by Robert Smigel ! And- we have a new interview with gorgeous ( and less than  50 foot woman) actress Cerina Vincent, who’s been in such films as “”Cabin Fever” and  “Not Another Teen Movie”, and had a stint as the Yellow Power Ranger . And, of course, Kerwyn again brings us our mail segment from his palatial home ( how does he afford such a nice place with what MeTV pays him?)

“Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” returns on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central- if you’re unsure of the time and channel in your area, please check your local listings or at . Our viewers continue to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie - and we keep trending nationally every week, so feel free to join in! Chicago area viewers can have a second date with “Dracula’s Daughter” at 11 am on the U !

If you’re doing those Zoom meetings- you can get virtual backgrounds from various MeTV shows (including ours) to use during them- just check at and click on “backgrounds”. Also, visit the store- Sven merchandise continues to be available.

We again urge you to follow the current quarantine rules, keep yourself and your families and friends safe- and stay together-apart- with us for the legendary lady  who’s large and in charge!

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Mikeyyy 10 months ago
When I go to my settings it's only showing my last 20 comments. Is that how it is for everyone??
Islander Mikeyyy 10 months ago
Yes 20
MADave 10 months ago
13 min to go get your fingers fired up!
MADave MADave 10 months ago
Make that 10
1MikeM 10 months ago
Charlie the deputy just wanted to say "Arrivederci!"
1MikeM 10 months ago
and dat was Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.....and dat's da name of dat tune.
MADave 10 months ago
Almost an hour until Frankenblog good luck dale and Bill
Carl_N_Brown 10 months ago
A question that bears repeating.
How does Kerwyn afford a palatal home on what MeTV pays him?
Obviously he is a shrewd investor and knows how to play the chickenfeed market.
Islander 10 months ago
Last post for me. C'mon Dale. I got my money on you tonight.
Papa needs new sandals !
MADave Islander 10 months ago
What if it’s me?
Islander MADave 10 months ago
Then islander goes barefoot.
MADave 10 months ago
Looks like everyone in Massachusetts is required to wear a mask in public no ifs ands or buts no mask means a $300.00 fine
deadringer42 MADave 10 months ago
yep, we must cover up.
did you here about the guy who walked into a bank with a mask on and said "this is a stick up." and the back teller says "thank goodness that is all"
yep, remember when you could not ware a mask into a bank and now you cannot go in one without a mask on.
what a strange world we live in.
Stay healthy all.
MADave deadringer42 10 months ago
Thanks deadringer42 you stay safe as well
Carl_N_Brown 10 months ago
Carl_N_Brown 10 months ago
Just finished the newsletter. Two of the five movies this month are so exciting their titles end in exclamation points!

That's our Lynn's picture with the Gillman? Cool.
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 10 months ago
Sure is! She's so AWESOME! Sven too of course for having such good taste! 👍
deadringer42 10 months ago
Congrats on the Picture post Lynn.
That's a great picture setting. I would love to have my picture taken with the gilman.
MADave 10 months ago
I guess StephanieStepStone is having health probs again I haven't seen her since mid week or so?
MADave 10 months ago
My guess for top bloggers will be Bill then Dale and then me
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Islander Klaatu 10 months ago
I think if you blog via computer you can write up your post and just keep hitting the refresh button until it sends on the new blog. Again "I think ." I post by phone and don't really know if I have that option.
Klaatu Islander 10 months ago
Islander, good idea but I don’t think there’s anywhere to paste my write up until the Blog actually shows up. I seemed to try this and I pasted two words and hit Post but I was behind three other people. Oh well, not a big thing. I was just wondering if Easties got a quicker look than Westies. 👍
Catbat Islander 10 months ago
How about a dark Catbat?
Catbat Klaatu 10 months ago
No Easties don't get an advantage. Trust me I'm a Westie born and beead. Some people cut and paste, not that there's anything Wrong with that.
Lucyc 10 months ago
Hey, Everyone. Good Svengoolie eve to y'all.
Well, I just made my first foray out where I had to go into a business, as I had to fax something(had to do with getting my tv fixed)since we don't have a printer/scanner that works right now, either. I have to admit I was quite dismayed. I went out looking like Matahari, wearing a scarf around my face, and a pair of flowered garden gloves, to the local UPS store. They had a sign up that said only four customers at a time could be inside the store, and they had blue "x's" on the floor where they wanted you to stand. Well, I was the only person in the place-including the two ladies behind the counter-who had on any kind of protection to try and not spread and/or be exposed to the illness. Over the past two weeks I have had a high school acquaintance-and her husband-that both lost their mothers to this illness, as they were both in the same nursing home. I don't mean to get political, or get on my soap box, but it really made me mad-and that's all I'll say on the subject.
I had hoped that we would get The Curse of Frankenstein on the schedule, but I guess Sven can't do that quite yet.
I always have liked the big creature features, so I am looking forward to The Praying Mantis. I don't remember seeing it back in 2017, and that was when I was working as a caregiver, and I was scheduled, for a while, to go to a lady's home on Saturdays, and I didn't get off in time to see Svengoolie. So I imagine that I was working and missed it back then.

I know a couple of weeks ago someone mentioned that they had gone to the movies as a kid to see The Conqueror Worm, thinking it was a creature feature, only to find out it wasn't. I can imagine that movie was quite a rude awakening, as it certainly wasn't silly scifi or horror schlock that lots of us went to see just to see how goofy they really were. I apologize that I can't remember who it was, but I do remember the story. It makes me laugh, because I had a similar experience, except I wasn't a kid. Back in the early eighties, on Friday nights-at least for a while-what is now TBS showed some gothic horror. That was where I first saw Frankestein Created Woman. When I tuned in one week and heard the name of the movie was The Conqueror Worm, I though it was some obscure Godzilla-type movie. When I saw it wasn't, I decided that I wouldn't watch it and turned to something else-and felt a bit like a dumbbell that I had no idea that it wasn't a monster flick. I also had no idea, then, that the movie was considered very graphic and disturbing for the time-though I'm sure they had to do quite a bit of editing, even though I was on cable; it wasn't HBO or the other pay channels that wouldn't have had to cut it.
MADave 10 months ago
So Lynn is the Gil-man your new boyfriend?
TheKodakKid MADave 10 months ago
Don’t tell Yvette if she is. We might have a cat fight on the blog.
MADave TheKodakKid 10 months ago
Haha good point
Lynn MADave 10 months ago
Oh, heavens no! But I do identify with a creature who feels more at home in the water than on dry ground. He's always been a favorite of mine.
Catbat TheKodakKid 10 months ago
Oh wait a minute, don't drag me 🐈🦇into this.
daleuhlmann 10 months ago
Congratulations to Lynn fot the Picture of the Month. I had no idea you were so photogenic!
Lynn daleuhlmann 10 months ago
No, just a grade A ham.
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 10 months ago
I didn’t realize that was OUR Lynn!

Congrats! So will you have prints available to autograph for us?
Lynn TheKodakKid 10 months ago
Ha! I'm just thankful you guys are willing to claim me.
MADave 10 months ago
Now that’s a meal fit for an army
Catbat 10 months ago
Great newsletter! What a line up. Congratulations Lynn on making photo of the month! Great picture!
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
Lynn Catbat 10 months ago
😎 That really was nice of Sven!
Catbat Lynn 10 months ago
Really cool pic dear 😊
Lynn Catbat 10 months ago
Thanks - it was a neat exhibit!
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