We're Making a Big "Sting" About the "Black Scorpion"- Tonight!

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This week we have another premiere on our show here on MeTV- with yet another giant arachnid! Ah, but THIS time, it’s no tarantula- and it’s stop motion supervised by the man who brought us “King Kong”! Our destination is Mexico- and our massive menace is the “Black Scorpion”!

In this 1957 feature, we have a duo of geologists on a mission to Mexico where a huge earthquake has created a volcano, resulting in major destruction. Doctors Hank Scott and  Arturo Ramos are on their way to the village of San Lorenzo when they happen upon some of the destruction- a disheveled house, but also, more puzzling, a bashed –in police car, which makes no sense- since that kind of damage doesn’t appear to be done by an earthquake! They make two more discoveries- a little baby alone in the house, in good health- and the policeman whose car it was- in exactly opposite condition.

They head into the village, to have the child taken care of by family friends and to meet with Father Delgado. The priest relates that there have been other strange things going on-cattle being killed, as well as other damage- that superstitious villagers are attributing to a “demon bull”. In spite of all this weird stuff, Hank and Arturo decide to continue with the geological surveying they originally set out to do- as the military arrive to help with disaster relief.

A freak accident introduces the two doctors to a beautiful local rancher, Teresa Alvarez, who invites them to use her posh hacienda as their headquarters. (Tough sell, huh?!) One of the servants has a precocious son, Juanito, who likes to hang around Hank. Phone lines that were damaged by the earthquake are restored, and just as one of the workmen on the scene calls Teresa to let her know- the reason for some of the odd destruction is revealed- as giant scorpions attack! Their next target is San Lorenzo, and even the military has no way to stop the huge horrors! By daybreak, the monsters have gone- leaving a path of death and wreckage.

The search begins for exactly where the scorpions are holed up- as the doctors, Teresa, a noted entomologist Dr. Velasco, and a military squad all look for any possible place that might be their nesting place. When it’s discovered, Hank and Arturo bravely get lowered into an underground cavern with various odd creatures- including, of course, the giant scorpions! Attempts are made to seal the scorpions in- but they only lead to showdown in Mexico City with the biggest and most dangerous of the arachnids!

This film, as we mentioned, features stop motion animation supervised by Willis O’Brien, who brought the original “King Kong” to life. ( A couple things you will see reportedly were from unused scenes in the giant ape movie!) We’ll fill you in on some of the problems O’Brien and his team encountered, and tell you about some of our cast members- including lovely Mara Corday and Richard Denning, both of whom you have seen in movies on our show. We’ll give you the word on a new sports betting bar, and have Doug Graves on hand to bring you a new song!

“Black Scorpion” crawls onto your TV screen tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. If you need help in finding what time and channel we’re on where you are, please consult your local listings, or check in at .Last  week we were in the top 5 trending topics nationally on Twitter- as viewers live-Tweeted during our show, using the hashtag                 #svengoolie. You’re invited to join in, no matter what time zone you are watching us in! On our main local Chicago station, CW26, viewers can see an encore of another arachnid epic, “Earth VS the Spider” at 11 am.

I am very flattered, and even a little embarrassed, that MeTV has established the “#LoveSven” initiative for this Valentine’s Day month! There is a new Sven mug in our store – and MeTV has encouraged viewers to tell why they love me ( I’m honored) with posts on social media- and photos in our photo gallery- with each week having a different theme:

Week one ( winding up now): Tell us why you #LoveSven

Week two: Show off your fan creations!

Week three: What’s your favorite Svengoolie movie and why?

Week four: Show us a picture of you and your Sven merch!

Feel free to join in if you wish- and use that hashtag #LoveSven ! And thank you!

Tonight, beware of the sting –not of Cupid’s arrow- but of the Black Scorpion!

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crystaljohnson086 2 months ago
What are you showing next week Sven?
crystaljohnson086 2 months ago
And I think I must be the youngest one here...I’m 38!
crystaljohnson086 2 months ago
Bracing for a deep freeze here in Tx!
TheKodakKid 2 months ago
We’re going to need a much bigger blog.
Katink 2 months ago
Holy moley! Catch you all on the next page!
Oscar 2 months ago
CarrieCastro Oscar 2 months ago
Hi Oscar 🤓
Good your here 🙄
Drang 2 months ago
CrazyK 2 months ago
I’ve reappeared! See ya on the Invisible Man blog......or not! 😜
The1Butler 2 months ago
So another Saturday is upon us ... we faithfully gather.....😴😴😴😴
The1Butler The1Butler 2 months ago
Im tired after shoveling my steps again.
CrazyK The1Butler 2 months ago
0001 Cemetery Lane!
Drang CrazyK 2 months ago
1313 Mockingbird Lane?
CrazyK Drang 2 months ago
Oh my bad I thought it was the Addams family house.
Oscar 2 months ago
Almost time for the new blog, who will be #1 tonight?
CrazyK 2 months ago
So I made mashed potatoes for the first time ever tonight. Now, I’m a great cook but never had made them before for whatever reason. I tried them and they came out pretty good for the first time but in my case I would probably call them smashed potatoes! Now why am I telling you this and what does it have to do with the upcoming Invisible Man movie? Well, I’m about to make the potatoes vanish and I couldn’t see not telling you about it so now that I did I’m going to disappear for a bit so I can clear the dishes, if only I had some See’s Candy for dessert! 🤣
CrazyK CrazyK 2 months ago
No? Ok, how ‘bout this: two Invisible Men go into a bar and.......
Hahaha! Good one CrazyK!
Aceman2 CrazyK 2 months ago
Excellent. A bit confusing but excellent.
Oscar CrazyK 2 months ago
CrazyK Oscar 2 months ago
Good one!!!!
CrazyK Aceman2 2 months ago
I succeeded then! 😂
CrazyK 2 months ago
So long Black Scorpion, it was nice showing you, hope to see you again. 🤣
CrazyK Aceman2 2 months ago
Nice!!! My wishes don’t usually get granted! 🤣
MADave 2 months ago
Just curious is anyone here on the blog younger than me? I'm 54
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The1Butler gabste 2 months ago
Ahh little baby 😚
The1Butler MADave 2 months ago
I cant drive 55
DrClayton 2 months ago
Congrats to the Birthday Boys! Do I hear the sound of One Hand Clapping??
TheKodakKid DrClayton 2 months ago
Thanks. I don’t know about Scottie, but I know I didn’t rate a cake with miniature rubber chickens like someone on this blog did back in August.
DrClayton TheKodakKid 2 months ago
When you get your package, you'll see what *you* rate!
TheKodakKid DrClayton 2 months ago
Please tell me my “rating” isn’t the middle finger of either, or both hand(s).
MrsG 2 months ago
Yay ! Great numbers and impressive , quality material entered all week , both informative and entertaining. *_*
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