“Werewolf of London” Starts “Favorite THINGS” Month -Tonight!

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Our subject this month  on the Svengoolie show- "A Few of Our Favorite THINGS!" We start off  with a  classic - and rather hairy-thing that Sven viewers have been requesting to see- the "Werewolf of London"!

On a trip to Tibet, botanist Wilfred Glendon and his associate are seeking the rare mariphasa plant- but, in their attempt to obtain the bloom- Wilfred is attacked by- something! The strange creature bites him, but he does manage to get the plant sample, and returns to his home in England to study it. his lovely young wife Lisa is upset that he is spending so much time, obsessed with trying to get the plant to bloom. She ends up spending far too much time with her childhood friend Paul, who has more than just friendly interest in her.

Glendon is visited by the mysterious Dr. Yogami, who claims he has met Wilfred in Tibet- and  also has a strong interest in the mariphasa plant.When Yogami starts talking about werewolfism and the plant being an antidote to becoming one, Glendon scoffs at the idea- until , when using a moon lamp, simulating the moon rays that supposedly will make the plant bloom, starts to cause HIM to change! He learns that Yogami speaks the truth- and learns that he now is cursed with becoming a werewolf during the full moon! he also learns that someone else needs the plant- and has stolen the blooms! Glendon  finds himself going out on the prowl- and soon, a monster is reported to be roaming the streets of London. Will the werewolf follow the old legend- and try to kill the thing he loves the most?

This is Universal's first werewolf movie- and we'll have lots of information about the film, the cast, and the make-up- plus some fun Sven stuff- including a new segment featuring some of the amazing and amusing costumed characters we ran into at this year's C2E2 convention!

"Werewolf of London" starts howling on ME-TV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or, for time in your area, check local listings. In Chicago, viewers can enjoy one more look at the story of our new coffin in "Mad Ghoul" at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

Make sure you start checking the "appearance" tab often on our site for the stops  on our Sven Halloween season tour- we'll be adding new ones as we go along!