“Werewolf of London” Wraps Up Furry February Tonight!

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Our "Furry February" comes to a grand conclusion tonight on Me-TV, as we present the original wolfman movie from Universal - "Werewolf of London"! This 1935 classic stars Henry Hull as a scientist who travels to Tibet to find a rare night-blooming flower- only to be attacked by "something" upon finding it! He returns to England with the plant, but struggles to get the rare plant to bloom.Plus- he suddenly notices some hairy changes to himself! While dealing with all this, he meets a strange fellow scientist-Dr. Yogami-who also has an obsession with the night-blooming Asian plant- and finds his relationship with his beautiful young wife becoming more and more strained... and then the savage murders start... This highly atmospheric film was actually the movie the traditional wolfman make-up used by Lon Chaney Jr. was created for- but its star, Henry Hull, didn't like the full-coverage, time-consuming application- so, a less hairy version was created! It's still a great look- and Hull's role as the tortured victim is tremendous.Dr. Yogami is played by Warner Oland- and we'll tell you where you know him from (unless, as usual, some spoiler posts it as a comment below...), as well as other tidbits about the cast. You can catch our finale to Furry February tonight on Svengoolie at 10 pm eastern, 9 pm central, or check your local listings for the time we run in your area. In Chicago, you can get another look at Hammer's "Curse of the Werewolf" at 11 am on WCIU, the U! We'll see about doing another themed month down the the meantime, come back here within the next couple days, when I'll write a blog addressing an issue some viewers have brought up.