Why Isn't Sven on "The U" This Morning? Here's the Scoop!

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Attention Chicago viewing area Sven fans who usually watch our show on Saturday mornings on the U- this Saturday, November 30th, due to high school sports on the U, our show featuring “Creature from the Black Lagoon” will NOT run at the normal time- but, so you don’t miss your local dosage of our show, you can see the show at on a special day at a special time- Sunday December 1st at 5 pm ! This is a one-time only event, and we’ll be back at our usual Saturday morning timeslot on December 7th.

Those who watch us on MeTV, across the nation and in Chicago as well- don’t worry! The show will be right where it always is- Saturday night at 8 eastern/pacific, 7 central! Join us then!

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Matt 9 months ago
Happy Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!!
1MikeM Matt 9 months ago
Thanks Matt. You too.
Gina 9 months ago
Gina 9 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Berwyn1979 Gina 9 months ago
Please comment on next weeks movie. It will be fun. It’s always nice to have a new member of the Sven family. I’m pretty new myself
SvenAdministrator Gina 9 months ago
It was on more than a couple months ago.
Geo Gina 9 months ago
I just like the little bits he still does. That make the show much more enjoyable. The movies are great also, it is just I miss the shows younger more unpolished segments.
Jade StephanieStepStone 9 months ago
What did they drop by to say lol?
Carl_N_Brown Gina 9 months ago
Not so long ago, was it?
30 Nov 2019 Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
15 Jun 2019 Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
06 Jul 1973 Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman (original Screaming Yellow Theater with Jerry Bishop Svengoolie)
Egore 9 months ago
I was in high school in 1958 when this movie came out. In those days we used to say that if a flying saucer landed the little green man would climb out and say "Take me to your leader". (We always called space aliens little green men in those days.) When this film came out Milton Berle, the king of corny jokes, quipped on TV that after watching the Attack of the Fifty foot Woman he's sure the little green man will say "Take me to your ladder, I'll see your leader later". yeah, that joke is so corny that Svengoolie wouldn't touch it with a fifty foot pole.
bostonmark 9 months ago
Greetings from the colder than a welldigger’s backside banks of the Merrimack! Fifty feet of feminine pulchritrude where do I sign up?
Egore 9 months ago
I haven't seen this one before, is it about a woman with fifty feet? It sounds like every shoe salesman's dream.
Jack Egore 9 months ago
It's an extra special episode of _Married With Children_.
Egore Jack 9 months ago
I didn't "get" your comment until I remembered that Al Bundy was a shoe salesman on that show. I'm thinking this movie must be a horror flick where the fifty foot woman looks like a half-centipede with a woman's head.
MADave Egore 9 months ago
She's 50 feet tall
Egore MADave 9 months ago
So... it's a fifty foot tall half-centipede with a woman's head that attacks? That sounds really scary, I can't wait to see it.
Berwyn1979 9 months ago
Very Interesting.
Can't wait for attack of the 50 foot woman.
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