Wipe That Smile Off His Face-If You Can! "Mr. Sardonicus"- Tonight!

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I know many of you are seeing the leftovers from your Thanksgiving  feast making an encore on your dinner table- well, in that same spirit, we’ve got something we served up to you last April- but don’t worry- it has stayed fresh- frozen, like the face of tonight’s fiend! It’s definitely worth a second sampling-  as another offering cooked up by the master chef of horror flavored with a heaping helping of gimmickry and ballyhoo- William Castle! It’s the 1961 shocker that brings you face to face with- “Mr. Sardonicus”!

 Dr. Robert Cargrave is a kindly and compassionate man who is renowned for his unique treatments for paralysis in 1800s London. He is urged to make a house call- and not in his own neighborhood, but in the central European country of Gorslava. The reason? He’s received a letter from his long lost love, who is now Baroness Maude Sardonicus, cryptically asking him to come quickly, as her very well- being depends on it. Still having feelings for her, he travels to the Sardonicus castle- where, among the first things he encounters, is one of the housemaids being tortured by a disfigured servant! The servant says it’s part of a “therapeutic experiment” ordered by his master. Dr. Cargrave finds this hard to comprehend.

When he finally sees his old flame, the lovely Mrs. Sardonicus, she seems somewhat frantic- and begs the doctor to do whatever her husband may ask of him. Cargrave then meets the husband himself, the Baron, wearing a full face mask that keeps his countenance hidden from the world. Even at the dinner table, Sardonicus remains masked, and does not dine with his bride or the doctor. His excuse is that he has already eaten. Hmmm…

Before long, Sardonicus reveals to Cargrave the reason he is masked- recounting his family history. Not actually of royal birth, he was a poor farmer, living with his pretty wife and his dad. Upon the passing of his father, they discover a surprise the elderly man had planned to treat them to- he had won a rich lottery prize which would put them all on easy street! In horror, they discover that his winning ticket was buried with him! His wife, unwilling to live at the near-poverty level at which they have been scraping by, demands that the farmer dig up his own father’s grave and retrieve the ticket! Nervously, but unwilling to face her wrath, he goes about the ghoulish act – which may make him wealthy , but also makes him pay a hideous price!

Sardonicus reveals his hidden face to the doctor, the result of his unholy act. Cargrave finds he has been summoned here to use his remarkable treatments to restore the baron’s distorted face to its original state. Should he fail- Sardonicus will bring unspeakable horrors to both Maude and her former lover! Can Cargrave restore the cruel baron’s facial features- or will he and Maude suffer far worse?

This film not only provided several shocks to the audience ( not like the ones he provided for “The Tingler”!) but also supposedly ( we’ll explain this) gave them the chance to determine the film’s outcome  with the  “Punishment Poll”- Castle’s gimmick for this film. We’ll talk about the poll and how it” worked”, and give some facts about both our cast and Castle. As we did last time, we ask our blog commenters NOT to give away any information on the film, for the benefit of first timers. After it airs – in all time zones- you can add any information that we did not provide.  

“Mr. Sardonicus” shows his face- well, eventually- we mean, the show starts tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or , if you’re unsure of time and channel in your area, check  your local listings, and/or at  Last week,  our show was again trending nationally in the top 10 on Twitter- and MeTV again invites you to live-Tweet with the program, using the hashtag    # svengoolie . Our Chicago area viewing audience gets another look- if they dare- at a similarly frightening face- “The Gorgon”- at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Just some early warning- we have early December appearances on tap for Sventa Claus  at a couple locations, so check the appearances tab here on our site- and make sure you keep checking out our store- a surprise may be showing up soon!

So, tonight- take off that mask so you can gobble down more leftover turkey- hey, who thought I meant this movie? Why, I oughta…

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PatS 22 months ago
Not sure where to post this, but afraid it would get lost down below. Dale posted "500 miles away from Home", the Bobby Bare version. Plenty of others, including Peter, Paul and Mary. Here's one I found a few years ago, part of an Indian movie, totally different words on the order of "You are always by my side, Darling" --

CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Catbat happy to see your back you might
have a haunted cell and computer 👻😉👻
Catbat CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
It's getting sent 20 million miles back for repairs.Haha
CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 22 months ago
Ha ha a very very long trip back ✨
MADave 22 months ago
Hey gang I’m feeling a bit woozy I’m going to bed see you tomorrow
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CarrieLynnCastro MADave 22 months ago
Feel better 🍃🥀🍃
Catbat CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Hi Carrie you still up? How's things at your end?
CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 22 months ago
I love Winnie pooh I want to live there🎈
Thanks 😍
CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 22 months ago
Hi Catbat 😻
Still up early for me not sleepy yet 🤓
I'm doing okay are you chilly yet 😨
Hope all is well on your end 😉
Catbat 22 months ago
Ok Gang I'm back. Refreshsed
Lynn Catbat 22 months ago
daleuhlmann Catbat 22 months ago
Welcome back, dear!
Catbat daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Thank you Dear
Catbat Lynn 22 months ago
Thanks Lynn. I was begining to panic.Hahaha
Lynn 22 months ago
Catbat's computer has a false sense of entitlement.
Catbat Lynn 22 months ago
It sure does. It better straighten up before midnight.
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Catbat has now told me that things are REALLY getting weird! On both her computer and her phone she keeps getting a message that the Svengoolie website is untitled, and she can't get on the blog.
😨 it must be the crazy weather interfering 😉
Hi Dale ⛄
Lynn 22 months ago
An elderly couple came up to me today (both of them had a wonderful twinkle in their eyes). They wanted to know, please, what an official chicken thrower was. They could tell, they said, that I took it very seriously. When I explained it, the gentleman said, "and this guy is from Chicago, right?" I nodded, and he nodded back as if that just might explain the whole thing! Just too cute!
daleuhlmann Lynn 22 months ago
Too funny--great story!
Catbat Lynn 22 months ago
Once in a lifetime experience! Cherish it
CarrieLynnCastro Lynn 22 months ago
Fun cute story Lynn
Thanks for sharing!
scottieO Lynn 22 months ago
I hope you made them honorary members, ha.
CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Hi Lynn 😍
A cozy shirt to wear for sure ♨️😱♨️ I guess the rain is there I'm sure🌧
the very cold weather will be next❄
It's really cold here in Clovis 😨

Have a nice evening⛼
Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
No rain here today. Just lovely clearing. Take care!
Lynn Lynn 22 months ago
Ha! I have no idea why that came in upside down. Talent, no doubt!
Catbat Lynn 22 months ago
Beautiful! It shows
Catbat Lynn 22 months ago
It's a topsy turvy world.Haha
CarrieLynnCastro Lynn 22 months ago
I like that picture
😊 the tree is floating
upside down!
scottieO Lynn 22 months ago
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
Or it just might be an important mission returning from Venus.
CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
My son text me this morning about the the
Big Earthquake in Alaska
7.0 I seen the damage
on f/b oh my scary pictures...high school boy said my school split
right in half...prayers out to Alaska I hope the people from there are okay and no loss of life
Carrie: I believe that Tommy AK lives in Alaska. If his home is anywhere near Anchorage, let's hope he's okay.
Lynn daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Got point there, Dale! Good vibes are on their way.
Dale I hope Tommy AK and his family are safe 💝
A very scary Earthquake a Big one!
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Catbat had asked me to notify you that she's having technical difficulties blogging with her phone at the moment, but will keep trying.
Lynn daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Thank you, Dale! Hang in there, Catbat!
Lynn 22 months ago
Today was the perfect day to bring out my Svengoolie long sleeve t-shirt! Man, I really love this thing!!! Thank you, Sven, for such a great quality shirt!
daleuhlmann Lynn 22 months ago
I agree, Lynn. It's oh-so warm and comfortable!
Lynn daleuhlmann 22 months ago
It is the bee's knees (high praise, indeed)!
CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Hi Catbat stay warm
get those boots on and scarf and gloves I think we are for very cold
weather 🌨🌬❄🌬🌧
coming are way!

I wore my boots today for the first time 😉

Where are going taking a trip 🚗🌧

Be care big rain for☔ tonight and tomorrow
🌧 if your out driving
Please be careful 😍

CarrieLynnCastro 22 months ago
Happy Friday better yet Sven just around the corner 🎉😱🎉

Out most of day yikes at 11:00 it was 61* by 2:00 it was 55* The wind 🌬came in! The storm out Of Gulf Alaska Is getting
here fast it's very cloudy
now at 4:30pm and very cold maybe we will get hail❄ Wishful thinking how about snow 🌨

Next week during the day will be in the 30's😨
that's what the weather
said last night.

It has snowed in the valley I have pictures when I was 5years old it snowed alot! They👩🏻‍⚕️ closed school and we actually build a big
Snowman⛄ Well my mom and aunt did her 2kids and we were 3kids had the best time ever will never forget❄💝❄
Memories aren't they heart warming 😍

Have a great cozy evening ♥️
daleuhlmann 22 months ago
The Ymir, as we'll see tomorrow, is 20,000,000 miles away from Venus, his home. This guy, by comparison, is only 500 miles away from home, but that's still a long distance.
JournalJeff2 daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Good song Dale!
It is a bummer to be away from home, whether it is 500 or 20 million miles.
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 22 months ago
Thanks, Journal Jeff. That was a big crossover hit for Country Western great Bobby Bare, as was another one of his songs, "Detroit City" (AKA "I Wanna Go Home"). Another of his hits was "Another Man Done Gone," about New Orleans voodoo queen Marie Laveau, which I posted in October for Catbat's Halloween playlist.
JournalJeff2 22 months ago
OK, if we are going on a 20 million mile journey tomorrow, we will need a mode of transportation. Might I suggest a magic carpet.

The1Butler JournalJeff2 22 months ago
I had a 4 seater , but It got sick, had to call the Rug Dr.
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 22 months ago
Love that classic from Steppenwolf!
JournalJeff2 daleuhlmann 22 months ago
Thanks Dale
MADave 22 months ago
2 hours ago I left work due to having the runs so I went to the bathroom a lot after my lunchtime called mom to ick me up and the rest is history sorry if I made anybody sick reading this
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CarrieLynnCastro MADave 22 months ago
Hope you feel better
It happens 🙄
JournalJeff2 The1Butler 22 months ago
Butler, you are on a roll tonight!
The1Butler JournalJeff2 22 months ago
With this kind of topic ,,, you can run with it !
Catbat The1Butler 22 months ago
You would show up for this crap.
Matt 22 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !
Catbat Matt 22 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Saturday Eve to you! Are you ready for the long trip tomorrow ?
Lynn Matt 22 months ago
Same to you, Matt!
The1Butler Lynn 22 months ago
Svengoolie eve !
Lynn The1Butler 22 months ago
1MikeM 22 months ago
Ravenwoman? BigBlueNYC1958? Michele and William, I hope you're both doing alright.
JournalJeff2 1MikeM 22 months ago
I second that!
Miss you guys (no offense, Michele)
Catbat 22 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All! Just a quick check in right now. I gotta get going and get set up for our long journey tomorrow night. Haha
Hope everyone is having a good day.
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