Wolf Man, Frankenstein Monster, and Sven Visit “House of Dracula”- Tonight!

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It's another monster house party tonight on Me-TV, as we open the doors-and the basement -of the "House of Dracula"-this week's entry in our month long theme-"the Doctor is In-SANE"!

This favorite film from 1945 has the kindly Dr. Edelmann and his pretty assistants- one a hunchbacked nurse- working on a plant-based formula that will allow him to reshape bone. He is visited by a slim aristocrat- one Baron Latos- who feels the doctor can cure an "abnormality" in his blood ( what we who are in the know already have guessed is- vampirism!)- and undergoes some blood replacement in  a quest to rid himself of his affliction. Meanwhile, a distraught Mr. Larry Talbot arrives at the clinic- insisting he must see the doctor- because a full moon is coming, and he needs his help!Can the kindly doctor finally end Talbot's torment?

Unfortunately, the supposed Baron is a little too interested in one of the doctor's assistants- and when the other assistant notices that his reflection doesn't appear in a mirror, there is more trouble on the horizon- including the discovery of the Frankenstein Monster in some underground caves, Talbot's transformation into the Wolf Man , and Dracula's schemes unleashing madness into the poor doctor's psyche. Looks like the local villagers have plenty to worry about, with this roster on the loose!

This is another "monster mash-up"- actually considered the "sequel" to "House of Frankenstein"- with John Carradine as the slender Drac, Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry Talbot, and Glenn Strange as the Monster- with Onslow Stevens as the well-meaning doctor who  takes a left turn from sanity. We'll have lots of facts about the movie and its cast,plus some Sven content that hasn't been in previous airings of this film!

Tune in "House of Dracula" tonight at 10 pm eastern and pacific, 9 pm central, and check those local listings to see when we air in your timezone. In Chicago, viewers get one more look at "Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" on WCIU- the U- at 11 am.

Next week- a brand new Sven show! Also- for those hankering to win a studio-used retired Sven rubber chicken- the contest is being revamped! Now, every month, you can enter to win the chicken- with the winner randomly chosen from the names entered! Just remember to re-enter every month- so your name will be in the new pool of entries. We think this will give those interested a better chance of winning. Here's the link to entering:

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