Wolf Man Makes “Feb-U -Hairy” in “House of Dracula”- Tonight!

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Our final "Feb-U-HAIRY" entry has a vampire as the title star, but features Universal's premiere werewolf as the hirsute element in this week's feature- the 1945 monster rally "House of Dracula"!

The kindly Dr. Edelmann is working on some experimental cures for various ailments. One night, he is visited by a tall thin stranger named Baron Latos. He has a unique "blood disorder" and asks that the doctor try to help him to be cured of this unfortunate illness. The doctor agrees, and aided by his lovely, but hunchbacked nurse Nina, sets out on a treatment program that involves him giving transfusions of his own blood  to the baron- who, in actuality, is indeed the vampire Count Dracula!

An impatient possible patient bursts in- one Larry Talbot- demanding help immediately, because the full moon is coming- but the doctor's other female assistant, Miliza, tells him the doctor is not available- and this drives Talbot to ask the police to lock him up! After they do so, they call in the doctor, to see if he can help this"madman"- only to find that Talbot really is a werewolf! Nonetheless, the doctor wants to cure him, using a plant he's cultivating that could enable solid bone to be manipulated- which, if successful, could help both Talbot and the mis-shapen nurse.

Meanwhile- Dracula gets interested in Miliza, the still alive body of the Frankenstein Monster is discovered, and the doctor is targeted by the suspicious Count- with frightening results! Will Dracula succeed in taking Miliza away- will Talbot  be cured-and will the Frankenstein Monster again gain the strength to endanger the people of Vasaria?

This follow-up to the previous monster mash-up "House of Frankenstein" brings us John Carradine once again as the slim Dracula (though it never answers the fact of how certain characters survived their fates in the previous film). Onslow Stephens is splendid as the doctor, Lon Chaney Jr is , of course, Talbot, and big Glenn Strange is again behind the Monster's make-up.We'll give you cast information, of course., along with the usual Sven-tertainment.

"House of Dracula" shows up on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, or check listings for the run time in your area. Chicago area viewers can see "She-Wolf of London" on WCIU- the U- this morning at 11 am.

Our director Chris  has just uncovered evidence that tonight is exactly 5 years since the prehistoric rubber chicken Kerwyn first appeared on the show! He has obviously become  a big favorite with our viewers, and, although we won't be acknowledging this milestone on the show, let us tip the Sven stovepipe here  to our jaw-clacking mail assistant.

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