Ygor Reunites with the Monster Tonight in “Ghost of Frankenstein”!

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Bela Lugosi is back in his OTHER great character role- the devious hunchback Ygor- as he finds a lost "friend"- and brings horror back to the Frankestein family in "Ghost of Frankenstein"!

This 1942 film- coming after "Son of Frankenstein"- finds the residents of Frankenstein's village  bemoaning the current local conditions- and attributing all of it to the Monster and his creator! They decide to burn down the symbol of the whole tragedy- the remains of Castle Frankenstein. Ygor, who survived from the previous film,still dwells there- and must escape as the ruins fall down around him- but, he stumbles upon the Monster, preserved by the very sulphur of the pit he fell into to his supposed doom. The two manage to escape, and, when the weakened monster gets a jolt of energy from a lightning bolt, Ygor decides they must find Frankenstein's other son, Ludwig, who is doing noble medical work in Vasaria.

Vasaria turns out to be the Moster's undoing when, in trying to help a small child, he is captured by the authorities, who call on Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein to help solve the mystery of this huge "madman" they have apprehended. Frankenstein is visited by Ygor  before he heads into town, who informs him that the individual in question is his father's creation. When the doctor arrives  in town to check out the Monster, the creature recognizes the family resemblence, and breaks free- aided in his escape by Ygor!

While all this transpires, Frankenstein's lovely daughter Elsa discovers her grandfather's journals- and the secrets of the Monster- just as Ygor shows up with the creation.As they invade the sanitorium, amidst mayhem and murder, the Monster is subdued again- and , when the doctor is about to dissect the hulking brute- his father's ghost implores him not to- and to perfect  the creation with a brain transplant! Will a healthy brain make things right- or does Ygor have his own dangerous agenda?

This entry in the Frankenstein series features Lon Chaney Jr. taking over the Monster role from Boris Karloff- the aforementioned return of Bela as Ygor- plus Sir Cedric Hardwicke as the doctor, and Universal stock player Evelyn Ankers as his daughter. We'll fill you in on more about the cast, and have a cast change of our own- Sven's wooden headed brother Fraido takes over as host for this program!

"Ghost of Frankenstein" runs on Svengoolie on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, and you can find our run time in your area in your local listings. (Dallas/Ft. Worth Sven fans-  we're still working on getting us back in your area on a better station- but some new options are opening up- please go to, click on "where to watch"- and enter your zip code for where we're available to you.) In Chicago, you can relive the thrill of the original Karloff "Frankenstein" at 11 am this morning on WCIU- the U.

The "FrankenFest" continues all month long on Svengoolie- so, don't miss the various incarnations of the Monster and his creator that we have in store!