You Asked to SEE Him Again- the Original “Invisible Man” TONIGHT!

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While, like you, I enjoy the viewers' comments, complaining because we show certain movies once a year on Me-TV;  I have no reason to apologize for bringing you a classic tonight that we constantly get requests for - the great Claude Rains in his role as "The Invisible Man"!

From the creepy open where the bundled up stranger treks thru the snow and makes his dramatic entry into the inn- to the  chilling moment when he reveals himself to the locals- through his rampage of murder and madness- this 1933 presentation of the H.G. Wells tale  has always been a favorite of Sven viewers.

We learn of the experiments of Dr. Griffin,  his fiancee's worries about his welfare, and his quest to undo what his discovery has done- until the side effect of the formula upon his brain begins his descent into evil and insanity.

This is one Universal horror film that follows the original novel more closely than most- and Claude Rains pulls off  a brilliant performance that relies mostly on his expressive vocal talents , as well as the then state of the art special effects that still hold up well enough today. We'll talk about how these effects were done,as well as discussing the cast members, and bringing you the Sven shtick you've come to expect in each week's show!

"Invisible Man" appears (yeah, I'm still doing those jokes...) tonight on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern and pacific- 9 pm central- and please check your local listings for the time in your area. In Chicago, you get the replay of "Brides of Dracula" this morning at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

I did want to mention that my Rondo award as favorite horror host of 2013 will be presented late this afternoon, along with all the other Rondos,  at the WonderCon convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Although I am not able to attend, due to not doing any travel at this time- doctor's orders- I have sent a recorded acceptance speech. When the award is brought to us here in Chicago, we'll be proud to show it to you on an upcoming program! Again, we thank all of you who voted for us. Be watching here and under the "appearances" tab on our site- we WILL be doing some public appearances coming up this summer!