You Can't Ignore Us When We've Got "Dinosaurus!"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we’ll take you away from our current stressful situation- to a warm and sunny Caribbean island- where there is a totally different stressful situation- and not just the rule of the nasty local town boss! Masks and social distancing won’t help you avoid some reanimated prehistoric beasts and a newly- awakened Neanderthal- when we face the destructive might of- “Dinosaurus!”

It’s the threshold of a new future on the island , as a construction crew labors to create a new , ship-friendly lagoon- using underwater charges to blast more space below the surface of the surrounding ocean. Local kid Julio enjoys hanging around with the workmen, against the wishes of the villainous town boss, Mike Hacker. Much more friendly to him is Big Bart Thompson who’s in charge of the operation- but less in control of his winsome girlfriend Betty, who cluelessly boats out amidst the blast area, and dives into the water to retrieve a lost cooler. Bart notices and is quick to follow- which is a good thing, when a shocking discovery puts Betty in peril!

Once she’s back on land, we find the source of her dismay was- two prehistoric creatures, flash-frozen in the icy waters (sure- we’ve all heard of the icy waters of the Caribbean- especially in an area so shallow they have to make it deeper). The construction crew now becomes a salvage crew, as they transfer the frozen dinosaurs- apparently a brontosaurus and a T-Rex- onto the beach. The nasty Hacker ( an ethnic bad guy whose Anglicized name doesn’t suit him!) has his own agenda- cashing in on the new finds- especially when he stumbles on one additional prize that has washed up from the sea- a seemingly inert cave man! He stashes the Neanderthal’s body and ponders his next move while Bart and Betty head to Hacker’s cantina for dinner.

A storm is approaching the island- which concerns the somewhat over-served old fellow who is on “guard duty” (consisting of napping, drinking, and reading a comic book)- and soon, the thunderstorm unleashes more than rain, as lightning strikes revive the prehistoric beasts! The goofy guard’s attempt to keep the monsters at bay with a stick of dynamite only adds to the confusion of the power going out, and young Julio escaping the wrath of his “guardian” Hacker.

Of course, the cave man end up revived as well- and soon the area is under siege by this pseudo Flintstone -AND rampaging dinosaurs. The bronto appears to be the more friendly of the massive lizards- and the T Rex is more of a -well- a T Rex! Trying to reach safety, the frightened townspeople must evacuate and take refuge in an old fortress – and hope that Bart and the boys can help them survive the deadly attack of the thunder lizard!

This 1960 film, complete with some stop-motion animation, comes to us from the same folks who brought us the ‘50s classic “The Blob”, and has some interesting stories attached, which we’ll relate to you- as well as introducing you to the cast, visiting with a dinosaur, and presenting a tune. Be forewarned-there is some silliness along with the excitement in this film- but, all in all, it’s an entertaining adventure.

“Dinosaurus!" will be on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or at ) for time and channel in your viewing area. Join the many fans live-Tweeting on Twitter during the program- just be sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie – and you’ll probably find us, once again, trending high nationally among the topics of conversation. In Chicago, viewers get one more look at the ever-popular “Gargoyles” on the U, at 11 am.

Be watching the Sven ( and MeTV) store for something new to help entertain you while in quarantine- and beyond!

Join us tonight for pre-historic pandemonium and dinosaurus disaster on MeTV!

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FKrueger 2 months ago
Hi gang just thought I'd add a comment to get us closer to 2500
abc123 2 months ago
thunder storm passing by. good thing computer has batteries...just in case
MADave abc123 2 months ago
abc123 2 months ago
watched gargoyles today. better with sven bits...
MADave abc123 2 months ago
Everything's better with Sven bits
MADave 2 months ago
This'll be 2481 only 19 to go
StephanieStepStone 2 months ago
2480 comments. Let's make it to 2500!
- Steph :-)
StephanieStepStone 2 months ago
Woops. I'd forgotten the Blog comes in in 35 minutes, and put a late supper in the oven. Cleaning out frig and eaten frozen/cold stuff in case power goes out later in the weekend. Found 4 pounds of forgotten hamburger meat. :-))))) Must boil eggs, do laundry.
I heard the last time my apt complex had a bad tropical storm- just before I moved here- my place was without power for 2 weeks.
Should still be ok for Saturday, tho, unless antenna signal waffles.
- Steph :-)
MADave 2 months ago
I think I may have asked this a long time ago but, which episode of Perry Mason had the lady say I don’t know? I don’t know? and who was the actress?
dh 2 months ago
Weather- bad
Sleep- good
nite nite all
BelleLugosi dh 2 months ago
Good sleeps to you!
StephanieStepStone dh 2 months ago
Good N y t o l
- Steph :-)
StephanieStepStone dh 2 months ago
Still calling that word "Family Un-Friendly"
- Steph :-)
MADave StephanieStepStone 2 months ago
Does that to me too
dh 2 months ago
Bride of Gomer?
He works fast.
StephanieStepStone dh 2 months ago
Made me grin!
dh StephanieStepStone 2 months ago
that sarge is a wheeler dealer all right!
StephanieStepStone 2 months ago
I heard on a game show that the word "Robot" was coined by a 1920s book author to mean "Mechanical Man" or "Mechanical Woman." (forgot author.)
Are the bolts in Frankie's neck mechanical, or purely decorative?
- Steph :-)
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MADave Jack 2 months ago
The picture of the monster sorta looks like an early iron man and the picture of the skull looks like one of Tombstone's long lost telatives
PatS Jack 2 months ago
Shouldn't he be missing his upper teeth?
Karl Capek, and yes, he was Czech. The original work was "R.U.R." a stage play whose title stood for "Rossum's Universal Robots". The Czech word "robot" means "worker".
Jack PatS 2 months ago
Borith continued to lose teeth during his career—perhaps cricket injuries from defending the wicket with his face? His distorted mouth as _The Haunted Strangler_ (1958) was created in part by removing his lower dentures...Elsewhere, I’ve seen a full upper plate that had been authenticated as belong to Karloff.

To produce the Creature’s sunken cheeks, Karloff was reported to have removed bridgework that had replaced his cheek teeth, not unlike the alleged alleged extractions of Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich’s molars to create their signature cheek lines. Naturally, photos of Karloff as the Creature breaking into a toothy grin are far and few between. However, a still from the burning mill scene suggests that as of 1931 Karloff still retained his front teeth...The contours of the Creature’s lips are very similar Imhotep’s lips in _The Mummy_ (1932), so I’m inclined to suspect Karloff still had his incisors and canines.

The Creature has fuller cheeks in _The Bride_ because Karloff had to wear his partials to articulate his lines.
StephanieStepStone 2 months ago
Hi. Tropical Storm Cristobal won't hit Baton Rouge til Sunday afternoon or evening. I don't expect to lose power, but may lose antenna signal. Should be ok for Saturday night tho.
- Steph :-)
Your Tropical Storm is suppose to arrive up here on Wednesday morning giving us some stormy weather. Thanks! LOL
It's not my Tropical Storm. Blame Mexico. Wish someone could invent a wall to keep these storms out.
- Steph :-)
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