You’ll Be “YGOR” to See Karloff in “Son of Frankenstein” Tonight!

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It's the third and final appearance by Boris Karloff in the core universal Frankenstein series- and the first appearance of Bela Lugosi as his OTHER most memorable character- as the Sven show proudly brings back the 1939 classic- "Son of Frankenstein"! Basil Rathbone stars as the original Dr. Frankenstein's son- who, with his wife and son in tow,returns to his father's town and estate- only to receive a very cold reception from the villagers, who only remember the horrors that the original Frankenstein unleashed upon them. While investigating his father's old laboratory, Wolf von Frankenstein has a tense encounter with a local blacksmith -Ygor- who was hanged for various crimes-yet continues to live as a malformed miscreant.Ygor reveals to Wolf that his father's greatest creation- the Monster-still lives- and,before long,Wolf is determined to continue his father's work...but- Ygor has his own agenda- and plans to use the Monster for revenge, while scheming against Wolf and his household! The heavyweight cast in this film- the great Karloff, the celebrated Rathbone, and Lugosi, showing his true versatility with his portrayal of Ygor- has made this film a real favorite of many Universal fans- as well as the appearance of Lionel Atwill as the one-armed police inspector Krogh, who was parodied so brilliantly in Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein". We'll fill you in on more about the cast on the program,and more info about the production as well. "Son of Frankenstein" runs tonight on our Me-TV network- 10 pm eastern, 9 pm central, 10 pm pacific, or, just check your local listings for the timeslot in your area. If you're a Chicago area viewer, you can catch the encore of "Dracula's Daughter" on the U- WCIU- at 11 am! To answer some of your inquiries: my heart attack rehabilitation continues, and things are looking pretty good! Hopefully, I'll be back recording some new shows to mix in with our current library before too long- we'll most likely first begin adding new mail segments to established shows once I'm ready and able. Please check back here at the blog - I've got some tidbits that might interest you coming up soon!