You're Booked for an Overnight Stay-Where Dwells the "Night Monster"-Tonight!

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Tired of lonely quarantine within the same four walls? Thinking it’s time for a vacation? MeTV can help, putting you up tonight in a secluded manor deep in the swamplands-with mystic medicine and blood stains included in your stay, which might only be marred by the latest murder caused by a terrible monster- in the 1942 chiller “Night Monster”!

Be our guest at  Ingston Towers- where our host is the reclusive invalid Curt Ingston. Among the eccentric guests are Ingston's troubled sister Margaret, an Indian mystic named Singh, and staff members: mysterious butler Rolf, the sleazy chauffeur Laurie, and the overly-stern housekeeper Miss Judd. It appears one staff member has had enough- young housemaid Milly , who finds recent developments, like  blood stains appearing in places around the house, the reports of a death near the property, and the legend of a lurking monster so frightening even the frogs in the area stop croaking when it approaches- are reason enough to tender her resignation. Her leaving brings on the severance gift of having to fight off the lecherous Laurie. Milly wants the local authority- a small-town and small-minded constable- to check things out.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Ingston, confined to a wheelchair, has an amazing discovery that he wants to reveal- and chooses three renowned doctors who had once attempted unsuccessfully to cure his paralysis  to come to his remote home to witness this astounding discovery (made by the mystic Singh) that he feels will change medical history. The doctors arrive, as well as another doctor Ingston had not invited. His sister Margaret, considered insane by her brother and the housekeeper, has summoned a psychiatrist- the lovely Dr. Lynn Harper- to help confirm that she is quite sane, no matter what others say. On her way to the mansion, Dr. Lynn has car trouble, and, getting spooked while walking alone on the fog-shrouded lonely road through the swamps, is fortunate to be picked up by a mystery writer, Dick Baldwin, who somehow seems to be the one person who is always welcome to visit with Ingston.

Lynn, however, is NOT so welcome- most of the Ingston staff, along with the old man himself, are not happy to have her present. They do relent, though, and allow her to join the parties staying overnight ( there’s a great offer!).Even so, Ingston  seems reluctant to let his sister speak with the psychiatrist.

After the guests suffer through an uneasy dinner, Ingston prepares to reveal his incredible mystical breakthrough- though the doctors weigh in as either skeptical or outraged at the idea. The mysterious Singh gives a demonstration, resulting in a frightening materialization and- more blood! As the group tries to make sense of  this frightening presentation, the night progresses with a systematic series of murders - and the existence of the legendary monster proves to be more than folklore!

Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill getting top billing in this film- and their presence seems to promise a scary good time- yet, both of these actors are far from the stars of this "old dark house" horror film. That doesn’t keep this movie from being a really creepy chiller!  We’ll introduce you to the various cast members, while scaring up the usual Sven shtick- including an ad for an exceptional household cleaning product, yet another crack at the  "Too Drawn Out" game, and another entry from the Svengoolie songbook- sure to also stop the frogs from croaking- as well as those viewers who hear it.

“Night Monster” brings a chill to your night tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings ( or for time and channel where you are. Once again, you can live-Tweet during the show with the scores of fans who keep our program trending among the most talked about topics on Twitter every Saturday night- just be sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie. Our Chicago area viewers get another look at the atomic zombie jamboree  "Creature with the Atom Brain" this morning on the U, at 11 am.

Supplies are limited for both the Svengoolie At Home box, with an array of items to keep you entertained, and the Svengoolie Studio Set with a Sven action figure, a to-scale rubber chicken, and his own coffin- check them out in the store on our site or at - and order while they are still in stock. Once they are gone- they are gone!

Join us tonight to meet the "Night Monster"- and don't you dare croak!

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Berwyn1979 6 months ago
Here we are, trying to be first again
Got to be here on time and not 7 to 10
Then to watch a movie that is just fine
The 1957 movie Curse of Frankenstein
Professor Patricia MacCormack called it a first film with a lot of gore
That movie that established the style of "Hammer Horror"
Now if you see the look of Frankenstein
You might notice something weird in the design
The reason for the interesting looking sight
Is because the classic design is under Universal pictures copyright
The movie was a hit with the box office at 8 million
Showing that the people still love this misunderstood villain
As I read on the movie drinking my tea
I see that the movie was remade in 1970
But the remake was made over 50 years ago
So we will see the original on tonight's show
Berwyn1979 6 months ago
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Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
Tip for today.
Pocket bottles. They're handy. But.
Do not mistake your Hand Sanitizer for your Artificial Tears.
Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
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Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
It may reduce bags under your eyes,.
The1Butler The1Butler 6 months ago
Im not a doctor
The1Butler 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
I worked at a Holliday inn....
deadringer42 6 months ago
Don't know if I can last another 1.5 hrs till new blog race to first, but I'm gonna try.
deadringer42 6 months ago
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MADave 6 months ago
Does anybody know how we can find out who has the most first blogger trophies?
MADave 6 months ago
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The1Butler MADave 6 months ago
I'll shorten the list , it's not me .
The1Butler 6 months ago
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1MikeM 6 months ago
I was just watching one of my DVDs recently. An episode of NIGHT GALLERY. The episode: "There aren't any more McBanes." Good episode. Spooky stuff. That's the one with Joel Grey and Howard Duff. Mark Hamil (fan of Svengoolie) makes an appearance as a guy delivering a telegram.
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Jack 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Klaatu Berwyn1979 6 months ago
Ha! And not to be confused with “Candygram for Mongo.”
Klaatu 1MikeM 6 months ago
And that reminds me of a favorite of mine, the first Night Stalker with Darren McGavin.
1MikeM Klaatu 6 months ago
Klaatu, that is a favorite of mine too. Hope MeTV brings that back to their schedule. I know it was on there a few years ago. They had it on Sunday nights like right after Columbo and then it was gone for awhile and they had it back and it was on Saturday nights like midnight central time.
1MikeM 6 months ago
Gotta fire up the popcorn machine and the Wimshurst static electricity generator for THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN.
Jack 6 months ago
Sure, Peter Cushing is okay with strangling as long as it’s not himself.
Klaatu Jack 6 months ago
Ha! For a second I thought that was Dark Helmet in Space Balls😆
MADave 6 months ago
Ok let me get this straight to get first blogger each week you click oldest and that claims the winner right?
TheKodakKid MADave 6 months ago
Basically, yes. Because there are so many folks trying to blog at the moment the new blog goes live, it may not show correctly at first. It might not show another blogger’s post as soon as you hit post until after you refresh your browser.

“It’s alive! It’s alive!! The new blog is alive.” might make a worthy first post. Especially for one dealing with Frankenstein. I’ll be working at midnight tonight. So you, or any other blogger, is welcome to use it.
MADave TheKodakKid 6 months ago
Thanks KK I would love to see your Scooby shirt
Oscar MADave 6 months ago
I've found the competition is fierce for that first blogger spot.
TheKodakKid Oscar 6 months ago
Oscar, only among those of us who have no personal lives.

I’ve been first two or three times. First runner up too many times to count.
MADave TheKodakKid 6 months ago
I think you and I are tied with three firsts?
Jack 6 months ago
Klaatu mentioned the bad makeup on Hammer’s Frankenstein’s Monster. No wonder the monster is angry, particularly angry at his creator! Dr. Frankenstein gave him perfectly normal hands (nice manicure!) but the face!It's even worse in color—Hammer colour! Hands slightly paler that Dr. Frankenstein (make allowances for strangulation) but his facial complexion is that of porcelain—dirty porcelain!
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Carl_N_Brown Jack 6 months ago
THE CAR beeped dah-ditty-dah _ . . . _ Morse for X before running over people.
Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
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PatS Jack 6 months ago
The hands belonged to a sculptor, I think -- so intended to show meticulous-ness and sensitivity?
Jack PatS 6 months ago
More likely Paul Orlac’s original hands.
Catbat 6 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
Oscar Catbat 6 months ago
Hey there Catbat, almost Svenday woohoo
deadringer42 6 months ago
Friday, One day closer to svendurday.
DrClayton 6 months ago
Dale vs. the Wasps/Hornets....

[I suggest that we have a screening of THE WASP WOMAN]

I hear that Dale has moved on to bigger (and better!) things in his pocket:

daleuhlmann DrClayton 6 months ago
Yep, moving on to mice next!
DrClayton 6 months ago

BRIDE OF (1935)
SON OF (1939)
GHOST OF (1942)
HOUSE OF (1944)
CURSE OF (1957)
EVIL OF (1964)
HORROR OF (1970)
TERROR OF (1975)
HOUSE OF (1997)

Any enthusiasm out there for ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1999) ?

And Happy Sven Eve!
daDoctah DrClayton 6 months ago
PatS DrClayton 6 months ago
Frankenstein, the Musical! Also Frankenstein, the Ballet! (Several of both, I believe. Dracula's, too.)
Jack PatS 6 months ago
Young Frankenstein, the Musical!
CarrieCastro 6 months ago
I grew up watching Hammer Movies my
first horror movies I
ever watched in the theaters 🕸 I love it!

Good night ☄🌒☄
It's Friday 👻
CarrieCastro 6 months ago
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