Youth? Yeth! Aging is Reversed - and the Victim Count Increases- when the "Leech Woman" Appears- Tonight!

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Forget about those commercials we run for a product that’ll make you look younger- tonight on MeTV, we’ve got a different solution to aging- as a mistreated wife joins her husband in an expedition to find an old tribal secret to restore youthful beauty- with an ingredient that proves lethal for certain individuals! Look and feel younger- but become a "Leech Woman"!

Appropriate for this month- we meet June- who’s busting out the alcohol all over, thanks to her cold uncaring husband, Dr Paul Talbot. Dropping by his office, she is again feeling his disdain for – god forbid- aging and having her beauty fade. He chides her for her drinking, and reveals that he is at the point of filing for divorce. Paul has been researching ways of slowing the aging process, but has had little success- which has just strengthened his hatred for his spouse. Heartbroken June is  making her way out of the office when she encounters a wrinkled old woman who makes a cryptic prediction that upsets June further. When the old lady is ushered into Paul’s office, she stuns the doctor by revealing she is unnaturally older than even her looks would reveal. She tells the story that she was brought to America as a slave- over a hundred years ago! She demonstrates the secret of her amazing longevity right in the office- using a secret drug from her African homeland, which seems to be as mysterious and hidden as the Black Panther’s Wakanda. Paul is amazed that this potion actually works, and asks about getting some of it- but Mala, the old woman, tells him it’s not possible, because it takes a secondary substance to mix with the longevity drug to activate the reversal of the aging process. Mala plans on making a final return to her homeland to spend the rest of her days among the last of her tribe.

Upon testing the modicum of the powder that Mala left with him,  Paul is convinced of her story-and heads home, where June and the couple's lawyer, Neil are discussing the impending divorce (and June is several sheets to the wind). Divorce , however, is now the furthest thing from Paul’s mind. He wants June to accompany him on an expedition to Africa- so they can find Mala, get all the ingredients to the age-reversal cocktail, and restore June’s youth and beauty ! June is overjoyed at this reunion, as Paul hurries her to prepare for their journey.

Paul has hired a guide of questionable integrity to lead them and their expedition party into the dangerous sector of Africa where they hope to find Mala and her people. Along the way, Paul again belittles and mistreats June- but marital spats are the least of their worries when they end up captured by Mala's tribe, known as the Nandi!  They seem bound for the position of human sacrifices when Mala herself suddenly appears. She is actually the leader of the tribe- and decrees that these captives may witness the secret of the mixture that will now fully restore her own youth. There is one condition of the ritual that has not been mentioned before - only women can undergo this transformation that will return them to their youth. They will remain young for a brief period of time- after which- by tradition-they commit suicide! Even more shocking –the catalyst ingredient for the mixture is pineal fluid from the brain of a MALE- which , of course, results in the “donor's” death!

Mala uses the secret formula successfully, as it dawns on June that her hubby wanted her to make the trip with him, not because he wanted to renew their love- but to use HER as a guinea pig to test if the mixture could work with no adverse effects. Mala offers her the chance to be young again- and she makes a startling choice- that results in her transformation back into a ravishing youthful beauty !

June escapes the tribe (and the traditional suicide) and returns to America. In order to keep all that has happened a secret, she pretends to be her own niece, and even fools lawyer Neil in her new identity. However, the clock is ticking, and her temporary youth will begin to fade- unless she heads out to prowl the city streets for unsuspecting male "donors" to renew her youth  potion- by ending their lives!

This 1960 revenge and rejuvenation tale stars lovely Coleen Gray as June- as well as Grant “Incredible Shrinking Man” Williams as her lawyer – and other cast members we’ll tell you about. Plenty of Sven fun, including some pointers on prompting the use of stock footage, and – a very special interview with a celebrity fan of our show- the fine and funny actor Mark Sheppard, who played Crowley the King of Hell on the CW’s “Supernatural”!

You can attach yourself to the "Leech Woman" tonight  on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and, if unsure when we air and where in your area, check your local listings (or at ). Our Chicago viewers can catch some day-for-night nastiness with Miss Barbara Stanwyck in  "Night Walker" at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

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Hot weather is forecast- so why not spend time with a newly-restored hottie on MeTV tonight?!