Saturday! Saturday! At Satan 666 Dragstrip- Burn Rubber- and Brimstone- with "The Car"!

Tonight on MeTV- it’s demonic road rage... as we bring back four wheeled fear driven by evil!... more

She's Jumping Out of Sven's 40th Anniversary Cake- "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" Tonight!

On the anniversary eve of the date that I first appeared on TV 40 years ago as the Svengoolie... more

40- Count 'Em- 40 Years Today

40 years ago on this date- at 8pm  on WFLD-TV- a ghoulishly-dressed individual was introduced... more

Atomic Blast Releases Harryhausen's "Beast from 20,000 Fathoms"- Tonight!

Just in time for hot weather- we have a film that starts out in the frozen north- where an atomic... more

There's Double Trouble When We Face the "Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll"-Tonight!

Let’s finish off June with a “two-fer”- two distinct personalities for the price of one!... more

The Hideous Tooth Will Out- William Castle Presents "Mr. Sardonicus" Tonight!

Tonight, we augment your 4th of July extended weekend with a chorus of “hooray... more

The Legend is True- There IS a "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb"- Tonight!

Though the current  weather don’t exactly lend itself to being wrapped up- other than in... more

They're Back- and Bigger Than Ever (Literally)! Revisit the "Village of the Giants" -Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- we’ve brought back a sort of “beach party” movie- minus the beach- featuring... more