Happy Halloween- Celebrate with Sven!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween! Here at our home base in Chicago, trick-or-treaters... more

A Classic You Can't Wait to See- Whose Star You Can't See! "The Invisible Man"- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV, we bring back another of the Universal cornerstone of horror from the 1930s-... more

"It Came from Beneath the Sea"- and the Magic of Ray Harryhausen- on MeTV Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- we’re happy to bring back the amazing stop-action artistry of Ray Harryhausen... more

Everybody Must Get Stoned- When They Meet "The Gorgon"- Tonight!

Hammer horror fans will be in heaven tonight- with both of the studio’s top stars- Peter Cushing... more

The Lagoon is Black- and the Gill Man is Back! "Creature from the Black Lagoon"-Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- we're happy to once again bring back the original film that made the Gill Man-... more

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d like to wish all our Sven fans a happy Thanksgiving -- may your turkey not resemble a rubber... more

She's Got Great Legs- and Fifty Feet! "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman"- Tonight!

Okay- you say you STILL haven’t had enough turkey? Well, we’ve got a real turkey for you tonight... more

Why Isn't Sven on "The U" This Morning? Here's the Scoop!

Attention Chicago viewing area Sven fans who usually watch our show on Saturday mornings on the... more