You're Booked for an Overnight Stay-Where Dwells the "Night Monster"-Tonight!

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A First in More Ways than One- Hammer's "Curse of Frankenstein"- Tonight!

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Hammer Unwraps ( or Wraps!) Another Monster- "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" Tonight

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Steve McQueen Has the Job- of Saving People from "The Blob"- Tonight!

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Back on Our Show After a Quarter Century- The "Night of the Lepus" is Tonight!

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There Are No Small Parts- Only Small Actors- and a BIG Menace in "Dr. Cyclops"- Tonight!

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Go Bats in the Bayou- as Lon Chaney Jr. Causes Consternation on the Plantation as the "Son of Dracula"-Tonight!

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We KIck Off Halloween Month with Peter Cushing Trapped with Deadly Man-Made Creatures on the "Island of Terror"!!

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