"Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster" Caps Off "FrankenFest" -Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV, our monthlong “FrankenFest” concludes with, as the Monty Python folks said,... more

Now Open: The Sventa Claus Holiday Shoppe!

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Pip-pip, Cheerio, and "Darn-Darn-Darn"! The British Battlecry is "Munster Go Home"-Tonight!

Even though our “FrankenFest” ended last week- tonight on MeTV, we have a faux-Frankenstein... more

Lon Chaney Jr Leads the Electrical Charge When He Becomes the "Indestructible Man"- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- it’s high-voltage horror, featuring Lon Chaney Jr. in a role with some similarities... more

Double the Destruction Is Due to the Epic Brawl of "King Kong VS Godzilla"-Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- it isn’t the recent computer-generated battle of the behemoths- but the old-school... more

Tonight's Forecast : 100% Chance of Evil with "The Devil's Rain"!

Tonight on MeTV- it will be a dark and stormy night for sure, as members of a valiant family... more

We Sometimes Bring You Turkeys…

...but today, you probably have your own.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and hope you... more

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Mist Risk- with "The Crawling Eye" Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- we kick off a month of encore presentations of movies that we used to see on... more